Letter of Appreciation: Meditation Meets the Corporate World at the CRA Lunch & Learn Program (October 10, 2013)

Letter of Appreciation to Sahaja Yoga Meditation from Canada Revenue Agency

 Canada Revenue Agency - Thank you Letter -Lunch and Learn 2013

Meditation Meets the Corporate World at the CRA Lunch and Learn Program 

Photo - Peter from Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Lunch and Learn CRA - October 10 2013

 Vassili: ” I remember her saying, ‘ I feel so peaceful.’

Vassili, Sahaja Yoga volunteer instructor, took a half day off from work (he is a great massage therapist!) and met Peter, Isabelle and myself at the Canada Revenue Agency venue. An auditorium was set aside for the lunch and learn programs that were initiated to improve the health and wellness of its employees. About 40 employees had signed up for the meditation seminar, one of several seminars offered throughout the lunch hour.
Isabelle and I setup the banner chart of the subtle system of chakras or energy centres in the body. We provided flyers that Peter had printed and Vassili had brought about 200 Sahaja Yoga cards indicating the dozens of free classes provided all over the Greater Toronto area and beyond. Just before Peter began his address to the eager employees, Vassili  asked me if we had a cd of music. We both looked at the cd player, and I realized in hindsight, that would have been a perfect idea. He offered to play the meditation music on his phone. I wondered how everyone would hear it, since we did not have a speaker system of some kind? Then Vassili gently said, it does not have to be loud… and we both smiled. Of course! Because the music, however subtle and subdued, would be heard through the chakras, not the ears. The vibrated music indeed demonstrated with a humble but mighty force the power of certain music to purify each of our chakras.
The moment Peter began speaking, the vibrations instantly flowed and I found myself absorbing the beautiful explanation of how meditation can benefit our health and how we can tap into the absolute truth of our reality. Peter has a great way of appealing to the business world as, he too, is part of this “rat race.” Peter also has a unique way to talk to beginners. When he is speaking, I feel that he is putting on the shoes of the person who is listening to this information for the first time. Peter also explained the benefits of this subtle connection and how just a few minutes per day can change one’s perspective and ability to feel joy in everyday life.
Following the brief explanation was a guided meditation where employees learned how to “protect” themselves and their chakras with a bandhan. In just a few minutes, everyone was participating as the desire to awaken the energy inside was strong. After the guided meditation, Peter asked everyone to sit silently with their hands open on their lap and keep the attention inside for just another couple of minutes. Vassili put on the subtle music from his phone, which was perfectly heard even from 6 rows of chairs away. It had a gentle quality, that transported the attention of the room’s participants even higher. The inner stillness had changed the molecules of the room.
Afterward, participants helped themselves to informative flyers explaining the energy centres and three channels of energy that had been enlightened through the lunch and learn program. In just a few minutes, their perspective of their daily lives had revealed a very subtle fourth dimension to their awareness. Within this subtle realm, we can connect to the non-material reality of our lives…we discover the joy that comes from an enlightened spirit. The energy rises higher to enlighten the brain as well. The permeation of the truth, the consciousness and the bliss had filled the room.
The organizers were so grateful to all of us, and we were so grateful to have the opportunity to share this simple method of meditation in the corporate world.
I mentioned that they could call us anytime for any future events. Catherine answered that she will probably take us up on that offer in the near future. The gratitude was so heartfelt that we simply saluted their spirits with a Namaste gesture. The organizers at CRA also saluted our spirit with Namaste. It was so heartfelt and expressed the depth of the impact we had on each other through the yoga connection was now beyond words. It was no longer their group and ours, for indeed, they were reflecting back the light of their spirit.
After a quick 45 minutes, we had all become one.

– reported by Paula Erskine

 Thank you Paula, Peter, Isabelle and Vassili for representing us – sahaja yoga meditation- again and so successfully to Canada Revenue Agency, this time to their Lunch and Learn – October session; also, thank you for sharing with us impressions and photos from that event. For everyone, enjoy below the other ‘sahaj saga @ CRA’,  as well few more collaborations with organizations from the community and corporate world; therefore few more stories and photos .. and again, Thank you Letters and feedback related to the services offered by our volunteer community organization.

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  1. letitia

    Legendo mi se parea ca auzeam muzica si ca percepeam vibratiile

  2. Helen

    Such a pleasure to read about this fulfilling and satisfying experience for so many seekers.


  3. Shivangi

    Inspiring! Congratulations.

  4. Anjali

    Many few organizations realize that with the ever growing demands of the corporate world, its become necessary to stay balanced through meditation. Sahaja Yoga is pure, effortless and best of all free. One can only gain from sahaja yoga. even 20 mins a day is very effective – it’s restoring, rejuvenating and relaxing. It is the need of every human being – especially today. I do hope we can another opportunity to demonstrate more positive effects of Sahaja yoga meditation to the CRA. Thank you CRA for this wonderful opportunity.

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