News from BARRIE Class: FEEDBACK and “ThanksGiving” PUBLIC PROGRAM/SEMINAR on Sunday, October 2o

Great Feedback from Participants @ BarrieSahaja Yoga Meditation Class

Feedback Barrie class 2- meetupFeedback 1- barrie class on meetup

 FREE Public ProgramThanksgiving to Kundalini Seminar

When: Sunday, October 20, 2013 | Where: Barrie Public Library |60 Worsley Str Time: 3pm-4:45pm | Open to All

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See YOU there! Enjoy “sahaj” Barrie at links below:

(click!) Letter & Photos from Barrie’s First Class (!) FREE – Sahaja Yoga Meditation

(click!)Barrie’s Inner Beauty: Meditate & Play (Photos/feedback)

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  1. Nehit and Shivangi

    We are attending this Sunday Barrie program,
    See ya soon Barrie

  2. Igor

    I’m looking forward to participate in the Barrie program
    All the best


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