(Photos) Spring Fling @ Niagara College with Sahaja Yoga & Students (Meditation Yoga for Exam Destress)

Our day in Niagara Falls the Sahaj way!

Niagara College 2013 -photo by Colleen
Niagara College in Blossom on Spring Fling Day -photo by Colleen

Ioana’s recollection: We were invited by the Students (director of programs) from Niagara College to come during their Spring Fling and offer meditation yoga. Our team comprised 4 sahaja yoga meditation instructors: Isabelle, Indu, Sahaj and Ioana as well 3 newer team members from Burlington (Colleen) and St Catharines (Ray and Olga) weekly classes.

That day the knowledgeable meterologists had announced rain and cloudy all day. Hmmm.. sahaja yogis are known to break the man-made weather rules and expectations, so, precisely during the Spring Fling event, the sun was shining gloriously above us offering so collaboratively both warmth and light so all Nature’s children (human or not) were joyfully and colourfully smiling around. Enjoy some photos from Colleen, Sahaj and Ioana (below and above); pay attention to the details ūüôā¬† the photo-album below.

Set-up -Vibrations

Students were ready with their yoga mats so we did some physical yoga movements, tuning to the Spring around; also we included meditation and chakra workshop. The students that had participated were all so very thankful (very polite!) and admitted that it was far beyond their most optimistic expectations; that the entire experience was thoroughly relaxing and peaceful; they stayed more than the regular 10 min in meditation; we hope the few photos presented in the article can express a bit of that palpable inner tranquility and balance that all participants (yogis and students) had collectively experienced on that lovely day. The yogi team was also able to enjoy the gardens of the college and  afterwards we spent a day in togetherness, exploring further the beautiful vibrations of Niagara region. IMG-20130408-00094

It’s worth mentioning that when we wanted to go out and ‘see something’, the rain was taking an unpredictible ‘break’ and the moment we were in the cars again, the rain started ‘crying’ again. Such a respectful and fully accomodating weather, only sahaja yogis can ‘explain’ as reality and possibility, simply because the weather is sahaj and recognizes the sahaj qualities in people; our chakras are made out of natural elements and when the chakras are enlightened our life among the natural elements is entering an entire new level of coexistence.

Collen’s Feedback: Our day in Niagara Falls the Sahaj way!

Niagara College 2013-2

“It was an absolutely beautiful April spring day.¬† The sun was shining bright and it was so warm.¬† We were at Niagara College to give self-realizations to the students.¬† We had set up our Sahaja Yoga poster with Shri Mataji’s picture on it under a beautiful tree.¬† While we were waiting for the students to gather we took a little tour around the garden with all of the beautiful crocus flowers.¬† I had never seen so many at one place before, absolutely amazing!!¬† We then gave self-realization to some students and enjoyed the warmth of the sun.
Before we even went that day I felt that there was going to be more than just giving self-realization to some students, I felt that the day was going to be more *for us*.  There was seven of us together that day. We felt blessed from the very beginning!
Blessings Vibrations before the event
After that we left Niagara College we went to Ray’s house (from the St. Catherines group) for a short visit and then he took us on a tour of Niagara Falls.¬† It was so nice being guided by someone who knows the area.¬† He took us to spots that weren’t so *touristy*.¬† One spot was in a *little cove* at the top of the Falls, and the power of the water was immense but yet so calm right at the shore.¬† A perfect place for a foot soak in the future when the water is a little warmer. : )¬† There is even a log we can sit on!! He then took us to *The Gorge*, I couldn’t believe how massive it is.¬† Just breathtaking!!!¬† We did a few mantras there, the vibrations were very strong!!!¬† We were going to go for a walk down to the gorge but it was closed off by the police and fire department.¬† And this ended up being a blessing in disguise because just as we got into the car to go for dinner it started to rain, and the walk down to the gorge would have taken us more than an hour and we would have gotten soaked and been wet while eating dinner.¬† We then went to dinner at the Mandarin Restaurant, my first visit to this restaurant, and it was magnificent!!!¬† The food buffet just went on forever!!¬† There we had a *surprise birthday* for Sahaj and Indu gave us all a surprise, it was a perfect dinner to end a perfect day!!!¬† We then went to Ray’s and had another visit with each other and then had a havan.¬† It was then that I *knew* that I was going to Canajoharie’s International Sahaja Yoga Weekend Seminar before then I wasn’t going, and I was okay with that, but then all of a sudden I just knew that I was going.¬† So for me personally, I feel that, that day was meant to be for me to change my direction from, not going to Canajoharie to going.¬† And I will just have to wait and see what that brings for me!!¬† And as we were at Ray’s we could hear the thunder and the rain but when we were ready to go home there was lightning all around us but no rain, and the rain actually stayed away for the whole ride home!!¬† Thank you for the wonderful day everyone, definitely one to remember!!!”
The Sahaja Yogis from Halton and Niagara - 7 of us
Ray’s Recollection: My experience at the Niagara college on the lake campus¬† was my first out door meeting with some very special devoted¬† yogi sisters and brother in the sahaja yoga collective from Halton and Niagara regions. I am from the St Catharines group, and was very happy to be there that day to help share the knowledge about the chakra¬† and the kundalini energy .
I think it was a great idea to make the students aware of this energy to help them in a way to keep them focused  and less stress in their studies and daily busy lives. It was encouraging for me to see smiles and some students looking into their hands as they were
walking away after meditation. They felt the cool breeze. they were amazed. Something happened that day it was to rain , but it was sunny  no clouds and a big blue sky, a perfect spring day. After the presentation a few hours later the rain came.
Really it was a great day and I am grateful for the blessings for the Niagara Region.
Thanks everyone for the experience.  Many blessings. Yours always Ray.
Spring Flowers at Niagara College-photo by Ioana

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  1. Carmen Ross

    Wow! the flowers, the students, the yogis goes on an on. Absolutely AMAZING!

  2. B R K Sharma

    It is amazing. Excellent attempt. Kundalini automatically raises in such atmosphere.

  3. Anjali

    In a couple of pictures above, you could really see the beautiful rainbow colored rays in the air. This was such a valuable opportunity to empower the youth to help them become their own masters and also spread vibrations in this scenic region. Thank you Mother nature for the beautiful sunshine – it’s a miracle on its own and it shows how the divine is working out everything for Sahaja Yoga/yogis when the pure desire is there with the enlightened action. Everyone’s recollection was so enjoyable to read and it helped me feel a part of the great work that was done. Cheers!

  4. Sunaina

    Very nice:)

  5. Sahaj

    So nostalgic to see my college and can vividly remember the day when yogis came with their benevolence for teaching me and fellow students the absolute yoga. Thanks for sharing.

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