(VIDEO Yogic Vision Experience + BBC EARTH VIDEO) HIMALAYA’s Subtle Connections with the SAHASRARA Crown Chakra, the Ocean and the Father Principle in YOGA & Flying Yogis joining the Demoiselle Cranes Above the Himalayas

(VIDEO) Stefan’s Vision Experience during Chakra Meditation Workshop

The Pathfinders - "Les e?claireuses " by Louise, Montreal artist that practises sahaja yoga meditation for many years
The Pathfinders – “Les eclaireuses ” by Louise, Montreal artist that practices sahaja yoga meditation for many years – the painting was selected to be displayed on Broadway, New York !)

 Last Wednesday at Burlington class after the guided meditation we had a 15 minutes ‘one on one’  chakra workshop. A couple joined us, Anca and Stefan; all classes are wonderful but this time some of the experiences that we shared were also captured on video; one can meditate on the conclusion and benefits of group meditation that were so genuinely expressed by Stefan. Check out the video below.

Check the Connection below between Himalaya and the Crown chakra as well the beautiful BBC videos with Cranes flying above Himalaya.

        The HIMALAYASVibrations and Subtle Chakra Knowledge

“In everything God is blessing you. He wants to see you enter His kingdom. In a way it is His desire that you should return to your Father’s home and enjoy its comforts. But at least we should be worthy of it. If we are not worthy of it then how can we enter it? We should examine our worthiness and see what it is.”

The Himalayas and the Father Principle

“The first thing is that you should come to your Father’s house.

Today I have also come to my Father’s house (in Himalayas) ;

I feel like that because Himalaya is my Father.

On coming here, I cannot express in words the feelings that are rising within me, but I think that today I have found a great occasion to celebrate the Glory of my Father.

A great opportunity has come before me to praise the glories of my Father and narrate the great achievements of those who meditated here. With the inspiration derived from the Himalayas they rose from nowhere to such heights that they achieved the highest state.”

The Himalayas represent Mother Earth’s Sahasrara (Crown Chakra)

“The Himalayas are the Sahasrara (the crown seventh chakra) that Mother Earth has created for you. This Sahasrara is to be worshiped.

This Sahasrara is very great.”

The Himalayas’ Vibrations are Blessings Seen by Shri Mataji

“I don’t know if you can see vibrations emitting from it.

I am completely engulfed by their vibrations that I cannot see anything else: there are only vibrations and vibrations. Nothing else.

Those who are residing here are swimming in vibrations and seem like fish swimming in the Ocean of vibrations.

You cannot distinguish one from the other. I cannot describe in words the splendor of the beautiful vibrations that are spread here.

This is indeed the Blessings of the Himalayas.”

The Ocean is our GURU that Becomes the Father when floating as Clouds of the Himalayas

“Foremost we recognize the Ocean as our Guru.

The Ocean is our Father when the Ocean leaves behind all the dirt of the World that is dumped into it and rises in the sky as clouds, then it becomes completely pure and beautiful.

Floating in this state it reaches the feet of the Himalayas and spreads as ‘Him’ (the Father principle).

The word dhaula means ‘completely pure’, nirmal; Dhar means ‘range.’ (The mountain range is called Dhauladhar) .”

The Himalayas are found in our Brain and Support the Opening of Sahasrara (the Crown Chakra)

“Like these pure ranges in the Himalayas, they are also to be found in our brain, where they support an opening of the Sahasrara.

After this I cannot describe any further but I can say this, that the auspicious opportunity has come today of this connection; try to avail it and go to its depth.

Think that before it (the Himalayas), we are a dot of sand, an innocent child.

There is nothing so special in us that we can stand before its majesty.

What are we ?! (compared to ‘It’)  It is so awesome!”

The Himalayas helped Shri Mataji to Open our Sahasraras

“The Himalayas are the Sahasrara of the whole Universe.

They have given the whole Universe so much comfort and joy after which there is nothing more to be attained.

With the help of this Sahasrara (the Himalayas), I have opened your Sahasraras. With the help of this Sahasrara, I have realized that till the peace of the Himalayas settles in you, till its greatness penetrates your behaviour ..

You can witness the movement of clouds in the sky, making patterns in myriads of colors and hues, in breathtaking vistas. These are all plays to drench you with beauty. There is a lot to be gained here. It is to be seen that after receiving Blessings of Peace, how beautiful you become.”

(Shri Mataji talking to yogi meditators during an international sahaja yoga seminar held in Himalayas in 1985)

Demoiselle Cranes Flying Above Himalayas


Another connection; Himalayas represent Sahasrara chakra

Shri Mataji:

“The Himalayas is also like a Sahasrara (crown chakra) where the Kundalini (energy) has risen. Where the vibrations have come out and in the sky you can see the vibrations.”

Sam’s presentation and artwork with birds that was mentioned by Stefan, can be enjoyed at one of the links below.

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  1. Sindhu

    Absolutely Amazing Video …. and the Experiences Were Blissful…. May Shri Mataji Give All Of Us The Bliss Of Such Experiences ……With Utmost Humility , Let Us Remain Worthy Of Her Divine Blessings …..!!!

  2. letitia

    N-am mai citit pana acum despre Himalaya ca e Sahasrara in lume,impresionant videoul,cand te abandonezi vibratiile te duc unde e bine,foarte frumos…

  3. Jon

    Well, I’ve never been to the Himalayas, but I feel like we get to go there just for a few hours every Wednesday in Burlington. It is truly great to be a part of this class!

  4. Paula

    There is no doubt the video of the cranes flying over the Himalayas have a monumental vibrational quality one can feel coming from the inside, out. The Himalayas, the Sahasrara (7th chakra) of the world, the highest peak of evolution is where our attention can rise to that blissful connection that I feel when I am simply in class or have my attention on my higher self, which is connected to the Himalayas and everything and everyone else. As a bonus, kundalini, the sacred energy of life inside was rising like a waterfall, while the Himalayas helped me to cool my liver, purifying, so my attention can rise to that happy place above the thoughts, the materialism and the pettiness. Thank you to Sam, whose art and presentation from another presentation/article inspired Stefan to jump up and make a spontaneous testimonial connecting to your vishuddhi chakra presentation. Like a cool calmness, it swept over everyone in the room and allowed us to enjoy your story of evolution and magnificent art and consequently, enjoy this heavenly documentary that inspired Stefan. Nothing is coincidence, but we have to be collective and meditate together to witness the power we have to lift each other higher. Together we grow and evolve by sharing these interwoven stories of happiness and enlightened consciousness.

  5. Debbie

    Just beautiful…we are all on our journey like the Cranes…as persistent as they are to reach their destination and reap the benefits of a warmer climate, so can we ascend,achieve our realization and experience the countless blessings. Thanks very much for sharing with us.

  6. Antoinette Wells

    What a beautiful subject/blog this time again: it inspired me! Thank you!

  7. Jolanta


  8. Elizabeth

    Beautiful art and neat connection with the Himalyas. Nice vide too.

  9. Helen

    Very beautiful, and so imaginative !

  10. Anjali

    How does one even find such beautiful connections and put them together! This article is the labour of love. The painting, Stefan’s testimony, the BBC clip all connect to the sahasrara the great himalayas. I am filled with cooleness. “You can witness the movement of clouds in the sky, making patterns in myriads of colors and hues, in breathtaking vistas. These are all plays to drench you with beauty. There is a lot to be gained here. It is to be seen that after receiving Blessings of Peace, how beautiful you become.” The above describes this article so well – like a prediction from Shri Mataji about this article! an insight-The Himalayas helped Shri Mataji to open our sahasraras! Yes there is a lot to be gained here! I had to show the BBC clip to my daughters who at first didn’t seem so interested but within 20 sec or so, got so interested and even enjoyed the background music and were so curious and concerned to find out if the cranes made it!
    Like Stefan said, we are like cranes, trying to cross over the himalayas i.e open wide our sahasraras so the bliss can be absorbed!

  11. Rabi Ghosh

    Complete bliss. Reminds of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull of Richard Bach in quest of attaining perfection and flying into a mystic spiritual venture.

    Just dreamt of flying with wings of joy above Sahasrara.

    Simply spellbinding video and so are the articulated write up along with links. The wholesome article comes as a gift to self contentment and joy.

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