The Powers of Virata and Viratangana in Kundalini’s Meta Science

The Powers of Virata and Viratangana in Kundalini’s Meta Science

Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – holding up the “right Vishuddhi finger” through which the energy is flowing.

We will focus on the important role played by America and its connections to the subtle notions of “Virata” and “Viratangana” in the light of Sahaja Yoga Meditation knowledge. You might be delighted to discover such beauty and wisdom in the quotes compiled below for your spiritual benefit, from the Lectures of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Let’s also understand that are real powers stored in the Vishuddhi energy center known as the ‘throat chakra’: The Powers of Virata and Viratangana in Kundalini’s Meta Science.

Let’s explore and understand Why we have Sahaja Yoga Meditation and What for?!

“To understand you see that, if this World is Virata, you are a part of it. So this part should be awakened and should feel that they are the part and parcel of this Whole and that is why I have given you Sahaja Yoga.”


– answer from Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – in 1979, India  

This article is addressed to all those that had started already to practise Sahaja Yoga Meditation and that are at the beginner and intermediate level as well for anyone interested to learn about the subtler connections between the chakras and our day to day life, including some geo-political correlations and explanations. Also the term Virata is explained in detail. I hope that after all the ‘intellectual effort’, the reader will find this article interesting and useful, or at least one will get to this simple conclusion: not only that we are all of us in the same boat, but together we are Humanity’s vessel navigating towards its destiny, so why not make the best out of this collective journey?!

Introduction to Vishuddhi – The Throat Chakra: Location at planetary level, Importance & Qualities

“North America and South America, as you know is the Shri Krishna’s center of Vishuddhi. And it is very important to know also that all the communications, all the relationships with the whole creation have to be established through this center of Vishuddhi. Vishuddhi, as you know is the most important center in your ascent, in a way. Because Sahaja Yoga is not only meant for your ascent but for the ascent of the whole world, and only through Vishuddhi, you can achieve it. Even if you get your self-realization and you get all the powers, unless and until you use your Vishuddhi, it won’t work out. Look at my Vishuddhi also, talking, talking everywhere, keeping communications, Vishuddhi goes out. Also, this Vishuddhi chakra being so important, it is under attack.

 What is Virata?  The Relationship with Vishuddhi Energy Centre

Virat is the ultimate. The complete development of the Vishuddhi chakra is Virata. And as you know the chakra is here – here at this point. If this chakra is not all right, you are not collective. You behave in a manner that is not collective. You cannot communicate.

You cannot be friendly and loving and one with other Sahaja yogis unless and until the center of Vishuddhi is all right.

So, one has to understand that Virata Shakti (Power in Sanskrit) is spread all over.


We have communications (in America). Mean I could telephone from here to anyone and they told me they don’t charge much. telephone from anywhere else it is very difficult, and very expensive. Also, most of the communications vehicles like computer, like television, other things also, all those so many of them were developed in this country. So, it is the subtle of that Ether which communicates us to other worlds. That is one power of Virata: that he is the subtle of that.”

What is Viratangana? Quick Answers with Science, Kundalini and History

The second power which we have of Viratangana we can say because Virat is the kinetic force of but the source is Viratangana: is everything that brain can do. All thinking, all creativity, all compassion, all kinds of looking after other nations. The other day somebody asked, “Why should we (Americans) be policemen of the whole world?” You jolly well have to be, because you are Viratas. So, you have to look after the law and order of the whole world. You have to look after all the people who are suffering in this world. You have to look after all the suppressions and the wars and all the civil wars everywhere, is all your headache, because you are sitting in the land of Virat. So, he’s the Father, he’s what you call Jehovah. He’s Akhbar.

Kundalini leading from Science to Meta Science

“So on the brain level when Kundalini reaches and enlightens your brain then this science that you know becomes logical. Not only that but you know meta science because the brain which was just knowing science, now knows the Source of Science. The whole thing it can see, clearly. Like you climb up a hill or a mountain, the higher you go you can see the whole vision of the place. In the same way whatever is created out of your brain, anything, you start getting the whole vision of it what they have created. Not only that but you also see what has created that. Now they created United Nations. It had to be here. Why ? Why in America? Why is America so much worried about United nations ? What is it’s responsibility?  No country will do that. It’s a headache. But they’ll go to Vietnam, they’ll go to Korea. Now they are busy with Bosnia, everywhere, Somalia. It’s your responsibility because all these things are created by your brain.

The human brain has created different nations. So above all we realize that all these nations belong to all one world. Once you rise above you see that this was created by us, by our own thinking, by our own projections we have created. So when you go above this you start thinking of one world, because you see that it was one world. It is one world. You start seeing God has created beautiful rivers and beautiful mountains, He never divided. I mean He wanted to create Beauty for you. But then we started thinking that ‘This is my land’ (or) ‘ That is my land.’

Most of the Americans have come from the outside, and the real landowners I don’t know where they are hiding. I seldom see them.

From Mental Projection to Materialism – Opposite to One World

Now the ‘responsibility’ is coming in their heads that: ‘We have taken this land and we feel that this is our land’, but it belongs to the whole world. Whatever they have done now is coming back. Once you rise higher you start seeing the vision. Whatever you have done through your mental projections. People don’t even realize in many countries that this is one world. Mental projection is on another level is that you have created a materialistic world. With this materialistic world you have reduced everything to the level of money. Religion is money, everything is money. Nobody has any respect for anything but for money. And then material things. One start seeing matter as a source of wealth and source of dignity and a source of great positions, powers. But when you rise higher into Virata’s power you see the stupidity of materialism. What is matter after all?! Matter is for making the place beautiful, giving you joy, and this matter is also for expression of your joy to others. When you give them some present, some material thing beautifully made. Then you start thinking also how God has created this beautiful world and you start creating beautiful things in art, in music, drama, even films, everything.

 Abraham Lincoln and the Power of Virata and Viratangana

So, when you rise into your Virata Shakti by the enlightenment of the Kundalini, the Viratangana is the power which gives you a complete vision of the decline into which every mental projection which was idealistic, beautiful has fallen. For example, Abraham Lincoln gave a great idealistic idea about a state, about democracy. But now many people say that it is demonocracy. Those people who were in Russia, of course they were wrong, but still they had an argument that: ‘we don’t want to become democratic because look at America. Nothing is safe, nothing is normal, so what’s the use of becoming democratic country.’
So you rise to that level, gradually, gradually, first, I don’t know what you see. But you start seeing what’s wrong with your society, what’s wrong with your relationships. Ultimately, you start seeing what’s wrong with you, how you are wrong. That I would say is the higher state where you reach, and you start seeing ‘This is wrong with me”.

After that you start understanding that you have got powers, Viratangana’s powers. You have got powers in your brain itself. You have got powers by which you understand the Meta Science, science above science, the meta-art. The vulgarity of art. Discrimination starts working, you start understanding what art is really, what is not. You start enjoying that art. And the enjoyment of Niranand (means Pure Joy, Bliss – in Sanskrit) , you get it when you rise above and see the whole thing in a different perspective. First of all, you see it as a Drama, as a witness. And the third thing that happens to you with this Viratangana that you humble down. You humble down. You become extremely sweet, obedient, just like children. And you don’t mind anything, anything you don’t mind. That is the state you achieve not as a slave, not out of domination, but it just works in you, it penetrates into your brain, you become that. I’ve seen people who are horrid absolutely, and after some time you can’t even recognize them. How do they change. How do they get the change. What happens to them? Is the brain is enlightened, has become the light and you know you have the light – That is doubtless awareness. You should have no doubts about yourself, that you are a Sahaja Yogi.  So now what happens that you jump into collectivity. Collectivity is the blessing of Viratangana. She teaches you how to love each other. She teaches you how to enjoy other Sahaja Yogis. She teaches you how to have bhakti (means genuine devotion – in Sanskrit) in your heart. But that teaching is like innate. If I say, ‘she teaches’, means you are the disciple, and she is the teacher. No, No. You become Viratangana yourself. And the love and the affection and the understanding that you have for each other is remarkable, is very enjoyable and very beautiful. So, all that happens, absolutely happens in your brain.

That’s how your brain, which is the one which receives all the information and creates all the information, creates all the mental projections becomes a new vehicle to create a dimension which goes higher, not declining.

All of you are part and parcel of that, all of you are part and parcel of that and all of you are important. All of you have to support that, all of you have to raise it. It is very important; you all should understand your own responsibility.  You people have a bad Vishuddhi, I get it. 🙂 You people have a problem, (then) I get it. It’s just collectively to work out. To take you inside my body as a cell and to cleanse it, it’s very difficult task but one has to do it. One has to do it and one will do it. I’m sure one day when you all will be completely aware of Viratangana power within yourself. You’ll be a very light person, everybody will enjoy you and you’ll have no temper, nothing. We get into temper because we don’t know how to handle the situation.

If we know how to handle the situation, we’ll never get angry, on the contrary use the anger of another person for your own benefit. All these things you learn through the power of Viratangana. Viratangana gives you the full detachment from every subject of worry. She sucks in all this and throws them in the air. It is Her great power that has really given you such an understanding about life, about yourself. Your own value system has changed. If you see what a change it was for you, all this transformation, everything is the power of Viratangana. And ultimately What She gives you is “Nirananda”: is the Joy and nothing else but Joy.

May God bless you.”

(All above are excerpts from Shri Mataji’s detailed lecture to the advanced sahaja yoga practitioners in 1993, on subtleties about Virata & Viratangana – hopefully the above excerpts can be understood by the beginners & intermediate level as well; as one may observe, the entire article is about the positive powers made available to individuals as well to the entire society by practicing sincerely and regularly this form of meditation.

It is all about the awakening of the parts that make the Whole, so each part can feel and care for the others, as well for the Whole, in a state of Bliss and Union, which is what Yoga truly means 🙂

Essential video to understand the Subtle Importance of America for the World

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  1. Rabi

    Beautiful. The expressions are tremendous to absorb and introspect. Thank you so much.

  2. Debbie

    It is not difficult to realize joy, bliss and peace – once we are purely devoted human beings. This world would be such a better place if we follow in the footsteps of Shri Mataji.

    Lots of love always.

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    Thanks for sharing all about Shri Virata and Shri Viratangana…..

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    It is very interesting to observe our planet from outer space… There are no borders, no dividing lines and no artificial rules to be seen. In fact we cannot see cars, buildings and we certainly cannot see money! So what are we doing!

    Exactly… go within… Virata.

  5. Jayne

    Thank you so much for posting this extract with such wonderful and helpful explanations of the Vishuddhi, Virata, and Viratangana–to read and meditate often.

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    Thanks Ioana for this wonderful compilation from Shri Ma’s talks about subtle understanding of Sahaja knowledge that progresses from micro to macro viewpoint, encompassing the entire humanity.

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    So full of vibrations and pure knowledge, I feel humbly learning as if I am starting over and seeing everything for the first time every day.


  8. adrian

    So what we are doing is creating illusion… one after another… we think and feel that these are reality… so it goes on… until you stop to listen, to see… Today I saw three or four Condors in a mountain range of Chile… very close up.. just gliding about on air currents. And I think about the connection, the wonder and beauty of that gift of seeing… so I am lost into that moment and realize the creation of everything about me. So I am sharing with you my experience… to connect…….. Virata

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        Jai Shri Mataji Ioana,
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    Thank you for beautifully piecing all these talks of Shri Mataji together like doing a beautiful quilt (part and parcels of the whole!) to better understand the meaning of the Virata.

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    This update was a a very valuable aspect to the understanding at subtle level once again. Thank you for the wonderful post and composition. . It really gives ‘Krishna-nand'(the Anand(Joy) at the level of ‘Vishuddhi'(Throat chakra- collectivity)as we re-read through the text again and again.

    Let us collectivly pray that may the Land of Virata-America- be awakened with the conscience power of Shri Krishna to emanate the desired collective consciousness and awareness to the mankind, that it needs today.

  11. vinod nawab

    “We get into temper because we don’t know how to handle the situation.” Really this post has wonderful lessons. Thanks.

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    It is perfect to imbibe innately within what SHE HAS SAID.

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    this excerpt was excellent.

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    So beautiful and awesome; the talk of Shri Mataji in New York was incredible…It also brought a lot of memories to me because that is the time when I met Her in the early eightees and travelled with Her all over Europe

  15. Kathleen

    In times of Covid19 where most are staying home and enosed without so much social interaction, it is easier to get lost on your own thoughts and fears and feel disconnected towards others.

    Through meditation and rising up of Kundalini we attain the Virata Shakti which gives us the power to see everything in a higher perspective like Shri Mataji said, standing on top of mountain where you can see everything clearly and as a whole. It is beautiful!

    We are able to see problems of nations as a whole, care and love for each other as a whole, collectively pray for the world. The true power of Vishuddhi!

  16. Jolanta

    Very informative and helpful article…thank you

    I love Shri Mataji’s diplomacy and sense of humour when she refers to America and its inhabitants.

    Using others’ anger for my benefit when handling stressful situations will continue to be on my list of skills to be developed and practiced.

  17. Anjali Gandhi

    “one day when you all will be completely aware of Viratangana power within yourself…”
    If more and more of us reach that point and development the detachment and pure knowledge on how to “handle the situation”, the world would no longer with fragmented- it would really be ONE world. lets meditate more and get there! Amazing. Thank you

  18. Parthiv

    Its the real truth
    Complete surrender to The Lotus Feet of Shree Mataji..

  19. Oresta

    Thank you for the article. It makes you realize why the vishuddi chakra is so important to make us collective so we can love and care for each other as well as for the planet. That’s why America gets involved in the affairs of others because we live in one world and we should all care for each other. The vishuddi is also the communication centre which makes it so important that we can all let our voices be heard and that we can teach each other the importance of collectivity and unity. We’re all in this world together.

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