Canada Day Yoga Meditation Workshop for SACHSS

Let’s find out how the Sahaja Yoga Meditation workshop was received by the participants in the SACHSS event

From left to right: Shivangna (100SOJ/SYMN), Mr. Bhupinder Rattan (guest singer) , Ioana (100SOJ/SYMN) and Dr. Maher (the host for the SACHSS event)

Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network offered a 100 Seeds of Joy workshop for SACCHS

Ioana Popa from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team, explaining the chakra system and the wellness benefits to SACHSS audience.

Dr. Hussain who is the CEO and the Clinical Director for SACCHS (South-Asian Canadians Health & Social Services) reached out directly to our SYMN team to invite us to an event he was hosting in Brampton on Fri, June 28th, 2024.

We were glad to hear that our 100 Seeds of Joy wellness workshops have such a good reputation that reached further the Halton/Niagara/Hamilton borders whithin which our team of volunteers usually activate.

On the same Friday, our team had been also an active contributer to the SummerFest in Burlington, offering outdoors sahaja yoga meditation workshops to everyone interested. Check our Article about it:

(click!) Canadians Meditate at SummerFest in Burlington

Ioana provided an outdoors SYMN Chakra energy and guided earth meditation for a group of women from MOSAIC charity of Halton region (2023).

The photos above are showing the continuation through the years of our outdoors SYMN programs. The last photo captures the moment when a father and his daughters are checking their energy tree under the guidance of Isabelle (SYMN).

Meditation Marathon is sowing the Seeds of Joy in Burlington and Brampton before Canada Day

Our SYMN wellness workshop was Well Apreciated by SACHSS Doctors, Nurses and Families

As always, our volunteer instructors from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network (SYMN) are providing free of charge wellness (mental, spiritual , physical and emotional) workshops that come from a place of genuine love and care for people.

Giving is receiving! We also strongly feel such a strong supply of energy coming from within when we are cultivating joy in various communities, from Halton for anywhere else where we are called to go!

We would like to share with you the following verses from Rabindranath Tagore that are ‘all about us’ :-).

This quote vividly describes the blend of pure Love and Joy that we envisioned sharing when we launched the 100 Seeds of Joy community initiative in 2023.

Quotes from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

‘I want to be a real grandmother of very grand children, that’s a special privilege and real promotion and maturity.’ 

Now how do we mature? Many ask me this question. We mature by Meditation..”

Ascent is when you really rise above; not only that you rise but you make others rise.”

The Joy of Meeting beautiful people everywhere

We received the invitation during the free weekly Sahaja Yoga Meditation class we offer in Burlington. That means that on Wednesday night we received the call from Dr. Hussain to come on Friday evening to the SACHSS Healthy Living program.

Therefore, after a day of work in the office, Ioana and Shivangna joined the SYMN team in Burlington for the Summerfest 2024. We participated right away in the first earth circle meditation around 4pm, then, in less that 40 min we had to take the highway to get to the next city that required ‘100 seeds of joy‘ for the day :-).

The participants to our SYMN Meditation, Yoga and Relaxation workshop from the South Asian Canadians Health and Social Services organization.

Photos and video-clip received from the organizers of this wellness event

It was also a great pleasure to listen to the other special guest, Dr. Kumar, who presented before us, talking about the importance of nutrition.

After our Sahaja Yoga Meditation presentation and meditation, we were approached by various participants to the event, expressing their positive impressions and asking questions, even about an eventual further collaboration as they are also actively involved in their respective communities across the GTA.

We met many other doctors and nurses, as well their lovely families. Some of them knew about the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, yet nobody before had tried the self-realization steps that we shared with them that evening. We are looking forward to meet again and collaborate on future events across Ontario with these wonderful people.

We hope you enjoyed this article please let us know with a comment below. Take a look at the following two short videos that we are sharing below from the same event!

It was a privilege to be a guest speaker and meditate together with beautiful people in the first evening of the Canada Day long weekend. We hope to meet everyone again!

Official Appreciation Letter received from the CEO of SACHHS organization for the Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation session offered by the SYMN instructors invited to GRACE’s event

Snapshot from the original letter of appreciation received by Ioana Popa from SYMN (Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network)

You can continue exploring this article, watch the following short video-clips and definitely look at the other articles referenced further below.

#1 Video-Clip with the Intro the the Yoga Tree of Life or the Subtle Energy System of Chakras

#2 Video-Clip with Audio Feedback about the “SAHAJ Experience” after the SYMN Workshop

“At peace, at ease”

(enjoy) Sowing Seeds of Joy at Milton’s Charity Market

(related) One Year milestone for the Flute Music and Meditation Evenings in Burlington

Wishing you All a Happy and Peaceful Canada Day every year!

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Drop a comment if you wish. We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and the other ones we referenced here.

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  1. Anjali

    I feel more and more doctors should be open to and endorse the practice of Sahaja Yoga Meditation just as our dear Dr Hussein has shown by inviting us to speak to the South Asian community. It goes hand in hand with the overall practice of wellbeing. Incorporating this meditation in day to day life can truly heal the mind, body, emotions and as a bonus increase spiritual intelligence too. Our dynamite team was spontaneous and despite the last minute invitation with events that were already planned for that same evening, they made it a point to accept the invite because it makes a huge difference and is important to raise awareness about the importance of meditation.

  2. Helen

    So wonderfull that the effects of Sahaja Yoga Meditaiton, the power, the essence and the meaning are being spread.
    The dynamism that is being used by the team is so fruitful and glowing. Fabulous!!
    Changing the world with love and compassion! Fabulous!!!
    Thanks for sharing, such pleasure reading and watching all you are sharing!!

  3. Isabelle

    Kudos to all those who tried this meditation.

  4. Kruti

    We are so proud of Dr. Maher Hussain and the team for approaching SYMN team to deliver a valuable meditation session for the community. Without truly connecting ourselves with our inner power and knowledge, we are constantly in doubts and confused. We as a team, are eager to spread this light to many more people in the community for their wellbeing.

  5. Rabi

    The dedicated team is doing great job in extending hands of love and compassion to humanity at large by bridging the the work of divine to experience of joy and peace within. Every human on earth have their rights to receive this unknown realm through meditation. The unique key and only way to rise higher in order to attain the silence and peace within. That’s is what is now required in this unrest exploding world. God bless!

  6. Armaity Bhabha

    Hearty Kudos to the SYMN TEAM who are doing such extraordinary work spreading Sahaja Yoga Message in unique ways within the Halton Area Community for so many years.

  7. Pradeep

    Congratulations to SYMN!
    It is very heartening that not only the message of love and joy is extending beyond Halton area but the SYMN work is getting appreciated and recognised by diverse communities in the neighbouring region as well.

    Pure joy is when you can make others rise!

  8. Paula

    This is big!!
    Keep going team!!

    Collective efforts are paying off and giving back to the community!

  9. Niti

    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful experiences with the different different communities through sahajyoga meditation,as we know that sharing is caring is very true because of this Sahajyoga meditation, you are sharing the food and nourishment for the soul to all these wonderful people,who also felt that joy with in themselves. Thanks for all your collective efforts.

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