One Year milestone for the Flute Music and Meditation Evenings in Burlington (photos, videos, feedback)

beautiful cloud formation seen after the Live Flute and Meditation evening program offered on June 6, 2024 at the Public Library in Burlington.This cloud formation was truly remarkable, resembling with the head of Shri Hanumana (hero of Ramayana ancient epic) as well with an immense lotus flower.
Shivangna (musician) and Ioana from 100 Seeds of Joy team after Shivangna’s Live Flute & Meditation program (June 6, 2024)

We just celebrated our one year milestone of wonderful partnership in offering almost monthly flute music and meditation programs, always free, at various locations of the Burlington Public Library, always with registrations full and closed.

This series of events represent one of the many other creative partnerships that contribute to the wonderful success of the 100 Seeds of Joy community initiative that was launched by the Mayor of Burlington during the Festival of New Beginnings at the Art Gallery of Burlington in March 2023. It was a momentus occasion when the 100th birthday anniversary of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – was celebrated in the City of Burlington, along with representatives of the General Consultate of India, as well of the Indian Embassy in Mexico and other officials.

Enjoy further below the bouquet of photos and videos collected from various Flute Music and Meditation Evenings offered at various Burlington Public Library locations, as well outdoors and during other events in Burlington over the last year

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Youth Team brings Poetry and Flute Music Meditation to the Burlington Arts Performing Center

Let’s continue exploring the Collection of Photos, IMPRESSIONS and VIDEO-CLIPS

Newspapers and Media across Burlington present the 100 Seeds of Joy series of free music and meditation workshops

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The Local Media mentioned many a times these Successful Free Wellness programs offering Flute Music and a Creative Intro to Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Impressions collected from Participants to Burlington’s Flute Music and Meditation classes

Most of the times we did not get a chance to collect feedback in writing, because we usually invite each and everyone to open up and share their personal experience verbally by the end of the guided meditation and live music moments.

Every single time we are moved by the deep positive feedback received from participants; sometime that’s their first contact with meditation or with live flute muisc; other times these sessions represent a ‘re-connect’ either with the meditation practice or with the bamboo flute music.

We are very proud of our amazing Burlington community in which we forged great partnerships, dedicated people, either civil servants or keen volunters such as our Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network, so together we were able to bring Free 100 Seeds of Joy programs across the City, either indoors or outdoors.

It was lovely to see people experiencing the much needed positive energy that was provided by our workshops.

However, we have some written feedback that we can share:

Did You Know?! A Live Flute Music Program with Guided Meditation brought Inner Peace to the “Disable the Label” Youth Halton Conference on Mental Wellness 2017 (click for Letter)

2023-2024 Collection of “After Flute Music and Meditation” Impressions:

  • Flute meditation was amazing and was very calming and relaxing
  • Blissful peace within
  • Beautiful meditation session. Flute music was amazing and cherry on top!Thank you.
  • Commnunity and Energy = Balance and Peace
  • Letting go of busy swirling thoughts through this music was beautiful, Thank you.
  • Connecting with Live music, very relaxing
  • Great to share joy with fellow human beings
  • It was lovely! It is hard usually to sit still in silence but the flute, deep breathing meditation helped slow my mind and just be present
  • The event was indeed full of vibrations and brought so much joy in each of us.
  • Thank you dear Shivangna for taking us into the thoughless land with your divine flute music
Photos from Paula and Ioana from the programs offered at the Burlingtin libraries in the last 12 months.
Impression Notes collected after a Flute Music and Meditation celebrating Nawruz in March 2024

Let’s continue: Impressions collected from our recent Flute Music and Meditation programs

  • I did not expect to experience anything today but I felt total coolness on the right side
  • Lovely way to spend and enoy the weekend
  • Enjoyed flute music and learning about Nawroz
  • Thank you for your hospitality I am very happy to know you

Explore Short videos introducing you the Bamboo Flute and its connection to Meditation, Chakras and Spirituality

Shivangna – the musician that always intruduces her instruments to the public during the Live Music and Meditation workshops.

How was the First ‘ Live Flute Music and Meditation’ program?

We are sharing below the article that captured the success of that event that happened a year ago, in June 2023 at the Burlington Central Library..

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Photo from Ioana captured in Burlington 2024

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Stay tuned, we keep adding our free events and workshops in the 100 Seeds of Joy calendar.

We hope that you enjoyed this article. Drop a comment if you like.

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  1. Gratiela

    I participated to view FluteMeditations,the flute music really take you in taughtless awareness state,they were amazing.Looking forward to the next one.

  2. Bruno Descaves

    Very nice and joyful! I liked the idea of the flute being a shoot from the ground that produces music of the wind! Thank you!!!

  3. Women of Success

    Congrats Ioana and all the volunteers contributing to 100 Seeds of Joy for all the sessions in Halton region. Thank you for bringing 100 Seeds of Joy to Women of Success and Casa Romana in Oakville at the end of May, thank you for such a beautiful experience.

  4. Paula

    Inspirational and heart opening. All thes programs and the talented participants are selfless in their quest to spread inner peace. Together we can heal our community and the world. Shivangna you are such a talent and I have experienced the peace at each event and Ioana thanks to you and all the volunteers who keep being a positive force wherever you all go. Oh the places we will all go, together, lifting each other to a new awareness. Joy planting and cultivating is achievable and inviting 100 seeds of joy or attending a class is the ignition point!
    It is the greatest gift to humanity.

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