(Photos + Clips from BPAC Demonstration) Young Meditators are Bridging Music, Poetry, Yoga and Meditation

A Special Event in Burlington:

Young Meditators are Bridging Music, Poetry, Yoga and Meditation

Shivangana – Poetry Recitation and Flute Recital

Ana Bianca – Intro to Meditation &  Self-Realization with “demo”

               Self-Realization Experiment  – Sahaja Yoga Meditation (demo)

#1. Canada Culture Days Event offered by Sahaja Yoga Meditation

#2. Meditation with/for Cool Kids (Children and Parents)

#3. Fundraising for Youth Projects in our community

#4. Cool Kids and Parents Free Classes offered our volunteers

Stay tuned we have some exciting events this Fall in Burlington !!

(Video-Clip) Meditate on Shivangana’s Flute Music 

 There is so much to share about this event hosted by the wonderful Burlington Performing Arts Centre for Canada Culture Days! Our participation became such a collective project, with yogini friends coming from Mississauga, Brampton and even from North York! Our lovely Varonika and Bhaviya from Cool Kids Classes had baked 80 cookies and helped not only at our fundraising table but also by teaching ‘how to meditate’ the interested kids to join our Free classes in Halton area!


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Check out more lovely photos and video-clips at the (click) following album.

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  1. Teo Anghelina

    Draga Ioana, minunata ie, îti sta asa de bine, ca un camp cu flori pline de bucurie, exact ca inima ta larg deschisa catre oameni !
    Ne bucuram cu totii de succesele yuva si mai ales ale începatorilor binevoitori ! Vor vedea ca binele facut li se întoarce înmiit, spontan.

  2. Teo Anghelina

    Draga Ioana, ce coincidenta, de Navaratri si eu am simtit sa aduc ofrande si sa ofer havan si Puja inclusiv din partea Canadei, precum si din partea românilor de pretutindeni ! Gând la gând cu bucurie.Va imbratisam pe toti din inima si mereu ne bucuram de vestile voastre bune si facem bandhan.

    1. Ioana

      Draga D-na Anghelina, ce frumos!!! Si noi pe dumneavoastra!! Cu tot dragul de pe la noi ­čÖé

  3. Mohinder Sidana

    Beautiful event
    Such cool vibrations

  4. Brenda in BC

    Wonderful energy
    THANK YOU for sharing

  5. Sahaj

    So proud of the young team. Amazing piece of music; loved it.

  6. paula

    Marvelous initiatives for inner collective peace…shiny happy people, holding hands open and enjoying the great vibrations and the feeling of oneness in our diverse communities all over the world.

  7. Helen

    So loving, soft and gentle.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Maria

    It looks and sounds like it was a wonderful event, any moment where Sahaja Yoga can be shared with other people is extraordinarily powerful and a major success in our hearts!

  9. Sorin Tanasescu

    Dear Ioana and Burlington team, you are the true messengers of the spiritual knowledge. Keep the flames alive.

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