From Socrates to Jesus and Beyond – The Evolution of Human Awareness

From Socrates to Jesus and Beyond – The Evolution of Human Awareness with Connections through History: Abraham, Moses, Sharia Law, Prophet Mohammed to

Goddess Athena OR Kundalini in Nabhi-Manipura Chakra

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation (during a lecture)

What is the Solution for Greece‘s Problems?! Imagine Socrates in Charge & Nabhi Chakra‘s Qualities Awakened

“If anything in general can be said about the philosophical beliefs of Socrates, it is that he was morally, intellectually, and politically at odds with his fellow Athenians.” 🙂 (source: wikipedia)

First: Who is Socrates ?! Find Your Answer with Sahaj Connections

Socrates: “He who enters the next world uninitiated and unenlightened shall be in the mire but, he who arrives there purified and enlightened shall dwell among the Gods.”

Socrates: A life without Introspection is not worth living.

Many know that Socrates wasn’t seen in his time (not in ours) as a person with a physical beauty but we know what he was asking for:

Socrates: I pray Thee, O God, that I may be beautiful within.”
and so he was .. for his time .. and for eternity .. even more he is now considered as he considered himself always:
Socrates: “I am not an Athenian, nor a Greek, but a citizen of the world.”

Let’s discover the modern reality of Socrate’s previous statement, while diving deeper into our article with quotes from our yoga master, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Shri Mataji’s Teachings about Socrates:

“Every word that Socrates has said is Absolute Truth.”


(Speech at Caxton Hall, London, UK, 1979)

Below we are sharing a brief and interesting summary regarding subtle information on a few Prophets that are recognized in sahaja yoga meditation as Primordial Teachers (or Gurus). We’ll learn about Moses, Abraham, Mohammed in connection to Socrates that is also revered by sahaja yogis as one of the primordial teachers. Actually we’ll be learning soon at the Halton classes about all 10 of them, in connection to our Void area that exists in the Subtle Energy System’s diagram.

The Pioneer Role of Socrates for Spirituality – Comparison to Moses, Abraham, Mohammed & Time related Circumstances

Shri Mataji: “Now unfortunately after Socrates  who came here in such a condition when people were really absolutely ignorant, in the complete darkness of ignorance, they could not understand him, they could not understand Socrates at all and so like any other Primordial Master was treated by the people who were surrounding him, he (Socrates) was also very much ill treated and nobody listened to him.

But as you know he was Primordial Master and his wisdom is well known and he created out of him disciples, but none of them could go anywhere near his wisdom and they started their own theories, own styles and that’s how we find the accent from the philosophy that was Socrates’s, gradually came into political and then into economic side.

So the attention was moved from philosophy to economics today, not towards the philosophy which was established by Socrates.

We can say Socrates was the one Primordial Master after Abraham and Moses who really made it very clear cut understanding about Spirituality.”

Sharia Law

Shri Mataji: “Of course Moses and Mohammed, and Abraham had different problems. Like Abraham had problems of talking to people who were really very, very ignorant and Moses had problems with people who were very indulgent people, so he had to pass laws of Sharia. Moses passed the law of Sharia and if you read Bible it is written about Sharia, that Moses had to pass these laws, different laws to make people follow religion precisely. So he did not argue, he did not say why you should do it like that, because he thought these people are so ignorant that you cannot leave it to their freedom, (to) understand this, or that. You see the point?! He could not do that way, so he just said: all right there are the laws, these are the things and you have to follow, if you don’t follow then you’ll be killed, your hands will be cut, this will happen, that way..because the people were of that type.

Now then you see how gradually at the time of Socrates people had evolved, they were much better people, so he could talk to them about something of wisdom, of honesty, of righteousness, of peace, of so many things he talked. And he talked because people were worthy of that, otherwise he could have said: ‘Alright you do this, you do that’.

But see the difference also in the circumstances now, what has happened, in the first circumstances when Abraham had problems, then the people were absolutely good for nothing, absolutely good for nothing, so he did not know what to do with them, so only you can see it in the time of Abraham that his own life style,.. I mean that was a just a system where the family was building up and relationships were building up and he tried to work it on that level, then at the time of Moses people evolved much more, they evolved, but still very ignorant, so they evolved to this point that he did not have to talk the things that Abraham talked.

So he (Moses) talked to them about getting out of Egypt taking their freedom, getting out from there and going to a place of more tranquillity. But when they did that .. (and after) he went to get the Ten Commandments, when he come back what he finds?! The people who were at the time of Moses, when he had (they) started indulging into very, very immoral character, extremely immoral character, and were doing such horrible things that, that nobody can believe that anybody could try to escape from the Egyptians. They were worst than the Egyptians themselves, so he (Moses) gave this Sharia to them, to change.”

From Socrates to Jesus: The Evolution of Human Awareness in Time & Subtle Movement in the Chakra System

“Then came the time when people were, I mean despite that people were not so good, we can say at the time of Christ they were not so immoral. They also could not understand Christ. So you see despite all the human evolution, (and) the human awareness evolving, the understanding about spirituality was very poor and you could not talk to them. Now you can also see the circumstances of things, when the circumstances are such, like at the time of Moses, that people are extremely immoral, they are doing all kinds of bad things, they are not bothered about their own destruction, the incarnations had to move absolutely to the right (it implies the energy of the right subtle channel = active, futuristic, leading the actions, creating rules), because they -the people at that time- were so left sided, so the incarnations had to move absolutely to the right and say that if you do like this, this we’ll have to do, the violence part, so they took to violence, so the circumstances made the reactions of the people, also the awareness of human beings, so many things worked it out ..”

Why Jesus talked in Parables ?! Why Socrates used Open Discussions ?!

Shri Mataji: “So if you see from Socrates, to Christ people had evolved we think, but they also crucified Christ, so what was their evolution?!

Though if you see what Christ preached and what Socrates preached there is much difference, because Jesus talked in parables, not openly, while Socrates talked in a very open way in an open discussion, in open understanding. That shows only that the people could understand what he was saying. But still he was also killed. Socrates also was given poison and he was also killed, so that shows at that time also the people in charge of at the helm of affairs didn’t know what was Reality.

So now, from Christ to Socrates and from Socrates to me, we can say this way, that we are talking about it, though Socrates came, in the year…  How much B.C, he was?!  About five hundred years before Christ, so might be that Christ must have felt that Socrates, he talked so openly so nicely to people was because he was Primordial Master.

He (Jesus) realized it, so he talked in parables, he thought that no use talking straight like Socrates.

Because you see they (the primordial masters/gurus, not Jesus, because Jesus was the son of God, he played that specific role) are very straightforward people, the Primordial Masters have to be very, very, they are by nature extremely straightforward. Even today, those who are, those who are real Gurus, they would not accept any person.. they would throw away, they would beat people, even musicians in India those who are great masters, they would beat their disciples if they played something wrong, (they are) like very harsh people.”

“So it was alright for Socrates also to tell things very plain and simple and all that, but still he was killed and then Christ who was five hundred years later came.. he saw the point.”

“Ultimately Christ was crucified, so you can see how, when there was Truth, untruth tried to finish it off, they couldn’t bear it. We have the example of Socrates. What was the need to kill him? But they killed him. In this way, so far, we know in the past all the people who are pivotal for the Truth are being finished, because they (people) don’t want the Truth”.

Socrates as Master of Logic versus Plato & Aristotle – What is Rationality?

Shri Mataji: (Socrates) is the Master of Logic, you can call him; the whole logic system comes from him, he’s a master of logic. But despite that, it did not appeal to the logic of the people who were at the helm of affairs. So they have no logic in their heads, you see, they are just rationalist. Rationality is blindness but there’s no logic. So because there is no logic they killed him.”

Shri Mataji: At Socrates’ time, I think, he was the only wise man going around. There was nobody else, seems to me, (that) had any wisdom. Even his disciples, you see, like Plato .. he went off his head, then Aristotle went off his head. Both of them, really, tried to have their own arbitrary additions .. But Socrates talked absolutely about gods and everything, and talked so openly.
(Shri Mataji – the founder of sahaja yoga – talking to her followers in Athens, Greece, on May 25th, 1989 – excerpt)

How was Socrates ?! Contemporary Answers from: Alcibiades (Student) & Apollo’s Oracle from Delphi

Socrates and his disciple Plato were visiting Apollo’s Oracle in Delphi. A fanatic disciple called Chairephon asked the Oracle and Pythia’s answer came this way about Socrates (the incarnation at that time of the Primordial Guru principle):
“Sophocles is wise
Euripides is wiser,
the wisest of all human beings
is Socrates “.

Alcibiades who was one of the richest, youngest and the most handsome disciple of Socrates,had tried repetitively to seduce Socrates in those times such relationships between teacher and student where quite the norm. Last time he tried to spend day and night intimately with Socrates, eating together, then even shared the same bed. Later on Alcibiades confessed to his friends:

I had no more slept with Socrates than if I had been with my father or elderly brother.. I thought I’d been insulted, but I was still in love with his character, his courage, his control. I never thought to meet a man who combined intellectual brilliance and physical toughness as he did. I couldn’t cut myself off from his company in a rage. I couldn’t find any way of winning him. I knew that money couldn’t touch him anymore than a sword could touch Ajax. The one means I thought was sure to catch him had already let me down … you never saw anything like my slavery to him... For this man has reduced me to feel the sentiment of shame, which I imagine no one would readily believe was in me; he alone inspires me with remorse and awe. For I feel in his presence my incapacity of refuting what he says, or of refusing to do that which he directs

He was a wonderful power..” (*)

Socrates strongly advised others not tovalue either your children or your life or anything else more than goodness.” (**)  and

“That is the reason why a man should be of good cheer about his own soul, if during life he has ignored the pleasures of the body and its ornamentation as of no concern to him and doing him more harm than good, but has seriously concerned himself with the pleasures of learning, and adorned his soul not with alien but its own ornaments, namely, moderation, righteousness, courage, freedom and truth …”(***)

(Excerpts from: * – Symposium by Plato, ** -Apology by Plato , *** – Phaedo by Plato)

Socratic Ideal & Nowadays Politicians under The Law of Polarity

Shri Mataji: “The Socratic ideal of serving the benevolence of the people, does not exist any more. On the contrary, they criticize it by insisting that Socrates was not a practical man. All the great saints and prophets were, of course, idealists and not practical people. Most of the democracies of today’s world are under the thumb of people who have no honorable or moral ideas whatsoever. They discover very fast that power can give them prosperity and that this money power can whitewash and obliterate all their misdeeds and conceal the dubious business they are up to. Unfortunately for them, this false license has now gone into their heads, like a fixed idea, and they go on behaving immorally, without any fear of the Divine, ruthlessly destroying the entire value system of democracy. They may carry on for years, as they did in Italy, until, by the Law of Polarity or by Divine retribution, they are exposed. But before this happens, such rulers unfortunately become models for the people whom they govern and gradually moral degradation in day-to-day life begins to create a decadent or dying democratic society.

As I have said, those who are elected to serve the people’s welfare should be evolved souls whose ideas should be like Abraham Lincoln or whose ethical values should be like Mahatma Gandhi’s. Perhaps the cynical political strategy of modernist leaders is to let people ruin themselves in their private lives. Why would the government disturb people in their private life? This is because anyone who raises a question about private lives of the people will not get a vote. The modern politician says that if the people want to destroy themselves, they have the right and the freedom to do so. So why disturb such political thinking? The strategy is common in democracy and communism. As long as voters do not try to dislodge those in power from the comfortable seats (to which they are glued in order to serve their own self-interest) the politicians feel very re-assured.”

(above are excerpts from The Meta Modern Era book, by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi)

Conclusions & Final (Sahaj!) Advise from Socrates

Let’s conclude this article with a piece of sahaj wisdom on Introspection, and we’ll be surprised how close it is to Socrates.

How to Become A Guru?! Lots of Introspection

Shri Mataji: “I have always said you have to become your own Guru. So you have to make a lot of introspection and fix your ideals. You have seen me how I am. I can eat anything I do not need to eat at
all for days together. I can sleep anywhere – I may not sleep at all. I travel for miles together untiringly. I have this energy because I am a Guru of myself. So the first thing is that there should be a lot of introspection. What’s wrong with me, not wrong with others. What’s wrong with me? Am I seeking the comfort of the body? The attention – is it on my body or on my SPIRIT? If so what am I doing? I think best is to write it down. Can I sleep on the grass? Can I sit on a stone? You have to make this body work; Can I sleep anytime & can I keep awake anytime I like? I have seen people doze off. The reason is this, not that they are bad or undisciplined people, but because inside they are tired. If you are tired inside, then you feel tired all the time.

So, introspect: how you behave?! Now when you start introspecting yourself, you will also start introspecting your surroundings, and your style, and  your methods and what you are doing to yourself because of the conditioning of outside.

So in the introspection you find out what’s gone wrong with you. How you are made this way: ‘What’s wrong in my own personality?!’It has come from all the surroundings and the way people are putting into my head.’ You should have your own ideas. You should not worry what Plato said and what Socrates said.”

Shri Mataji: “What do YOU think? After all you are enlightened people”.

Don’t know about you but I LOVE to be walked like this through the subtleties of history and also through all those lives of great leaders and be exposed to all the (inter) connections .. indeed we are very lucky to be provided to such synthesis of Divine Truth in knowledge.

** your answers can come as comments to this article dedicated to all of us ‘Greeks’ that need to wake up :-), and behave as citizens of this one world. After all we share it together and our home-world has Greece as its Nabhi Chakra and Socrates as a great guru/teacher, in plus the Greek Goddess Athena is a beautiful manifestation of this primordial universal power that is reflected within us as Kundalini energy – we know from Sahaja Yoga classes in Halton that this innate motherly power connects us to the Source through Meditation.  Most of the excerpts in this article come from diverse lectures of Shri Mataji as well from other sources I was able to find (books, Internet).

Let’s listen now to some feedback = comments from you. 🙂

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  1. Helen

    Thanks very much. This is very interesting, I learnt alot and now feel a deeper connection with and to the teachings of Socrates.

    The Nabhi also feels more enlightened!!

  2. Jo Moore

    I’m curently doing a Masters Degree in Humanities in the area of Classical Studies. The Dissertation is next year starting in February and I intend to do something on Socrates. He is so important to Western Philosophy but his role as a Guru and the beauty of his moral and spiritual understanding is often overlooked. The unity of the Adi Gurus and indeed of all the Incarmations seems more important for people to understand than ever. We only have accounts of Socrates’ words and character from others yet his beauty, grace, detachment and sheer goodness shines through. Jo.

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  4. Rajani

    This is yet another example of how connected we all are, how these great prophets and gurus from all the different ‘religions’ have come to teach us the same truths, to ultimately help us find balance. Thank you for putting this together for us Ioana, and just in time for the next phase of the sahaj guru game :).

  5. Michael Davies

    Such a wonderful site ! Many thanks to the har working yogis who have put this together. JSM !

  6. Elsie Kuly

    There is so much here to absorb and learn. It is interesting for me to learn about Socrates. His sayings are so current.
    “I am not an Athenian, nor a Greek but a citizen of the world” We are a global community now and affect each other in many ways, socially, economicaly
    His prayer to God tht he may be beautiful within and isn’t that what we strive for here in Sahaja Yoga not attaining material possessions Having beauty within can be transformed into love of others and release of self centred behaviour

    I will continue to read about Socrates and his disciple Plato and others at that time.

    Thans for stimulating my interest with this e-mail. I appreciate the work it must have taken

  7. armaity

    It is so wonderful to read about the lives of these great masters as it takes you to the time and era when they lived. Whatever they taught suited to the times when they were here is very much actualized today . All the principles , moral, ethical , rational that they preached can actually be felt in our subtle bodies. We should be grateful to all of them for preparing us through our past life-times to come to the stage today when we can imbibe their teachings not merely as concepts outside but as a part of our very being.
    Thank you Ioana for this beautiful compilation.

  8. marianne

    I`m overwhelmed by all this words and its reflekting power on my Soul – that I`m becoming silent inside and quite nourished. thank You !

  9. chinnivanaja

    Really helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  10. adrian kraayeveld

    Introspection… about Guru

    A neutrino’s journey…
    It is a very tiny subatomic particle…
    And is on its way to earth from another galaxy…
    And when it approaches earth …
    It sees only a slight misty vapor…
    And in the next moment it has passed clean through!!! … as though there was nothing there… The odd time it may strike something… yet rarely.

    What no earth!!!
    Oh… I forgot…
    We have eyes that see only what we want see…
    A beautiful planet of Blue and green…
    Therefore we think that that is all there is…

    So why did the neutrino not see or hit anything?

    Because it saw/experienced the earth in a way which is different from the way we do…

    The Guru can be like the neutrino..
    He/She can see/experience in the way they want to see and experience…

    From different vantage points…
    Perhaps from the vantage point of a Mosses or a Christ or a Socrates.

    Become your own “Primordial Master/Guru”.

    And SEE.

    1. Adrian/Arie

      The Law of Sharia

      The origins are Arabic, yet are interwoven into the fabric of early Muslim and Jewish faith.

      The idea of rules/laws of Sharia were through Divine intervention… individuals such as Moses/Abraham/Muhammed used them to deal with ignorance and indulgent behaviours.

      So what does it mean to be…


      What about the present?

      How are we progressing with our ability to BE our own Master?

      Just introspecting.

  11. Jayanthi

    The Primordial incarnations entered at physical matter in the history of our evolution through different time zone to assist and direct humanity towards Dharma, to me all of them were successful at different levels and now we are at the level of evolution lucky enough to enjoy the fruit and enlightenment given by Shri. Mataji through Sahaj knowledge.

  12. Rabi Ghosh

    The article is so articulated and beautifully merged to bring out various points and discussion on Socretes. Little the world of today knows about Socretes and here is an excellent para composed to qualify the person behind Socretes and how he teaches the world on parables and straightforward message.

    I am reminded of only one called as Socretes paradox which He never uttered as recorded by Plato says later :
    It’s says
    I know, that I know Nothing.

    Very powerful message and let me express my gratitude to our dearest sister Ioana for wonderful.compilation. I must confide this article provided me great many knowledge and have gained so much from this post. Thank you.

  13. Jolanta

    Very useful and informative article, highlighting the need to introspect. It is especially refreshing to read Shri Mataji’s commentary on self-serving, immoral and dishonest politicians and makes me think of the current prime minister who got re-elected despite the SNC Lavaline affair. Sahaja Yoga meditation seems like the only way to maintain human dignity and self-respect in the system full of untruths.

  14. Elena

    Dear Ioana,

    Thank you for gently weaving this knowledge for us to absorb in such a readily manner!!

    As a Philosphy student, we’ve lacked this perspective of Socrates and generally a more practical, experiential understanding of the eternal principles, which is entirely possible through Sahaja Yoga.

    All these are not abstract concepts but living knowledge which resonates with something deeper within us. And what a wonderful journey it is to recognize and follow these paths left to us by the Primordial Masters 🙂

  15. Ioana

    ** comment from Vani (NZ) via what’s up”

    Shri Matajis quote .. don’t know about you .. Divine knowledge .. that’s Exactly what what you’ve done Ioana .. taken us through the subtleties of history of these Primordial Masters :-).. Amazing article of Socrates .. just brilliantly put together

  16. Rabi

    This is second time I am reading through yet feel this had been my first reading. I can’t stop my expressing my gratitude to have brought home the life character and building blocks of what the Gurudom means or on what purpose the incarnations as messenger of God descended to raise the awareness in prevailing conscious state of humanity.

    If these Masters gave something the question is were we ready to take it. When just reading i was journeying through their life struggle in raising awareness without hammering or arguing.

    Even certain things prevail now in social network as plagiarism by people reading with half knowledge and taking up scoops from the teachings of this great Masters.

    How can we feel more grateful to our Mother Shri Mataji who toured us so at ease in short paras the life and teachings of these great Masters and Primordial being Jesus.

    I am truely grateful to you sister Ioana who painstakingly collated all scattered facts and figures at one place for us to compare, know, learn and imbibe the right knowledge behind all these great soul whose advent raised our awareness as we are evolving.

    Imagining the times when these great people came and struggled when awareness had not evolved as of today or modern times to understand them through media which was not in place then to take their teachings far and apart.

    Great articles. Thank you dear.

  17. NITI

    Amazing compilation of the teaching of the primordial master,not only describing their teaching and method,but why they took the particular approach to bring the people of that certain time,according to their grasping of spirituality to bring them to righteous path,to bring them into balance.Thanks dear Ioana for this article,as I read all the comments on this article,I felt their own mastery in each and every word.Thanks to Shri Mataji for making all of us,our own Guru.

  18. Sargam

    All the knowledge really does exist within us! I really like the part where we don’t need to logically try to convince others but instead look into ourselves on how to be better 🙂

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