A Flute with Guided Meditation brought Inner Peace to the “Disable the Label” Youth Halton Conference on Mental Wellness 2017

“In these modern times, life is so full of struggle, speed. So, one has to realize how to ascend into that peaceful area of complete security, and to enjoy your own values, your own status.. ” (Shri Mataji)

The Awareness Tree with Apple Quotes that Make our Day

Organizers of the event and Sahaja Yoga Volunteers 

Thank you Card and Letter for Sahaja Yoga’s partnership! Thank You Rock!

“Did you know” Intro to Meditation were offered by our volunteers: Shilpa, Paula and Ioana;  Shivangna from Halton Youth Sahaja Yoga meditation team initiated “self-realization” ad-hoc mini-workshops 🙂

Yes, Everyone checked and felt the energy and the silence within.

The New Mentality  Conference concluded with a general /collective meditation where all participants (students, organizers, teachers, partners and volunteers) joined together into a “Silent Moment” led by Shivangna.

The mental silence exercise, guided by Shivangna’s positive affirmations and supported by her flute’s transported the entire audience into the relaxed yet refreshing state of thoughtless awareness.

Many participants congratulated our team for our “excellent” contribution to the conference :-).We want to thank again to the organizing team, and to all these young people that had brought their lights of personal truth and awareness. Young leaders shown great strength in sharing their stories of struggle and vulnerability. They’ve touched our hearts and created a strong tree of awareness with meaningful fruits.

Thank You for making a Real difference in our community! Yours in mental wellness:  Shivangna, Shilpa, Paula and Ioana 🙂 
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  1. anaic

    Wonderful! Thank you for sharing these joyful events.

  2. Dr Dhananjay Kumar Singh

    Sahaj yoga meditation is such a precious tool to restore peace in and around you.The world can be transformed if we continue like this. … Shree Mata ji get it done through us. She is the doer and she is enjoyer. We have to remain in thought less awareness state and slowly move to enter all silence.
    Jai Shree Mata ji.

  3. Rosalie Nickerson

    Another beautiful day by the Holton Sahaj Community! Well done & thank you!

  4. Kruti

    Mental wellness is an absolute necessity in today’s hectic world. Awakening Kundalinis and teaching them about chakras to these seekers is truly a blessing. Loved the pictures and the article, thanks for sharing Ioana.

  5. DORA

    Amazing work, we need to hold more programs like this to inform even more people about Sahaj yoga, and the benefits it can have on one’s mental health

  6. paula

    let these beautiful initiatives and great positive vibrations infiltrate, permeate,and evolve our whole community until we all get involved to help this essentially good world, great.

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