Shri Hanumana’s Face

Shri Hanumana’s Face on the Sky

– The meek earthlings were peacefully bridging Earth & Sky together – (Ioana‘s photo taken in the Romanian mountains)

Monica is from Romania and she recently told us a cherished experience related to her meditation practice. It is shared below, intertwined with some sahaja yoga wisdom and knowledge. Let’s get ready!

During 2016-2019, I used to go to our son in Sunderland, UK where he was a student at that time. It is a city in the North of the UK on the seashore. There wasn’t any Sahaja yoga meditation class nor yogis either. I used to go there about four times in an academic year. I would have been glad if there was a collective, so I could go meditate with the yogis. Once, I even told to our son, as a reproof, that it would have been better for him to choose another city, where there is a collective and which would have been closer to London,  alas, hard was the way till there. It was in the second year when, I used to take there a few stickers which I stuck on the light-poles, stickers that have remained there even for a few months. They weren’t with Shri Mataji’s photo, they were only with Her Hands holding a blossoming rose. You can see it right here:

On the stickers were written the site for the online meditation sessions, the phone number which I found on the web and the nearest address at which a meditation class for beginners was held, which I also attended for three times. It was in a nearby city, at a distance of about one hour by metro. Likewise, I put some flyers of the pocket-calendar type in the advertising place for customers in the hypermarket.

An example from our own Burlington city: how our posters and fliers are shinning through on any community board:-)

 “It is better to be humble about it and know Him through your inner being which exists. Outside you cannot go very far with the intellect which is a limited instrument. With this limited instrument you cannot go very far. You have to go into something that is unlimited. You have to trigger into that and there you have to see this unlimited picture.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi: lecture in London, UK at Caxton Hall, on November 28th, 1977

Monica continues her story: “I also used to take vibrated rice, water and flower petals, and spread them on the streets and on the beach. Once I read the Devi Mahatmyam and in the next morning when I woke up I saw on the sky a face made of clouds. I used to sleep on the floor in this little room which was situated in the attic of the building. The window was above my head and in the morning when I opened my eyes that face was there. I took my phone and I took a photo which I have attached to this email ** posted below. At the time I didn’t realise that It was Shri Hanumana’s face.

I believed that it was only my mind’s fantasy. Jai Shri Mataji! With love – Monica from Romania.”

Shri Hanumana‘s face formed of clouds – photo captured by Monica (story mentioned above). Anyone interested to learn from a variety of scriptures about the powers, qualities of this angel, check here.

Our awareness has to rise. You see, as we have found the microscope to see something that is minute, to see something subtle or something that has happened before, we have to have that depth. But we do not even have respect for ourselves. How are we to handle it ? How are we to handle it, such issues for example, when we cannot even balance ourselves. We are not organized. Hence the Sahaja yoga is covering in this Kali yuga, in these modern times. That at least there is a method to know how to balance yourselves and by which you can feel that vibratory all pervading power which surrounds, which has been described and told to you by various sages. You can see it in the self-realization! It is not just a lecture from a pulpit of somebody. It is a happening. It is an actualization that happens. But it is such a tremendous thing we do not realize what is the door opening out to us. Where we are entering into the subtler form. These vibrations are responsible for creating, controlling, coordinating, working out everything. Give it a chance to work out everywhere and there the realm of God happens.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi: lecture in London, UK at Caxton Hall, on November 28th, 1977
Photo taken by Ioana during a hike in Halton region, Ontario, Canada

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When the Skies open to our Connection with the Ether element anything is possible! Even an archangel’s face is sketched through the clouds as an answer to our pure heart’s desire. We hope you’ve enjoyed this article – we added also Ela’s personal experience with Shri Hanumana for the keen readers. Thank you Monica for sharing!

Everyone else, don’t feel shy to share yours or drop a comment with your feedback. 🙂

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