Heart-Brain Relationship & Hatha Yoga Teaching Explained in Sahaja Yoga

Starting with Kundalini Awakening – known as Self Realization

“With the opening of a single curtain of Sahasrara, the Kundalini comes up. But its Light does not start spreading all around just then. The Kundalini has just come up (to Sahasrara level= the Crown Chakra on top of our heads) and you have saluted the seat of Sadashiva (the God Almighty – the Father aspect). Within you, the Light of Atma (the “Spirit” in Sanskrit) has started flowing hazily. But it has not yet fully blossomed in this brain.”

Heart-Brain Relationship & Implications

Now, the surprising thing is, that if you want to spread it through your brain, you cannot. Our Brain and our Heart -now a perfect balance of these will have to be shown. You know well, that when you work too much with your intellect, heart-failure occurs. And when you work too much with your heart, the brain fails. There exists a relationship between them, it already exists. It’s a very deep relationship. And because of this deep relationship, when you get your realisation their relationship has to become deeper. The relationship between the heart and this brain should be very deep. The moment it gets completely integrated, your (Chitta) attention becomes completely Parameshwar-Swarup (one with the supreme God).”

Hatha Yoga Teaching on Ego & Super-ego: explanation in Sahaja Yoga with The Third Eye chakra & Ultimate Goal

“This very thing is also said in Hatha-Yoga, that Mana (super-ego= the conditioned part, that is the mind which starts forming habits) and Ahamkara (Ego) both get Laya (=dissolved, disappeared in Sanskrit).

But just by telling like this nobody is going to understand, how can the dissolution of Ego and Super-ego be effected ? So they get after Super-ego, get after Ego. If you beat down the Ego, the Super-ego comes up. If you beat down the Super-ego, the Ego comes up. They just cannot understand that what is this madness?! How will this go ?! How to win over the Super-ego and the Ego?!

There’s only One Door for that: Agnya chakra (known as the Third Eye centre). By working on the Agnya chakra the two: Ego and Super-ego get completely dissolved, and as soon as they get dissolved, the Heart and this Brain first establish a complete concord. But the oneness doesn’t come. It is this Oneness, that we have to achieve.”

Automatic Brake & Accelerator in One means  Complete Guru Master State

“So, your Heart, that itself becomes the Sahasrara and your Sahasrara, that itself, the Heart. What you think is in your heart; and whatever is in your heart, that only you think. When your state becomes like this, then, any kind of doubts, any kind of disbelief, any kind of fear.. no such thing remains.

Like, when a person fears, what is done to him ? He is taught through the brain : ‘Look here, there’s nothing to fear. Look, you were fearing for a useless thing. Now take a light and see.’ Then, although he understands through his brain, again he fears.

But when both the things become one, you try to understand this point:  that the brain, through which you think, which makes your Manas understand, and takes care of it, if that brain itself becomes your Mana (). .. means,  just imagine that there’s such an instrument which has an automatic accelerator and brake; and Both are One. Whenever it wants, it becomes the brake and whenever it wants, it becomes the accelerator. Moreover it Knows Everything.

When such a state comes, then you become the complete Master (Guru). Such a state we should definitely achieve.”

The excerpts above are from a great talk on the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara energy centre) offered by the founder of Sahaja Yoga – Shri Mataji- in India, Bombay, May 5, 1983.

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  1. Kasthurie Govender

    Thank you.

  2. Manga

    Nice one.. Thank you.

  3. armaity

    Thanks Ioana for bringing out a very subtle but important point for our ascent.

    I am tempted to share with you one of my poems on the topic.

    Open the windows of my heart, my Lord,
    as wide as its hinges can take it.
    Let Thy effulgent sunlight pour its beams
    of sunshine
    in all the dark recesses and enlighten
    its each and every chink and nook.

    Open the gates of my mind, oh Lord,
    as wide as the width of its size.
    Let Thy cool bright light permeate
    with its radiance and luminescence
    and enlighten
    its each and every part and cell.

    With Thy bridge of mercy, oh my Lord,
    enjoin my heart and mind,
    that may they harmonize in free interplay !

  4. Shashidhar

    Very nice Iona, and crucial for spiritual ascent.

    Armaity, your poem is wonderful! The ‘Lord’ part of your poem reminded me of another connection between the heart and brain: Lord Rama at the heart chakra is a ‘Suryavamshi’ (meaning a descendant of the sun dynasty), and the sun is also associated with Christ the Lord at the Agnya chakra…

    1. armaity

      Thanks Shashidhar for your new insight. Once you have the ‘light’, you see it everywhere. Also, your name Sashidhar which literally means ‘holder of moon’, is an epithet of Lord Shiva, and the moon has reflected light of the sun.Lord Shiva at the sahasrara becomes Sasashiv. How very subtle !!

  5. Debbie

    I love the photo of the elephants with their tusks in the shape of a heart – how very Sahaj. There is no need to be in limbo with our ego and super-ego. Let us put our attention on Agnya to rid ourselves of this.

    Lots of love always.

  6. pranita

    What an important message for our ascent.May we all achieve
    this state of complete unification of brain n heart…Mana and Prana


  7. Sahaj

    When the spirit shines in heart, it pierces through the darkness of ego-super ego and percussion of heart beat can be felt on fontainal. It symbolism the true Yoga when heart and brain are in complete unison.

  8. paula

    I love the analogy of the accelerator and brake of a vehicle which is enlightened. Where the spirit is the driver and everything starts to guide us naturally towards what is for our own spiritual good. The poem is simply wonderful Armaity. Sharing this deep wisdom is doing us a whole lot of good. Thank you again and again for these wonderful pearls of wisdom shared on this website.

  9. Jolanta

    Thank you for posting this exerpt from Shri Mataji’s talk explaining the connection between the heart and the brain, as well as how thoughtless awareness and ascent can be achieved in in Sahaja Yoga.

  10. NITI

    I am really glad that i went through this amazing and subtle knowledge about the integration of heart and brain . The most of the problems
    occurred in humanbeing because of lack of disarnament which sometimes occurred because of differences in heart and the brain but after getting realization both heart and brain get enlightened and became one in Sahastrara,and there will not remain any doubt and any kind of disbelief.Love the example of automatic break and gear. Thankyou Ioana for this beautiful article.

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