The Becoming, The Faith and the Seven States of Awareness

  • When you start surrendering, and the Faith comes in, then your Awareness rises higher than this.

    And these small, small, little, little things which have become subtler, they start departing from you.

    This is the third state where your three Gunas (tendencies specific to the three subtle energy channels: left is Moon channel, right is Solar channel and centre is the evolutionary energy channel)  you can see, but they do not affect you.

    So in theFirst stateyou haveDesire.

    In the Second state, which is a very big thing, you see the desire being fulfilled but all these subtleties are mixed up within you.

    In the Third state, you see them but they do not affect you.This the third state when one has to see that they do not affect you.You do see catching (blockages in the energy centres called chakras), but then you do not call catching ‘catching’, you say ‘recording’.

    You think you are an instrument, you are just recording.  The effect of that becomes very, very small.

    How wonderful! I’ve found it! I’ve got it!  Isn’t it dynamic?

    “Mother, how do we develop faith?” By absorption, not criticizing, not reading, but absorbing it. 

    Nirvichara (Thoughtless Awareness state) is the mouth of absorption where you do not think about it.

    So the Third awareness comes in when you start seeing all this, recording it.

    Then the Fourth state is called as Turya state.  In the fourth state you dominate these three gunas. You control all the elements.

    Like learning to drive a car. The Third stage comes in when you become the driver, but you are still worried about the man who is sitting behind – that you are doing a mistake, doing wrong. But then the Fourth state comes and you become the master, you make others drive.

    Then comes the Fifth state (no names, they are not so clearcut, they might mingle) when you mature properly.  Then you jump into the Fifth state which you do not even determine or say anything, just slips out of your mouth, it works.

    There you handle the whole situation sitting down here, you know each others’ chakras, not only you master, but in that state, you can enter into it.

    Now, for example, I tell you I can enter into your subconscious, your collective subconscious, into your supra-conscious, into all the areas you see like that, if I want to. 

    This is when you have mastered it completely, when you are the master, then you enter into it. When you are master of this house, you may enter into it.  (Sixth state probably missing from the transcript)

    Then you enter into the Seventh state and that is the state where you ‘just are’.

    You being there is sufficient, just being there, nothing exists, but you for your Self. 

     Now, all these Seven states you can reach because I stand beyond that, and I have come down to the First state, and I’m trying to pull you up. If you do not drag me down I can pull you up very far, so only request is don’t drag me down, that’s how the becoming is going to be.

    Allow it to grow.

    Sometimes, in the basic, there are mistakes, so you go down into yourself, right down to find out, “Oh, this is still there take it out”. 

    You have to weed out all those things, and that weeding out requires real alertness but don’t get into self-pity, don’t get into this guilt business.

    But a very positive attitude towards yourself, that “Alright, that’s my car, I have to put it right!”

    Even if you become the master of the car and the car is useless. What’s the use? 

    Desire is the car, Kundalini is the desire. If your Kundalini is weak, try to sustain it, try to improve it, try to raise it.

    Feed it, feed your Kundalini with (the pure) desire (for spiritual evolution).

    Becoming neutralizes all other desires with one desire (the nirmal / pure desire).

    You have the greatest fortune: that you have someone who loves you very much, and who can give you all this.

    You are extremely fortunate. Make use of it.

    May God Bless you.

    But at this stage you have to develop Faith, this the sap in which you are going to grow because you have crossed the limits of doubt now, so the faith is going to work out.”

    Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, July 1982, Teaching the Yogis

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  1. Paula

    so deep and inspiring.

  2. Anjali Gandhi

    Profound yet explained very simply by Shri Mataji. Thank you for this article and the beautiful beautiful pictures. So very humbling.

  3. Brenda in BC

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful words of wisdom and for the beauty of the photos. I am very moved and grateful to learn about these states and happy to understand how I can grow in my awareness to evolve spiritually.

  4. Kavita

    Really beautiful words of wisdom and knowledge from Sri Mataji. Hope we can climb to all states and experience the joy divine. Thank you! for Sharing
    Lot of love to all ❤️

  5. Ajay Nargas

    Thanks for sharing Shree Mataji Amrit Vani on awareness states . It has made me understand what are milestones and how we can see ourselves growing spiritually . Very profound knowledge. Jai shree mataji

  6. Ajay Nargas

    Thanks for sharing profound knowledge as explained by Shree Mataji on seven levels of awareness in spritual accession. One can understand his level and work on further accession Jai shree Mataji.

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