Why Meditate with Open Hands ?! Mohammed & Sahaja Yoga with Gestures as Mantras & Hands are Important as Blessings, Healers & Builders of Collectivity

“When you put your hands towards me, that is a Mantra.”

“You see, there is no need to say it more, but the thought in the mind the emotion, is what we spread our hands to that and it should work. When this emotion is absolutely complete there is no need to say a mantra- you go beyond it. So one has to be absolutely effortless, absolutely effortless. Meditation is for your own ascent, is for your own capital gains that you have to have, but once you got it, you also achieve your powers. At this time you don’t have to think about anybody else. You are not to put your attention to anybody else but just receive, just receive it. Do not think about any other problem, but that you have to be absolutely effortless. It would work the best on the people who are ‘just’ Receiving it.” (excerpt from Shri Mataji’s lecture on January 1, 1981, London, UK)

“As Mohammed-Sahib has said, Your hands will speak and they’ll give witness against you. So on your hands you will know. Our hands are the blessings of Krishna as they come from the same Vishuddhi and the two chakras, the Lalita Chakra and the Shri Chakra. If the left or right Vishuddhi is too strong, we may not feel vibrations, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have realization. To work out our hands, we shouldn’t use them for useless things because they are special. These hands are the ones with which you spread the collectivity.

Gesturing should be reduced so that any movement with the hands is decent and regulated. It should be indicative and useful. Just showing off your hands is not good. We should not point with Shri Krishna’s finger (the index finger).

Saying Namaste with our hands drawn together, we can collectively greet thousands of people at once. Shaking hands doesn’t create any collectivity, and can cause problems from others.

With our hands we can cure our children, we can suggest our softness and our sweetness.

Your gestures should show very heartfelt emotions.

Our Hands are really the beginning of Collectivity.” 

(from Shri Mataji’s Talk on Shri Krishna – Synopsis, Cabella, Italy, August 16, 1992)


Canadian and Romanian Sahaja Yoga Meditation practitioners - Together at a Summer International Sahaja Yoga meditation Seminar in Italy, Cabella, 2010

“And that truth, whatever you call it – scientific or divine – whatever is truth – has to be expressed on our central nervous system. That means we must feel it. We must see it. It should happen. Mohammed Sahib has said ( they all have said the same thing, only depending on the times as they were) that at the time of resurrection, when the humanity will rise, their hands will speak. They talked of resurrection most of the time, but somehow they never talked of it only as the doomsday. And this is the reason why whatever was important in every religion, was not given the proper importance. That’s why today, the situation is such that we find all of them, all in different compartments. But they’re not. They were all born on one tree of life at different times . . . the same energy of love which nourished them and they flowered.”

“When the Kundalini rises by itself and pierces through, what happens? That your hands start speaking! You start feeling all around you the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. You start feeling the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your head also.

Now, when I tell you what are these (chakras =subtle energy) centers for, what will they denote on your fingertips and you start practicing it. Start seeing how it works out and then you realize it’s true what I say. :-)”  (excerpt from a Public Program of Shri Mataji in May 1986)


Sahaja Yoga experienced by Muslim ladies on the streets of Germany in 2010

“I think now we should go in for meditation and try to get your Realization (the awakening of Kundalini energy). Will you please put your hands out towards me, just in humble way.  Because you have known so far, and you will know it when you will know it.  So put your hands towards me like this and I’ve told you there are  .. Chakras .. here..  on our hands.

I must tell you today I met some Kashmir Muslims.. Suddenly they did feel for me something, I don’t know how.  And they said, ‘Are you the Mother’? I said, ‘Yes, I am’. They came to me and then said that you must tell us about ‘RUH’, about spiritual life, about Spirit, they came to me. I said alright put your hands towards me like this. They put their hands towards me and they felt the cool breeze. And they said ‘This is what it is. Mohammed has said that your hands will speak. This is it. That’s the truth.’ I said yes, when you have your second birth, you will give up all the nonsense of so-called religions which are separated. They were never meant to be separated, they were meant to be integrated. But you have done it, doesn’t matter. Now by God’s grace Sahaja Yoga has come, you’ll have your second birth, so that all things that were attached to your birth will be finished and you will be new person having the new life in which you forget all that is attacking you, is attached to you, which is dragging you, which is making you think, think, but Not ascend! I’m very happy these simple Muslims who met me, they were in a shop selling something, and they were so sweet and so beautiful. They didn’t say: “you are not Mohammed!”, nothing of the kind. They said, this is what Mohammed has said, that at the time of the resurrection, your-hands will speak, and what are these people fighting for, you see this what it is. May God Bless you All.”  ( Talk on Nabhi Chakra and Prophet Mohammed on January 31, March, 1983)

Chakras & Vibrations & Nervous System Felt from Brain to Brain  as in a Computer Network

“And the vibrations which flow on the nervous system. Say now supposing somebody is having a problem, say, on his heart. So as soon as he puts hands to my photograph, so immediately he gets problem (feels the catch, the issue in the chakra) on his left finger here.

Shri Mataji showing which is "Shri Krishna's finger" -> the finger that is mapped to the Vishuddhi chakra



Sahaja Yoga Meditation chakra workshop offered by the UAE meditation group with a special yogi guest from Austria - during an International Trade Expo in UAE

The brain is working. So in your brain my vibrations move of Shri Krishna, and they start sending these messages, because I am also Shri Krishna. So this computer acts and immediately you know what is wrong with that person, is he is a heart patient?! Don’t have to do any diagnosis, don’t have to do anything, immediately you know, and who does this?!..  is the principle of Shri Krishna in the brain of the Virat. Now you are convinced about it, you know that it works, it acts like this, it happens like that. And how it communicates through you? So this computer of mine communicates – in a computer, if you go you can just press the button, of course they’re all man made, but whatever it is you then get the result, here it is not like that. It is the brain automatically gives the result, immediately. Through the other person. And also the same brain tells you what is to be done to such and such person, how to work it out. The same brain is emitting vibrations, and those vibrations are flowing through this brain, and they are the ones who tell you what’s wrong with this person. So all this work of penetration is done by Shri Krishna (the divine principle governing the Vishuddhi, known as Throat chakra). No doubt, he takes these vibrations, puts into another brain, and then that brain that center nervous system starts working, and then you get the result. But Instantaneously! It’s not so much time it takes, the way I have described it just works immediately, as soon as they put the hand before me..  immediately.” (excerpt from Shri Mataji’s talks related to the importance of the sahaj way of meditation)

Now, let’s remain in meditation for a while,  joining these 2 sahaja yogis on the beach, with open hands, in silence, we’ll feel how this simple gesture is acting as a Mantra .. and brings us all.. together ..  connected. We can also try to keep our hands open and without reacting, without any thought let’s watch the first photograph, from the top of this article,  the one with the open hands of Shri Mataji .. as she is showing us “how”. Enjoy your meditation!

Enjoy Morocco‘s Spiritual Beauty

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  1. Antoinette Wells

    What a beautiful theme to develop! I really enjoyed reading it; so meaningful and joy giving!

  2. adrian

    There are no questions… only answers… so when there is silence… the answers will come… because that is when there are no questions.

    Having said that I am thinking of hands, and feel for myself that… I have no hands… only intentions… through breath the connection TO… and feel very strongly the vibration… that is all… the connection to whatever IS TO BE.

    This is what passes through me on seeing the WORDS.


  3. Meg

    Thanks for your beautiful gift from Canada!

  4. Debbie

    Let’s use our hands to receive and effortlessly witness the power of Mother Kundalini.
    Lots of love always.

  5. Noreen

    I loved this story since it demonstrates that indeed that sahaja yoga is universal. If one really thinks about it, at the essence and root of any faith or spirtualism is the quest to find enlightenment. I feel Sahaja Yoga aids in providing a way, a tool, to reach or lift one to that level. Great stuff and thank you for sharing. Peace and love.

  6. paula

    We are one! I love the International flavours of Sahaja Yoga, the photos and words are so powerful in vibrations, we are part of the process of uniting cultures, countries and creating a common ground for peace in a beautiful seamless way thanks to our guru.

  7. Antoinette Wells

    Beautiful topic and great photos, very enjoyable to read!

  8. pranita rottmann

    What a wonderful explanation….indeed a very rejunevating and Enlightening Article.Thanks

  9. ann

    Such peace came over me reading and absorbing the vibrations of these beautiful words our dear Mother giving us. What a blessing and what a gift we have to use our hands to bring the light of the spirit to everything we touch.

    Love Ann

  10. Rajendra Tosawar

    An unique scientfic technic to comunicate while meditatin.A great artical thanks for sharing it.

  11. Thava Govender


  12. Chandenie(Suriname)

    Is that ana bianca in the picture?

    1. Ioana

      Yes 🙂 among many other yogis/yoginis that were visiting Cabella.

  13. paula

    As someone who talks with their hands, this really spoke…to my hands! I can’t count how many water glasses I have knocked over trying to express myself! I can use them wiser, express with my spirit, residing in the heart, more….speak from the heart, the sweet words with visshuddi (the throat chakra). I can keep my hands open, just open to receive vibes.

    “all things that were attached to your birth will be finished and you will be new person having the new life in which you forget all that is attacking you, is attached to you, which is dragging you, which is making you think, think, but Not ascend…”

    In continuing to think we do not find solutions…when we don’t think, we get the inspiration and the answers! How many times have we “given up” on a problem, moved on to other things when suddenly…the universal consciousness kicks in and gently drops the answer into your new enlightened brain. It was always happening to me…but I could not put my finger on it…I could not get a hold of it…now I have the tools to “find the space between the thoughts…” it leaves space for the divine to POUR in, give you answers to your core being, and makes you feel so bubbly!

    I also wanted to share the time I was in the airport and saw a magazine cover from across the store that sent my kundalini rising (the sacred energy inside we are born with). It was the cover of newsweek mag, there was a woman with a pretty pink hijab, protesting in the square in Egypt making a peace sign…and I felt her as if I knew her story…like she was an enlightened soul…it was such a rush that I felt inside! It is really amazing that you can feel someone’s truth on your own subtle system…we got connected through a photo…I am probably not the only one who felt something towards her photo…it was profound. Going through life with this extra “sense”, has enriched my life to a whole new level.

    1. adrian kraayeveld

      Thankyou for sharing your experience of this new “realized sense”.

      1. adrian kraayeveld

        About Paula’s comment regarding “this” extra sense we have…
        Yesterday evening our group had the opportunity to do a brief introduction and speak about our experience to Sahaj.

        For me this experience was very enlightening… again.

        It became very apparent to me that there were matters beyond our conscious thinking with respect to our “seeking”… and how that allowed us to follow our inner guidance to discover our “truth”… so to speak. The word “detachment was not used, yet became apparent regarding when individuals talked about spouses and significant others in there lives who “didn’t get it. Perhaps they do not yet really know how to listen.

        And sometimes we do or say things when we are “awake” without realizing that there is actually a reason why we say and do those things…

        I would like to share one such thought… because it resonates so much for me.

        “I cannot read you”… a thought passed on kindly to me by one of our Sahaj family some time ago.

        That thought has stayed with me, and I have continued to reflect on it… and introspect… for I believe it arrived for a reason. For me personally, it has to do with reinforcing the importance of “listening”.

        Listening is the gateway to realizing the inherent “knowledge” we have within. It is also a profound act of love.

        And sometimes when those thoughts are posed by others, as either thoughts or questions… they are actually realized as gifts… perhaps not even to those who make them.

        So I am especially grateful to Ella for that thought. Hope you do not mind my sharing this.

        And it reminds me of the profound simplicity of the following idea… which is intended as a metaphor.

        “Listen 9 times more than you speak…
        And ask 3 times more questions than answering”…

        Thanks for listening

  14. Isabelle

    For me I view meditation as a form of listening, listening what the Divine has to say and allowing it to penetrate into our being and letting It transform us.

    1. adrian kraayeveld


    2. adrian kraayeveld

      Reflecting and introspecting on your words.

      Thanks for sharing your story about sensing seven levels when you were younger. That was I believe to help you understand that there is more than just “heaven and hell”. So that is/was about listening to the Divine.

      Perhaps that was the opening to realizing the notion of ascension through ressurection.

      Perhaps “hell” is merely the understanding we have before our realization that “heaven” is already “here”…

      we simply choose to accept this new reality or not.

      So you were aware at a very young age that what you were learning did not make any sense.

      Just reflecting on what I heard you talk about.

      Very intuitive… Isabella


  15. paula

    Je suis Yogini…through my airline job, I was rerouted to Paris, France for an unexpected layover just a timely few days ago. The day before the terroist attacks, my crew and I were enjoying the sites, taking pictures of the Tour Eiffel, the Arc d´Triumph.

    The next day we decided to stay local in a suburb of Paris, and all day I felt throbbing the back agnya chakra, and super ego área on my head, the Crown of the head. The back agnya indicates that mistakes have been made, knowingly or unknowingly against the divine, and as we shopped, I kept wondering, why am I feeling so heavy on my head.

    Around 5 pm, my other colleagues joined us, and informed us of the terrorist attacks in Paris and that the city was on high alert. It was around the downtown area, and we felt so lucky to not have gone downtown that second day.

    Being a yogini, it makes you a global personality, and I had felt it in my chakras. We were in Paris, and Paris is now on high alert. I meditated and felt protected, but I felt to have the problem solved somehow and surrendered this problem to the divine through meditation and took precautions.

    The next day, our schedules whisked us out of Paris in the morning. In the airport, there was a moment of silence observed by everyone, employees and passengers. All security machines stopped, there was complete silence, complete meditation by everyone, no one even moved, for one minute. And I felt the vibrations swirling in the air…as we all tapped into the collective consciousness and became ONE…united…and the feeling was palpable…and I hoped that people would recognize, that in these moments of silence, where there is the absence of thought, we can make a global change and bring our awareness to a new, united level.

    By the time we landed back in Toronto, I learned that the terrorists had made their way to the exact área of our hotel in Paris. Office workers were told to stay inside. Again, I felt completely that I was protected from harm. I feel very blessed to be home safe.

    I have been watching the marches for unity in Paris, France, and feeling the vibrations of unity from world leaders, and all religions. I feel that a huge shift of consciousness has begun, and we started off the year, united.

    I have always felt great respect for the primordial masters of the true religions, who came to teach us peace, love and feel the oneness and the power of the divine. I do not agree with the press that this is about free speech and defending western values.

    I feel like in Sahaja Yoga, that the truth of these religions should be respected, and not the false misconceptions and extremely negative, destructive knowledge, on both sides.But I feel like most, that evil can never be justified.

    Despite this, something much more seems to be emerging. I have heard journalists talking of a fraternity and brother-sisterhood with all cultures, and I am so proud to hear muslims speaking of their faith as one of love and peace. This is a fact of our existence which we celebrate in Sahaja Yoga, that we are all family, brothers and sisters.

    I feel the world is waking up somehow and understanding the true message. The peaceful demonstrations are so far emitting tremendous vibrations. I hope that the whole world will realize WE ARE ONE, respect and love each other as brothers and sisters from the same family.

    I cannot access my email right now, you don´t have to publish this, it is at your discretion, but I wanted to share this with someone.

  16. Jolanta

    Thank you Ioana for sharing this article. I recall that when I attended Sahaja Yoga classes /events at the beginning (several years ago) it was the “integration of all religions” aspect of it that I “liked best about Sahaja Yoga” (when asked).
    Shri Mataji’s words “Shaking hands doesn’t create any collectivity, and can cause problems from others” are particularly important these days.

  17. helen

    What a wonderful feeling to be reading what Shri Mataji is explaining. Thank you very much for sharing!

  18. Iuliana

    Mother Nature give us so much…and we are amazed before her like a child who look his mother closed with marvelouse clothes.
    MOTHER gives us so beutiful knolege of Her ART
    THANKYOU for your sharing of Love which is contains in your artcle, Ioana

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