The Journey Within during NAVARATRI – You are invited to 4 Unique Public Programs (Oct 2,4,9,11 – 2019)

It is a proposal to join and experience together  The Journey Within — 4 different Themes to be approached, absorbed and experienced.

Email us at [email protected] or Call 905-901- 5006.

Feel free to further share the invite!

There will be special guests that will share their talents in supporting our Collective Journey Within.

Raga Bhairav and Raga Durga will be performed at Flute during Meditation

“The ragas Bhairav and Durga have a power of Divine bliss and protection. Both help activate the HEART – Anahat chakra. When the Kundalini energy touches the heart chakra, Raag Bhairav activates spirituality in the person. Raga Durga boosts self-confidence and helps develop the quality of the air element. These ragas also enhance the Divinity and Immunity in children, by stimulating the Thymus glands which produces the T-Lymphocytes and B-Lymphocytes up to the age of 12. It gives a rhythm for the whole life and strengthens the Vyaan Vayu which works at the subtle movements of the organs. Madhyama Vaani gets enlightened which further leads to Vaikhari Vaani.” 

** details to be provided for each program closer to the date **

Navaratri Festival  — Let’s Experience & Understand its Subtle Significance  

“So why do we do Navaratri?

In the heart, to do Navaratri is to accept the Powers of the Shakti (Sanskrit – primordial cosmic energy), to realize the power that all these chakras have got in themselves, and that when they are enlightened how you can express all these powers of these Nine Chakras within ourselves; the seven chakras plus the heart and the Moon makes it nine.

But I would say that seven of these and on top of that, we should say two more centers, which Blake has described surprisingly as nine centers, clearly.

Just now I cannot talk of the higher two centers, but let us at least talk of the seven centers.

The power of these centers, have we been able to develop within ourselves?!”

Shri Mataji – founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation about Navaratri Festival’s subtle connections to the Subtle Yoga System
(September 23, 1984 –  Hampstead, UK)

1. Awaken the Spiritual Warrior

Agenda: details to be provided (live flute music confirmed)

2. Awaken the Detached Yogi

Agenda: to be provided  (live flute music confirmed)

3. Security and Inner Balance

Agenda: to be provided (live flute music confirmed)

4.  Gratitude and Thanksgiving 

Agenda: to be provided (live drum music confirmed)


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  1. Kruti

    Looking forward to the events with my boys. Loved the poster and the article. May many seekers come and enjoy and grow spiritually at these beautiful classes.

  2. paula

    A wonderful opportunity to tune in to who we are at our core, and enjoy the peace, the harmony, the oneness, yoga connection, peace, music…bliss! It feels good! It balances us by connecting us to the universal through the state of yoga, which can easily be achieved sitting comfortably in a chair or on the floor.

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