Your Heart Matters – Do you have King Leo’s Heart Chakra or Romeo’s?

“So one has to understand that you are part and parcel of the Heart of the Universe.

 One thing is essential that you have to be very flexible people. You have to have the flexibility of the heart sense we can say. Now heart has to pump. It has to be strong. And surprisingly lion is your emblem. So you have to have a lion’s heart. And lion’s heart means he is not afraid. He is the king. He knows he’s the king and he lives like a king. Like a lion. And Leo as in astrology or if you say is a man who is extremely generous, lion hearted, not afraid of anyone. There should be no fear. But English language if you read anyone or if you listen to anyone, every third sentence he’ll come with the word, ‘I’m afraid. I’m afraid to say, I’m afraid this is so’… This word (i.e. afraid) must be dropped out from the vocabulary of Sahaja yogis. What is there to be afraid of? Some people say that this is said because we do not want to hurt other people. There are so many other ways of saying things without hurting others. But what is there to be afraid of? A man who is weak cannot love. Only a strong person can love. If you talk of love first of all see whether you are strong enough to love or not.

Loving is not a easy thing, even carnal love, even loving your beloved in the ordinary sense. It’s not an easy thing. You have to have a very strong moral concept, otherwise every third minute people start changing their loves. That kind of a love has no meaning. You have to have very firm ideas. Not only ideas in your brain but built within you. Very few people can really have a love as Romeo had, I can tell you this. It’s easy to think that you are a Romeo, it’s different. You can think you are the King of England, it’s all right. But you don’t become that way. So to be Romeo itself you have to have a tremendous character. A tremendous sense of sacrifice and love and understanding of what you want. You want to love, that’s all. Nothing beyond or before. I mean a man when he falls in love he falls in love forever and ever and ever. If he falls in love many a times it cannot be love. So that experience also is sort of is a forbidden fruit for most of them.”

“So to love God is even more difficult. Without seeing Him. Without knowing Him. Without knowing His bounties. Without getting realization it is very difficult. But today that is not the case. But still you have to have no fear in your mind. Trust. You trust yourself and trust others. First of all try to trust yourself. If you have made mistakes you have to say, ‘Yes, I have made mistakes, all right. So what?’ Trust yourself that you can correct yourself also. Trusting doesn’t mean blind ego trip. It does not mean that. Trust means that ‘Yes I can correct myself. I can improve. I can do better.’ Some people think that if you trust yourself then you should never confess anything that you have done wrong. That you should never say that it was wrong and I can correct. This is a wrong idea. You have to trust yourself by saying that, ‘Yes I have done mistakes. I have been doing wrong. I have been faltering but I can correct. I have that strength within me. I can rise above all these things. I have that thing within me which I can use to my advantage.’

Trust yourself. Trust that you are realized souls. Trust that God loves you. That He has chosen you to be His instrument. Love your Self.”

** photos with sahaja yogis or taken by sahaja yogis. 

August 2nd, 1981 – Shri Mataji’s Lecture at Sahaja Yoga Seminar “Open Your Heart” in Dorset, UK 


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  1. Doina-Mira

    Beautiful fragment…has filled my heart completly! Thank you Ioana! Nirmal love for all !!!

    1. Oresta

      Thank you for the beautiful article. Divine love is unconditional love for all of humanity and wanting what’s best for all. I believe we as a collective are moving through our mistakes where each and every one of us corrects ourselves and makes the world a better place to be.

  2. Anjali Gandhi

    This enlightened trust in the connection i have with the all pervading power that helped me to trust my own self and has carried me so safely through all the turmoils of life. I don’t know what i would have done without sahaja yoga in my life. Thank you for this beautiful article and for this website which is like a fresh cool breeze from the universe. Food for my soul. All my love.

  3. Sigal Matasaro

    ‘Yes I have done mistakes. I have been doing wrong. I have been faltering but I can correct. I have that strength within me. I can rise above all these things. I have that thing within me which I can use to my advantage”
    Every day is a new day to admit to yourself that you are only human, but you have the power within you to improve yourself, to correct your mistakes and to become the best human version of yourself.
    Thank you from the button of my heart Ioana! ??????

  4. Jolanta

    Thank you Ioana for sending this timely article. The words/knowledge are timeless.

  5. Helen

    Very important article helping to soothe down and reduce attention placed on our mistakes. This opens up the attention to become more aware of our ability to correct our errors and not repeat them. To embrace trust and strength trust, to trust ourself. We will correct and not repeat the errors!

  6. Jolanta

    It is good to read Shri Mataji’s words saying that “never admitting that one has made a mistake is a wrong idea.”

  7. Niti

    Only a strong person can love,because only that person give unconditional love to everyone without any lust or greed,like all the spiritual and realized soul love and did everything for the benevolence of
    all the human being and also a strong person can acknowledge and correct his mistakes without getting into the guilt,It’s a very strong message of mother.Thanks Ioana for this heartfelt article.

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