Our Diwali 2020 Family Miracle in Canada – Niti’s Letter

Our Diwali 2020 Family Miracle in Canada – Niti’s Letter

Below is Niti’s letter sharing her experience in Canada on Diwali 2020 – A family miracle

“On the first day of Diwali (Dhanteras), I was leaving the door to go to work. My husband was going to be dropping me and when we walked out, we realized one of our cars had gone missing and it was stolen!

For some reason, through the grace of Shri Mataji there was no anxiety in my heart to see the car gone. At that moment, I knew that the car getting stolen is no problem and there may be some divine desire at play here as well. I did not feel any anxiety and did not see anything negative in this situation even though this happened on Diwali’s Festival day of Dhanteras.

Diwali altar/ meditation celebration @ Niti’s Family

I felt in my heart maybe whoever has stolen a Sahaja Yogi family car is associated with some bigger crimes that needed to get exposed as well. I felt as yogis, the car may become an instrument through which something else may get exposed. I also felt maybe Shri Mataji did this to protect us from something inauspicious happening to us personally as well…maybe something bigger, like an accident, was prevented in our family, and so the car was gone according to Her will.

With this in my heart, I gave bandhans and left everything in the hands of Shri Mataji. 

We learned from some of our neighbours as well that the same thieves stole some things from their cars as well.

My children pulled out Leela cards in the afternoon …

Shri Ganesha made of flowers – photo shared by Niti’s daughter (part of their Diwali decorations at home); find out about Shri Ganesha Principle here.

…… and they got these quotes from Shri Mataji:

“If there is a disappointment, just smile at it and know for…it is for your good, to discover something new, to find out something better.”

“You must understand that angels are around you all the time, all the time they are with you. They watch you. They will help you, they’ll support you, they’ll elevate you, they’ll cross all kinds of hurdles but you have to love God from all your heart and all your soul.”

We offered a small puja to Shri Mataji that evening with no exceptions and desires in our heart, just pure joy and gratitude.

Next day, towards the end of the online Saturday morning meditation, we got a call from the police and it was revealed that not only the car was found but the people who stole it were caught as well. 

Then we fully knew that this really was Shri Mataji’s Divine Will.

We received the car back the next day, on Diwali day. The car was in perfect condition. This is a miracle in itself because usually for cars stolen in this area, either they are not returned or they are returned with parts completely stolen and people do not usually get caught either. 

Thank You Shri Mataji for this Diwali Miracle!

Shri Mataji is the doer, She is our protector and everything is happening according to Her wish and Her plan and whatever happens, happens for our benevolence. 

Jai Shri Mataji!

Love, Niti (Halton/Niagara Sahaja Yoga Collective)

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It was a beautiful experience to witness collectively the “problem / challenge” evolving into a “positive / miraculous experience” during the celebration of the Diwali Festival through online meditation and prayer sessions. After every session we spend time “sharing our heart” with each other and helping each other. It was truly inspiriting to witness Niti’s devotion and faith in the connection she has with her motherly Guru – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Please fee free to share your experiences and miracles * Diwali related or not 🙂 * with a Reply/ comment to this article. Thank you!

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  1. paula


    Your story of the stolen car was like watching a play from above. You understood it was for your own good, and surrendered it. This is how I was raised. When one door closes, another door opens. Not meant to be. We were protected. We turned the wrong way, which ended up being the path that needed to be taken. We changed course, because we needed to learn a lesson and to grow. Even the negative experiences can be huge growth spurts! To be grateful, to enjoy, to be positive and to wonder at the bigger picture of our daily dramas. No harm came to your family, and it is clear from a special message on a card, that your were instrumental in that play. The car helped apprehend the culprits! Yes I have had similar types of situations happen around me.

    The decorations are beautiful in your home, with the flowers, artistic touches and lights, what is more beautiful than candlelight and nature?! Thank you for sharing. Your enlightened spirit is actively fighting crime on another level! You are a soldier of love and truth, clearly, protected from harm. We may have challenges, but as long as we stay balanced, collective and meditate, we will be able to detach from our material lives (the temporary loss of your car,) long enough, to see the divine play!

  2. Geja

    Beautiful surrender is blessed with gift of doubtlessness that the Divine is in charge. Lovely lesson.

  3. PINNA


  4. Shashidhar

    Every time I read o remember your wonderful experience, I realize with great joy that Shri Mataji is with each one of Her children all the time. Thank you Niti – for sharing your story.

  5. Kruti

    It’s amazing to read this miracle story not only because the car was found but to see how surrendered we become after realization. With the help of regular meditation, well online these days, it’s possible to stay in the center, in present. I loved the diwali diya decor along with Shri Ganesha and little mouse. Happy Diwali and happy New year to all.

  6. Isabelle

    Wonderful play. Thank you for sharing the story and your home.

  7. Kumaresan Kandiah

    Thanks Niti sharing the story with everyone. This is good for the yogis doughting with Mother’s power.
    Your story makes everyone grow in spirituality.

  8. Carmen

    My experience is that miracles happened all the time. We just need to be there to witness them. Niti and her family trust on Mother allowed them to see the miracle. Mother is great and delivers Miracles all the time.Thank you dear Niti for sharing.

  9. Rebecca

    Oh Niti — I love your personal miracle story, but even more so because of how surrendering this upsetting event to Shri Mataji was all that was needed to enjoy a happy ending. We can all learn from your faith and conviction that all would work out. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Kavitha

    Niti, Reading it on Diwali day 2021 and my heart lighted up reading how you surrendered to Shri Mataji and got the car back so soon.. I am also learning to surrender and leave it to the divine logic. I Keep reminding what Shri Mataji said whenever a problem arises and mind try to start thinking all crazy logics. “…….So to solve the problem, we don’t have to worry. Actually we should have no problems at all. Some people start thinking that by logical deductions they can find out things. They cannot, because you are at a level that logic doesn’t work. You are at a level where Brahmachaitanya works, and it has its own logic. So do not try to resolve anything by logic. First thing your connection with the Spirit will be lost, your connection with the joy will be lost, your connection with the vibrations will be lost. So there is no logical conclusion, but the Divine logic takes over. That doesn’t mean that you are a slave, but on the contrary you are the great guest in the Kingdom of God. …”. Jai Shri Mataji

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