A Modern True Story about “The Enchanted Halton Forest” in Images and Experiences

Enjoy a True Story about “The Enchanted Halton Forest

In this enchanted Halton Forest people (be they students in grade 6 or 7, or serious responsible adults such as teachers or parents) can actually feel and connect to the energy of the forest, then write about their experiences:

What and How Does One Feel in the Enchanted Forest?

–Feedback from Students, teachers and Parents about the outdoors Sahaja Yoga Meditation workshops offered during the Halton Forest festival 2017 

  • I felt free
  • I felt light and calm
  • I felt thoughtless and light

  • I felt the air coming through my fingers
  • I felt the forgiveness in my mind

  • I felt like I have been opened up to the world and nature
  • I could feel what nature was feeling
  • I felt the force of the forest
  • I feel happy, calm and relaxed

  • I felt the force within me
  • It was very peaceful
  • I feel calm, no more thoughts

  • I felt the force
  • I felt connected to the universe
  • I feel light and happy
  • I felt really good

  • I felt refreshed
  • I felt peaceful and very calm I had no thoughts (they went away)
  • I felt very very nice and tingley

  • I feel like the forest was talking to me
  • I felt free from stress and relaxed
  • I felt calm and thoughtless
  • I feel connected to my inner self
  • I thought this Meditation brought us one with the nature.
  • The girl / teacher was very calming and was very good

  • I felt a nice flow in my fingers and felt calm
  • I feel nothing but I do love the breeze
  • I feel weightless

  • I felt good and more positive and free
  • Peace
  • I felt peaceful, calm and relaxed when I meditate
  • Cool and relaxing and sleepy and moist

  • I felt very cold and now I feel calmmm 🙂
  • I felt connected to the universe
  • Calm, relaxed
  • Very calming, the force was needed
  • I felt like I was connected with Mother nature
  • I also feel alive! and one with the earth!

  • Awesome
  • I felt really calm
  • Calm, relaxed, peaceful
  • Great
  • I could feel what nature was feeling
  • All my worries went away
  • Parent: Amazing experience – bringing us back to mother earth.
  • Parent: Bring the language of energy back into our lives
  • I felt really calm and when it was done I felt alive
  • I felt like Jesus
  • I felt air and force
  • First I felt pressure on left hand than a breeze on both hands
  • I felt relaxed, worry less, free, connected, positive and calm
  • I felt cold and relaxed
  • Thank You
  • The Force
  • I felt Good!
  • I felt nothingness
  • I felt lots of energy from the energy within earth
  • I felt calm
  • I felt peaceful
  • Kinda sensational

The volunteer instructors from Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation team had offered 24 workshops in 4 days to hundreds of students, joined by their teachers and parents in the heart of the Halton Forest. They meditated and experienced being connecte’ to it.

It was a great experience for us the volunteers: Paula, Kathleen,Olga, Shilpa and Ioana; We had rainy days and sunny days but the forest was always the same for us: enchanted during our meditations!

As always we are sharing our experiences via photos and fresh handwritten feedback we’ve been able to collect during this ‘teaching and experiencing sahaja yoga meditationmarathon :-).

We hope that this article speaks to one’s heart and mind, given a hint about the positive impact our sessions had. That makes us want to BE volunteers and take it as a blessing!

We have Proof!! Students do appreciate “Experiencing Being in Nature with Sahaja Yoga Meditation” in the Halton Conservation areas and we all say: “May the Force be with You!” 

(check it out!) SYM at Youth Conference with A Bouquet of Thank You from Patients, Staff, Students and Employees — November’s MEDITATION MARATHON!! 

(check) Meditate with the Canadian Fall and Hugging Trees?! Who says Teenagers Students are not into it? Meditation Helps!

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  1. Paula

    Such a rewarding exchange, thanking the forest for freeing our thoughts and enjoying our oneness. The children opened their hearts and poured pure living experiences onto these pages.

    The start of something transformative happened among the trees…it was blissful. It was the yoga connection in pure thoughtless awareness.

    I am so grateful. So moved by the honesty of the children. The stillness stirred within all of us and is still permeating our hearts. It was a truly an enchanting experience together.

    So wonderful to see all the impressions here and it was a privilege to meet you all. You are already capable of doing great things for your selves and society. May the force be with all of you!

  2. Colleen

    Beautiful!! From the I LOVE YOU testimony onward I had tears in my eyes. Very enchanting.

  3. Rabi Ghosh

    Tiny brains yet with overwheming thought and expression… If that’s the joy of expression of an experience…. Even the biggys at times falters to frame up such candid expression . So truthful and so innocent..loved it.

  4. Brenda in BC

    Feeling grateful for all the wonderful volunteers who share the love in Sahaja Yoga while inspired in the forest.
    Happy to learn that everyone enjoyed their experiences and gained a lovely calmest from all the workshops.

  5. Konstantyn


  6. Helen

    The physical colours of the forest are gorgeous. The honesty and innocence of the expressed feelings and experiences are colourful and deeply heart warming.

    Thank you for sharing this love and dynamism with all. So joy giving!

  7. Karen

    How wonderful it is to feel the oneness with the majestic forest and nature. Amazing how young minds can express pure honesty.

    Thank you for sharing xo

  8. Sahaj

    This is amazing.

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