Let’s Take a Driving Lesson on a German Car with a Yoga Master – Inside Knowledge about Freud & The Subtle Energy System

Let’s Take a Driving Lesson on a German Car with a Yoga Master – Shri Mataji

The following quotes provide a guide within the Inside Knowledge about Freud & The Subtle Energy System.

Enjoy the ride!

“So I’ll have to explain what we are inside, then it’ll be easy for you to understand why we cannot control ourselves.

You can see here, three lines are shown (below, on the Chakra Chart): one on the Left, on the Right and in the Centre.”

“The Left side (blue channel) represents the Power of Desire within us, and is the Psyche as Freud has described it. But Freud was very half baked, so I don’t know what he means by that, very confused person. Thanks to him, in America now people are suffering.. Like a blind leading the blind, people have dived into such horrible conditions that I don’t know what’s going to happen. And many people taken a cue from him think that if you play upon weaknesses of people then you can entice them. But your weaknesses are not going to make you strong!

You must have that power by which you are not slave of any weakness or any habit, you are on Top of Everything.

“Now the left hand side of the power, of Power of Desire is also reflected in our past and our conditionings. In the gross it expresses itself as the left sympathetic nervous system. And so the past is there and then the present past and the past past and the collective past beyond that.

Those people who think too much about the past, repent about it, or thrive on it or all the time living with the past, or with the dead, are driven into the area called as collective subconscious. Now many fake people are doing that, is to entice, mesmerize and put you into this collective subconscious, which is the dead. Recently I saw a very good film by some doctors who had researched it and they said that a person who is vulnerable to cancer is attacked by some proteins called 58, protein 52, because they only give names, and these proteins attack a person and they are the ones which trigger cancer. So these people who go too much to the left means all the time weep, cry and feel that they are good for nothing, indulge into all kinds of perverted sexology’s, they get in trouble with this. And to suffer from cancer is having hell in your life. There are many other diseases when you go to the left, is like myelitis and Parkinson’s disease and epileptic, and all these things come from the left, same problem. If you feel guilty very much then a centre here on the left Vishuddhi (left aspect of the throat chakra known as Vishuddhi in Sanskrit), as we call it, gets caught up. Then one suffers from a disease called angina and such diseases which give you Spondylitis and other imbalance of the left side. So when you try to be very efficient, work very hard, and you exert yourself very much, then you work on the right side. All futuristic people are right sided. Actually the past is finished and future doesn’t exist. You have to be in the present. And Present is the Reality. But the Thought comes to us and then passes on, then another thought comes to us and passes on and that’s how we are living on the cusp of the past or the future. That’s how our mind is all the time spinning thoughts which are useless and exhausting. Now the right hand side, when you go to the extreme, you go to the supraconscious and then to the collective supraconscious. Collective supraconscious can give you powers to entice a complete race to do something wrong. Collective supraconscious can give you hallucinations and you start seeing things of light and all that. And a person can become extremely egotistical and so much devoid of feeling that he can kill any number of people. So at the extreme of the left you become a masochist and at the extreme of the right you become a sadist, without knowing you are that. So we have to be in the Centre and not go to extremes.”

“Now the central path is represented by parasympathetic within our system. This is the ascending path for our awareness. On the left side we have what is called the collective subconscious, on the right we have the collective supraconscious and on the top we have super consciousness which we have to achieve while at our feet is the hell which is built I think people like Freud. Now to become super conscious we have to realize we have to become the Spirit, which is ‘the auto’ within us. Germans make very good cars so I give an analogy of a car. Say in a car we have got a brake and an accelerator. Now the left side is the brake and the right side is the accelerator, and the driver is the Spirit.

Now the driver is a person, personality, ‘I‘ is the driver. Now when you go too much to the left you cannot move, supposing you have all the time brakes, the car will not move. And when you have too much of acceleration, God knows what will happen. I saw recently a vehicle which runs for 250 km/hr. I got a fright of my life :-), I said where are they running so fast ?! So this kind of accelerator, if you are all the time and no brake, God knows what is going to happen to this world, already we are on the way of destruction.

So when a new driver starts learning, he, first of all, puts the brake, sometimes he puts jerkily, the accelerator, and he learns that he is making mistakes, and then he comes to a Balance.

That is what it should be, we should have a Balanced Life.

In our day to day we live on balance. We cannot have a car with only two wheels on one side, we have to have four wheels on both the sides. So we live in imbalance and any kind of imbalance can give you physical, mental or emotional problems of a very serious nature.

Now when this driver learns how to drive, then the owner, who is the Spirit, just becomes the driver, or we can say the driver becomes the owner. And when the driver becomes the owner he sees the driver within himself, that is the parasympathetic and the left sympathetic and the right sympathetic, and he sits comfortably, not bothered about it.

And he becomes the Master of the driver, of the brake, and of the accelerator. :-)”

(excerpt from a Public Program with Shri Mataji in Munich, Germany, 1984-09-07)

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  1. armaity

    This explanation from Mother is a complete eye-opener to explain our personality, how we normally behave and see things. Ofcourse as a reaction, if we go to either extremes we trigger the other side , leading to behaviour which is completely at variance to our normal pattern of behaviour, making us and others ask as to why did he or she suddenly behave like this ?
    How to activate the Parasympathetic (the middle path as taught by Buddha)and remain on it, is the core knowledge of Sahaja Yoga.
    Thank you Ioana for getting this message across to the seekers, who normally get trapped on either sides of this middle path , leading to imbalances and often ending up with either psychosomatic and emotional or physical and mental disorders, depending on which side we tend to go.

  2. Rabi Ghosh

    beautiful analogy…Such a beautiful comaparison…of ‘Brakes’ and ‘accelerator’ of a vehicle and the ‘art of driving’ the vehicle (that is our own physical existence)….

    …..To enjoy the ‘joy of driving’ and reach the ‘desired destination’, let us seek God as the ‘driver in us’ as He becomes the ultimate enjoyer at the end.

  3. RBL Saini

    Thank you Ioana for getting this message across to the seekers, who normally get trapped on either sides of this middle path , leading to imbalances and often ending up with either psychosomatic and emotional or physical and mental disorders, depending on which side we tend to go. One must learn & recognise balance.

  4. Liz

    Really enjoyed reading this.
    What a great analogy!!

  5. paula

    Nobody can explain more clearly than Shri
    Mataji all the details of our subtle systems, that is why she is the Guru, teaching us to be our own gurus.

  6. Sonika

    Amazing example mother has given on German cars..really enjoyed..

  7. adrian

    I am… thinking… why???
    To be on the Left… Oh!
    To be on the Right… Oh!
    To be in the Centre… Ah!!!

    So we can “think” about where we do not want to be…


    We can simply BE… in the Centre… which does NOT require “thinking at all…”

    And There we simply… Enjoy…
    Our Experience called Life…

    Simply… Eh!

    Is there really a Choice!..

    Well… of course… there is always a choice… that is the most loving thing…
    To know there is choice!!!

    “So who is doing the driving”?

    And that places the responsibility on you?

    You can Choose that Choice that “affirms” your existence…

    Or the one that “denies” your existence!

    Enjoy the drive…..

    1. adrian

      “Being in the flow”

      I am reminded on re-reading this article by Shri Mataji… what it means to be in control!!!

      Well… it could be about surrendering…
      Does that mean I give up my power and allow someone else to choose for me!

      Well… could it mean I take charge… and allow myself to impose my will on others!

      Perhaps… I simply feel the comfort of Being in the “flow”… of things… where I have the sense that there is a natural feeling of having “given” and having “received” in the same point of time!!!

      And… without the notion that there should be a thankyou or no-thankyou/ even though that may be the case… that is to say thankyou or no-thankyou.

      In… other words… to feel naturally about outcomes that are the result of “not worrying about right or wrong!

      Instead… allowing events to unfold from the flow of “feeling” a natural flow that has its origin from “Spirit”…

      Mmmmm… it just feels right…
      Detached from outcome…
      Without thoughts of… obligation or expectation…

      Is that what it means to move into the center!

      Is that what it means to Love?


      1. adrian

        The control we think that we have…
        has its origins from our accumulated
        past experiences…

        Of course that is the type of control…
        characterized by our ego
        Stuff like sarcasm, ridicule, greed
        are constantly at work…
        And we don’t even

        And when we do begin to wake up…
        We may in the beginning still feel a
        discomfort or unfamiliarity!
        Because now we have stepped onto a…
        New branch of experience
        characterized by
        unconditional love, honoring self
        compassion and etc.

        These are all natural
        to the soul

        And when you become ONE with
        The Self… experiences just begin to

        There is no control
        For there is no need for control
        You simply begin to BE.

  8. armaity

    Wonderful compilation, thanks Ioana.

  9. Debbie

    Thanks for this reminder and sweet explanation. It takes practice and patience and trust and belief and confidence and fearlessness…to be the “driver” but very attainable as we know and it feels great!

  10. Anjali

    eye opening article AND explained so simplistically. After Sahaja Yoga I became so alert of my consciousness going to the left or the right and every since I started to watch myself, I found myself trying to bring balance in my lifestyle. It’s amazing how much power we have over our own self and well being but with pure knowledge as it shows us the way we can help ourselves and not get mixed up with theories like of Freud’s.

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