Find out What are Vibrations and What is ParamChaitanya in Wise Answers

Find out What are Vibrations and What is Paramchaitanya 

“.. an instrument, a media by which we express the Ganesha Tattwa all over (Tattwa is Principle/Essence in Sanskrit) That is vibrations! So the vibrations about which you are asking, these vibrations themselves are nothing but the Principle of Shri Ganesha, his omkara. When it is that feeling as I told you, the Vatsala = the feeling of love between a child and a mother, that feeling it is the one that is Vibrations between the child and the mother, the distance between the two is vibrations and that’s what one has to feel: that he’s a child still and there’s the mother and mother is bringing the child, giving all the powers to the child, bringing up the loving child, understanding the limitations of the child, looking after all that; all the sweetness, all the wisdom of the child to be appreciated. All that is Vibrations.
If you see the subtle side of this,  [like:] ‘it’s not ‘my child’ ..  it’s NOT only a limited thing because it is Eternal, it’s Everywhere’ so you cannot have it limited..”

Check the Vibrations of a 24-Carat Gold Person

“So all the relationships that are between human beings and God have to be Ganesha Principle, so when it becomes the relationship between you and God, then they are Vibrations and then that same relationship should extend to everything that you do. You should see what things are good, whatever has got vibrations. Now today I want to tell you something very important about this all pervading power we have heard about: ParamChaitanya is nothing but vibrations, where all identities are lost, where the mother is lost, where the father is lost we can say, nothing remains; when it is just this: vibrations, [then] this subtle Vatsala exists, that’s all and this is the only thing out of which everything comes and remains in itsself. Like we can say that the Sun’s rays come out and then they try to create chlorophyll ; so, it’s not that we cannot
compare Sun with that .. Or, we can say from the Ocean the clouds
come out and they try to nourish the Mother Earth, that also cannot be compared.”

Everything is nothing but Knowledge, is nothing but Truth, is nothing but Light

“Everything is inside this ParamChaitanya!  It has got everything inside! So we can say that ‘Everything is nothing but Knowledge, is nothing but Truth, is nothing but Light’, but when the folds of these come out, then we get into the folds of that [Param]Chaitanya and then we become ignorant! But [in Reality] there is nothing like ignorance, it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t exist, like there is Darkness because there is no Light.

Once Light comes, it [Darkness] doesn’t exist, so Ignorance doesn’t exist. What  happens is that the ‘folds’ of this Ocean go into that people and it is lost. Thus, we understand one thing clearly: that we are in Paramchaitanya, we are made by Paramchaitanya, all the time we are surrounded by it.  The only thing is: we are sometimes lost in the folds.  Why we are lost in the folds is because of our own unawareness. This Awareness has to come: that we are part and parcel of that ParamChaitanya! The whole thing is called as ChittaVilasa.. it is the playful enjoyment of God’s Attention. Now you will say:  ‘How can that be?’
“For example we see the Sun (just to give a simile closer to it): you see the Sun and then we see the Water, we see the Water in the Lake, right?”
“There is water, because of the Sun we can see the Water there. Then, supposing we see the mirage, we see the mirage and then we think: This is water, we run after the water..’ but the whole thing is a Play of the Sun, whether it’s a mirage, whether it’s a Water, whether it’s the Sun.
In the same way this Param Chaitanya acts and what we get lost is, in our awareness that we are ParamChaitanya, that’s why the (divine) Play starts ..”
 (excerpts from a Lecture of Shri Mataji in Switzerland 1989 on the Principle of Innocence – Shri Ganesha – that is governing the Root chakra known as Mooladhara chakra)

(video) Whirling Rainbow – Sun Halo in Burlington

What are these Vibrations?! Same as ParamChaitanya! Same as Brahma Chaitanya!

“For Sahaja Yogis now, it is very easy to find out if something is real or unreal, it is truth or untruth, it is love or hatred. Only through vibrations you can know. But going beyond that, one has to know what are these vibrations, and what are they made of. What is the subtle force that is behind those Vibrations? We call it ParamChaitanya

–  quote from Shri Mataji’s Lecture offered in 1998  at Bharat Scouts Ground, New Delhi (India)

“So what are these Vibrations? It’s this ParamChaitanya, we call It Brahma Chaitanya, which starts flowing through your finger tips.”
“I have told you, the other day that these vibrations are nothing but the Brahma Shakti-the Power of Brahma.
The power of Brahma is the power that creates, that desires, that evolves and it gives the living force also. It is the power which is giving us the Living Force.” (definitions from another Lecture)

How the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) connects us to Reality

“Now you start feeling what Chakras they [people] are catching, whether they are right or wrong, and your discretion improves immensely. The brain, which was putting in delusion and wrong types of life, immediately corrects itself.
For example, I am walking in a place with my eyes closed, and there is a big ditch, I can’t see it, I am just walking. And suddenly I open my eyes and see the ditch, immediately I know it’s wrong and I give up and come back.

In the same way it happens to you: when your Sahasrara (the Crown chakra) is enlightened, whatever you had gathered knowledge, whatever you think was right, whatever was your dream and your aims of life, all these aspirations, they melt away. And then you take to Reality and you start seeing the Reality of Everything.
Unless and until you see that Reality, you will be going with other crowd:
‘these people are saying so, so let’s do that; they are saying so, so let’s do that.’
But you cannot see whether it is correct or not, is good for you or not, or whether it is going to help you.
This kind of thing is so common in the whole world, and that’s why there is so much problem.
Because they don’t know the Reality. Once you know the Reality, most of the problems can be finished, because this brain itself is creating problems. First of all, it commits all kinds of atrocities, violence, everything, then it also justifies itself, and then it does even worse. All this they used to call it as sin, but now in Sahaja Yoga, that’s finished now. Whatever your brain was contaminated with is now cleansed, it has got the Knowledge and through the Knowledge you can make up what is right and what is wrong. Up to this point is alright. But then you must have full understanding that whatever right is right and whatever wrong is wrong, and we should not do anything that is wrong, always do the right. You have to decide on that part. Now we have to do the right only, never the wrong. This, when it comes to your mind, then what starts is your determination, what we call as devotion, dedication, surrendering. With that, you give up all your false ideas and your false pride, all other things that you have been doing so far, and immediately you become a different person, a Beautiful Person.”

What is ParamChaitanya?! Understand Wise Answers for Coincidences and Hard Times

“Everything happens, just the [way] ParamChaitanya knows, It understands, It organises, It loves, It does everything, that’s the Energy it is… It does everything, and how It manages, how what we call ‘coincidences‘ are really organised by ParamChaitanya. As I told you, yesterday, the way the rain was, the rain came and went away. It has wisdom, innately it knows I am sitting here, that the program is going to start, it stops. Flowers know me. You don’t know when we have flowers, they are of this [very large] size, I don’t do anything to them, they start growing, growing like that, they blossom like this. Now, one would say: “Mother, how do they know?” Because they are natural!
We are unnatural; we have taken so many artificialities that are part and parcel of our life. See, all sorts of courtesies, this, that. All that‘s not necessary, all these stupid practices that we have adopted sometimes keep us away from pure knowledge. And when there is no pure knowledge, we don’t know anything what’s happening, we just get frightened for small things, upset for some other things..
First of all, you have to become wise enough to understand that you are a part and parcel of ParamChaitanya. Everything will work out by that, and it works out so beautifully. Of course some people have a hard time, I don’t say that they don’t have. But it is not hard, because, if you are one with ParamChaitanya, and you know that It is doing the job, you are not feeling that hardness or sickness or anything. It knows: It knows what is to be done, It knows what is to be corrected, It knows what is to be said. See, It can create poetry, It can create music, It can create everything. So the wisdom lies in understanding the working of ParamChaitanya, how It guides you, how It helps you, how It preserves you, how, depending on ParamChaitanya, you can continue to be living very healthily.. All these nonsensical things, worries come to you, alright. Then the ParamChaitanya says: “Alright, go on worrying. If you go on worrying, alright, go on worrying, does not matter.” What will happen? Whatever has to happen will happen. The Param Chaitanya can interfere, in case we leave it to ParamChaitanya. It is said many a times: “Leave it to God! Leave it to God!” But God means… I don’t know what they mean by God. God means ParamChaitanya. God means Living Divine Force that is working everything. So, another way of looking at it, is the wisdom that:
  • we should understand that each and every particle of this world is created by Divine, by the Divine Force and
  • these particles and everything, is completely under the guidance and supervision of ParamChaitanya.
“Nothing can move unless and until ParamChaitanya works on it. It is something so connected globally, so much there, that people don’t realise what they are doing, what they should have done. I mean, on many scales, you find something happening. Like, supposing, something is happening now in America. Just try to find out what America has done to other countries. Immediately you’ll get the answer. So also It takes full care of the persons who believe in ParamChaitanya, who give everything in the hands of ParamChaitanya. We give things to the police, we give to the doctors, we give it to some civil people, so really what we call them, engineers, to do some things. But they can make mistakes, they can create problems. But you leave it to ParamChaitanya. It’s something so remarkable that, in my own life, I’ve seen that all the time it works out..
All these people ( like the incarnations), all these deities (the divine principles governing the subtle centers and energy centers in yoga system) are part and parcel of that Param Chaitanya.
So this is what is our awareness has to become. Awareness has to become ParamChaitanya.
Then you get all the ideas, everything that are Divine. But not only that, but also the help of the Divine, all the solutions of the Divine. It’s something amazing and everything quite installed, everything settles down and you are amazed, watching all this that you are the centre of doing all these things. They are not aware that you are doing and you are there. That ego part is missing, but you see, it’s all happening around you, and then you are amazed how it is happening.
The whole life style changes, the whole understanding changes and you become a great source of happiness, joy and knowledge to others.”
(excerpt from “Lecture on Sahasrara Chakra” – Shri Mataji, 1999)

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  1. Liallyn

    Dear Ioana – I had something of an epiphany during Adi Shakti Puja weekend about vibrations, the nature of vibrations, divinity and us – collective consciousness working again!
    With love and respect,

  2. r

    hmmm… nice picture of the lake. I want to go swim.

  3. Manga

    Lovely embroidary :)and pictures. Thank you Ioana.Enjoy!

  4. Rabi Ghosh

    I experience vibrations as ‘collective joy’ without feigning that we want to enjoy that ‘joy’and am searching for it for myself and not been able to achieve it with frittered attention on subject concerned. Probably we shall not get it that way in seeking. I always felt it is so spontaneous by itself as it comes sometimes unannounced also. It is not emotion, it is not intellectual quest but a blessings in surrender of all emotions and action. That is what I felt within me.

    May be I am able to express it with lesser decorations than what others can easily do due to my poor expressive expressions. Nonetheless to me it seems like an automated process regulated by Divinity in us. It is like the ripples of sudden joy in still pool of lake that makes the lake as if smiling in joy and not expreincing tumultous turbulence. It is just nothing in gross sense but I experienced it always as an integrated consciousness of the collective feelings that we are swimming in Joy. Where Shri Ganesha stand as the Vice Chancellor of that essence in simple word of expression who post us that degree of freedom to enjoy that joy.That is Param Chaitanya.

    That is Vibrations!!! that flows without any bounds from our palms ..from our heads from our speeches from our expression from our each and every move from every earthy particles enveloping us in our world for our existence. But we need our full surrender to that ‘joy’ with full attention and without any restriction or constriction. Not by emotions alone but blended with intellegence with that emotion to enjoy that joy…that bliss ….that Param Chaitanya.That I feel as Enlightened Attention and the resultant effects that is emitted is vibrations.

  5. Michael Davies

    so beautifully expressed:

    That is Vibrations!!! that flows without any bounds from our palms ..from our heads from our speeches from our expression from our each and every move from every earthy particles enveloping us in our world for our existence. But we need our full surrender to that ‘joy’ with full attention and without any restriction or constriction. Not by emotions alone but blended with intelligence with that emotion to enjoy that joy…that bliss ….that Param Chaitanya.That I feel as Enlightened Attention and the resultant effects that is emitted is vibrations.

    I can add no more. I believe someone here understands.

  6. Kasthurie Govender

    Thank you very much for this Posting…really beautiful!

  7. Veni

    Inexplicable permeating joy and bliss emits out of this post!
    Sahaj Love

  8. Anjali

    I recently witnessed the play of Param Chaitanya myself and was awed at how beautifully with perfect timing these divine vibrations worked everything out for me. I needed some vital ayuervedic medications without knowing how importantly I needed them and I ask my brother who went to india to get them for me and then for some reason I ended up going on a business trip to Montreal and was able to meet up with my brother and get those medications. I started them one week after I got back and saw a big improvement within a month and a half. Only after I saw what difference the medications made for me, I realized that it was all a play of the param chaitnya who orchestrated right place and time for me to get better.

  9. chinnivanaja

    Nice…….Thanku very much for sharing.
    Jai shree mataji

  10. Mohinder Sidana

    Param Chaitanya does everything I saw lot of times in my life
    Once I was supposed to go to waterloo for a sahaja program, it was raining and my room was completely dark. I pray that it would be nice if it is a nice sunny day and I enjoy waterloo and program. After 5 minutes I saw the rain slowing down, after another 15 minutes my room getting brighter. When I was supposed to go sun was shining. Whole day sun was shining and when we finished and going for a dinner, it started raining so heavily. I was amazed to see this all. then I was going through number of talks of shree mata ji and found this talk that when connect to divine Param Chaitanya looks after everything

  11. Antoinette Wells

    Thank you Iona! Beautiful as always; vibrations are the Essence of Sahaja Yoga. These are the on s which are the basis and the end and can unify everything!

  12. Antoinette Wells

    Thank you Ioana! Beautiful as always; vibrations are the Essence of Sahaja Yoga. These are the ones which are the basis and the end and can unify everything!

    I like your blog!


  13. Jolanta Miszkiel

    Thank you Ioana/SYMN for posting/recommending this article. It’s always a pleasure to read Shri Maaji’s authentic words in my efforts to ascend/deepen my Sahaja Yoga practice.

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