The Microscope of the Spirit & The Knowledge of the Roots – Inspirational Talk to Students & Graduates (Sussex University)

“I was really very happy to learn that Sussex University Sahaja Yoga centre has been very kind to invite me to speak to them. It’s such a pleasure to talk to the students because they are the ones who have always been, in any country, been responsible for any new step, whether it was political, economic or social, which was to be taken boldly. 

Students are the people who have their idealism intact still and when they are studying, they don’t get biased easily. They keep their minds open to every knowledge because they are new to it, but those who become experts can become very biased, very conditioned by what they read or they think to be right. But, the students can also be very much vulnerable, because they do not know whether whatever new comes to them is the truth or some sort of falsehood. So, at this life, when you are a student, you have to be very careful to understand that If you have to Seek the Truth, you have to be Alert about it.

First and foremost thing as students we enter into university. It’s a beautiful name ‘University’ meaning that you get all the knowledge of the universe and when you enter into university, you come with an open mind and with an understanding that whatever you have to learn in the way of a student, you are not the teacher and that humility always helps the students to learn about anything they want to know about any part of their knowledge.

Now what you learn in the university is the Knowledge of the Tree.

Knowledge that you can perceive and understand through your mental activity, but what I’m going to tell you about today is the knowledge of the roots.

Roots of the Tree, from where the Whole Knowledge comes.

Now to believe in me or to understand me, it is not necessary for you to have any sort of faith in me or a sort of surrendering position, but you must also know that if I have to tell you something new, you must keep your mind open to understand what I have to tell you.” 🙂

(VIDEO CLIP) Knowledge Of The Roots – Shri Mataji addresses the Students

Use the Microscope of Your Spirit

“..we started curing, not through the roots but through the leaves. If there is something wrong with the leaf, you treat the leaf and then you find some trouble somewhere in the fruit, you see, it’s like that.

So the medical science became like that, absolutely treating the leaves and the roots were left behind. Now these roots are within you. They are there all the time, you are not aware of them, you’re not aware of so many things within yourself, but once you become aware of them, as you get your realization.

As you get your Spirit manifesting in your attention, in your central nervous system, when you start feeling the vibrations of the Spirit flowing, then you can understand all about them.

Whatever I’m saying here today, you can verify it and can find out.

To give you a simple example, is that when you have to go to a class of biology, you have to use a microscope. Now you say that I won’t use the microscope, I would like to see the skin with my naked eye, you cannot, what you will see is the skin that is there. But if you have to see the deeper structure of the skin, you have to use a microscope.

In the same way, IF you have to see the Deeper Side of Life, you have to use the Microscope of your Spirit.

Without the Spirit, you cannot understand what is beneath and what is above.

Beneath is your beautiful being, the glorious human being that is created by God and Above is the all pervading power of love of God Almighty.

May God bless you.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

The above are two excerpts from the same Inspirational Talk of Shri Mataji; The quotes were not captured entirely by the video clip; therefore make sure you watch the video too. 🙂

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  1. Jolanta

    Thank you for playing this Shri Mataji’s talk during the meditation session tonight and posting the transcript on-line. Always a joy to hear the words of wisdom from the founder of Sahaja Yoga, addressed this time specifically to university students, and very helpful to continue to learn to grow spiritually.

  2. Colleen

    We definitely need to nourish our roots within and know Thyself. That’s what this is all about is going within and knowing who we truly are. The essence of God within us allows us to Be That. Always love Shri Mataji’s wise words. Thank you.

  3. Jolanta

    What makes the practice of Sahaja Yoga so practical and beneficial for our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being is that, after Kundalini awakening, we can feel and discover the knowledge of our roots, and the truth, on our central nervous when practicing Sahaja Yoga meditation. We feel our chakras and their problems on our finger tips and learn simple techniques to clear them.

  4. Irina Alexandru

    I loved this quote! The microscop of the Spirit is a beautiful metaphore which I will always remember when I am in doubt or I have to make important life decisions! Indeed, the knowledge of the Roots (our Roots) makes a difference in this world. Thank you for sharing it with us! Looking forward for the future articles!

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