(audio pearl) Learn About Futility and The Sprouting of the Seed Within – Shakespeare’s Hamlet is Explained, Lincoln’s Vision of Democracy, Understand Other Realized Souls

 (Audio & Transcript) Learn About Futility – Hamlet Explained


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What is Sahaja Yoga? Sahaja Yoga is the sprouting of your Seed (the Spirit) within you

“I’ve been always telling you that Sahaja Yoga is the sprouting of your seed within you.
When the seed is dormant you cannot visualize the maps it has in it of all the creations it is going to create
out of One seed, how Many trees have grown, how many fruits have come out and how many seeds are coming out and how many they are going to produce. You cannot understand how dynamic it is. 

How to achieve our Spirit – How to get our Yoga 

“There has been talk about the Spirit within you. Many have said that the Spirit is to be brought into our conscious mind. We have to achieve our Spirit. We have to get our Yoga – the Union with God. When they said it, they meant it to be done, not to be just talked about. But as everything goes to waste much more than it is utilized, all these description of the Self to be achieved, how, when, everything, got lost because they started just talking about it.”

What is “Bhagavad Gita – Gita” Really about?

“People like to intellectualize everything, they do not want to imbibe it. Just to talk big about something, their Ego gets pampered, they’ll stand up and give big lectures on Gita (Bhagavad Gita)  and all those things,
but they have no idea as to what Gita wants you to do: it wants you to find out the Truth, it wants you to get your Realization, to have your yoga established. You have to be born again, you have to be christened as they said, you have to be baptized. 

Reality versus Unreality and Mahamaya – the Great Illusion

“But the difference between the reality and unreality is such that we think if we talk about it, we have done it. This is the illusion, the Mahamaya. We live with it and we carry on with it, we are very happy with it because it means you do not have to face any reality. You can live with unreal life. But you cannot even live with unreal life, can you? That is not going to give you joy. With unreality you are not going to be satisfied. You are not going to get your joy, you are not going to get your meaning and you are going to discard your Self as a useless thing, unless and until you find out why are you here.
So everybody wants to find out in a way but honestly, but on a slippery ground he wants to find out the reality on one side; on the other side the slippery ground is always taking him away from the Reality. The struggle is on, within us. You have to just keep yourself on the ground, not allow yourself to be slipped out into any extreme behavior for anything whatsoever. Just be there – it works out. But we are extremists, in everything we go to extremes.” 

Realized Souls – Abraham Lincoln, Shakespeare, Lenin, even Hamlet – and their Contribution

“Just now today I was discussing capitalism, democracy and communism. Say, Abraham Lincoln was a Realized soul, no doubt. He had his vision of democracy. But he could not fulfill it because others were not Realized souls they could not come up to his vision and they could not imbibe these things within them. They just praised him. He’s their hero. They’ll make a statue out of him, garland him, write books on him, but nothing of Abraham Lincoln goes into their being, nothing. They do not follow him in the way he lived his life. They’ll call them ‘Lincolnists’ or something like that. Some sort of a “ism” they’ll put to that. They will try to possess him, brand him into something, but not try to imbibe him into themselves.

Then, Lenin was a Realized soul, too, as I told you, he was a Realized soul. He had a vision of Collectivity, very proper vision he had. But he found that people are going to fail him. He cannot do it. So he had to, he shifted into another, he drifted. Anywhere you find a person who’s a Realized soul, in his own way he has made contribution.
I’ll say Shakespeare the other day I went to… Now, Shakespeare was a very great Realized soul, no doubt about it. His contribution is so beautiful, but people do not see it. They have no eyes to see what he’s trying to show. “

Hamlet is what? What is Hamlet trying to show? Shakespeare explained as Avadhuta

“Say we saw Hamlet. Hamlet is what? Is nothing but he’s trying to show the futility of every nonsense we do. First of all a man killing another king. Then the woman running after that man. Because the father is killed the father comes to the boy and compels him that you should take revenge. He taking revenge. One little girl, innocent girl, madly loving that fellow. I mean, the whole life is made into something so small! The mother’s like she has no esteem, she thinks that by loving this man she is the last world. So she can kill her husband. The husband, so-called the second husband, he thinks by killing this man and getting this woman, he achieves the last. Then the third person is this poor son, who gets the ghost to tell him that “this has happened.” The ghost himself should die and go away from this world and live where he is. But he comes back and tells him that, “You take the revenge.” He is not interested in his [son’s] Spirit, in his well-being, the father also. Now the son takes a tip and he goes on hating. He gets into this of destroy. He wants to destroy this man. In that destruction he kills the father of that little girl – his fiancée – and the girl also dies, she also becomes mad. Everybody becomes mad. Even Hamlet becomes mad.
What does he show, you see? I call him Shakespeare, an avadhuta.. Avadhuta is a person who’s beyond. He’s a person who’s not an incarnation. Incarnation comes on this earth, plays with you, lives with you, acts like you, goes with you into all kinds of moods and things you live with, and tries to help you on that level. The incarnation can come down very little. They do not. They keep themselves there. And what do they show? The futility, the futility of this kind of a nonsensical life people are leading. This is what he tried to show in Hamlet. Now, how many people who read Hamlet understand this point that the futility of even taking the revenge on his mother or the fellow who killed his father was there? It’s so evident! All those emotions to which we pay so much importance and make it so much identified with your whole life, are nothing but wasteful and futile things, we are wasting our energy.
So he puts a drama before you. “See, this drama is a play. See now!” Now what happens, you become Hamlet if you see that. You become one of the persons. If you see that drama you’ll become Hamlet. Immediately you start thinking, “How many revenges I have to take?” You’ll make a list of people. You immediately become Hamlet! You do not become Shakespeare, you become Hamlet! “And now how many people have I to hurt? How many revenges have I to take? Which is the way I should do? Should I play a drama the way he played?” Or you can even become the lady. You can even become the person who killed! You can become anything, instead of becoming the person who has created it.”

What is Reality? 

That’s how we live in unreality in our life all the time. Instead of imbibing Christ’s life within our life, we find another drama, we play with that drama and identify ourselves with that drama. This drama is going to keep you in that dramatic condition all the time. Reality is to finish the drama, to know that it is a drama. We are not part and parcel of that. This is what is the Real state of the mind.
Unless and until that is achieved, you are not going to be happy, you are not going to be satisfied, you are not going to be your Self, you are not going to find out your meaning.

What is Sahaja Yoga?  How are Kundalini, the Energy Centers (Chakras), the Consciousness, the Attention and the Spirit working Together?

“This is what Sahaja Yoga is, that a happening takes place within you, the Kundalini rises within you. She passes through all these various centers and gives you that, what we call the Self-Realization, by enlightening your Consciousness with the Spirit. If Seed is the Spirit, then Kundalini is the Water that pours on it its grace and manifests it in our Consciousness. It is manifested by itself, but not in our Consciousness. So our Consciousness and our Attention become one with that (i.e. the Spirit). This is how the things work out. 

What is God’s Job?

“One has to know that God has created you. You have not created yourself. He has made you human beings from amoeba stage. He has brought you to this level and He’s going to give you the Ultimate. He’s going to do it for you. It’s His job. It’s not your job. Now in a case like that when you think that there is – say first case is we can take of people who believe in social injustice sort of going on. What should we do in social injustice? Which is the greatest force? Which is the greatest power on this earth? The one which manages all the other powers is the power of God.
Today as the time is, achieve that power and then work it out through that power and not through your intellectual power, which will create problems for you. Any social injustice, if you work it out on your level, will never reach its successful stage. It will be just falling short of its achievement. Everything has gone wrong because of that.. The power that controls the whole Universe, every part of it, every particle of it, every atom of it, is the power which is called as Divine Power of God. That is the power of God’s Love. In His love He bestows all that is beautiful to you and removes all that is ugly in you. For that He may have to sometimes even kill you. He may have to even destroy. It’s His power. It’s not your power to destroy anyone! You have no right to destroy anyone. It is His power to destroy you.
Please put your hands like this and sit quietly. Don’t make noises and things in Sahaja Yoga. You see, all these things which these gurus have done to you and you are really ruined by them. That happening takes place within yourself and not outside. All these ideas come to us again from the same myth that we can achieve our Realization, we can stand on our heads, we can breathe fast, we can breathe less. How can it be? I mean, everything these things are done by animals and by every person. How can you do it? You cannot do anything to achieve your Self-Realization. This must be accepted with complete humility. It’s also God’s job. Everything, He does. “

What is our Job ?

Only thing what you have to do is to merge into His Power and then you can tell Him whatever you like because then you become His Power and you can work it out. But anything external that you are doing now, before Realization has no meaning. When the power flows through you, then you can maneuver it, then you can organize it, you can work it out. First of all, achieve your Spirit. Then allow it to manifest itself within you, fully establish it. After full establishment, then you work it out. There is no hanky-panky about it, one should know. And you cannot befool anyone. It’s something that has to happen within you. We are deceiving ourselves. Do not do that. We do not want to waste our lives. We are not going to make ourselves so low as to destroy this being which is just there to manifest.
All those things that we worry about, say our personal things and natural things and this and that and that and that, you cannot help it out; you cannot cure it. Unless and until you are a Realized soul you cannot help it and that, too, a Realized soul in a very collective way. If you are collectively Realized you can do it; otherwise, you cannot do it.
 Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation  Class  2019 -“We are One”
The whole emancipation and the whole great work of bringing humanity into the kingdom of God is only possible IF you all get your Realization fully established.”

Is Self-Realization Temporary?

“Now, after Realization also I received a telephone call today from someone that, “Mother, that day I got Realization all my worries went away, I got completely relaxed and the cool breeze started coming into my hand. I felt very much better. But now gradually again the tension is mounting up. Is my Self-realization temporary?” Self-realization is not temporary but you are temporary. How much attention have you paid to yourself? For example, some guest is coming to your house and you close the doors to him, will he come to you begging of you? If he comes inside also you do not give it a proper eminence as the position is. The Spirit is the highest and if you do not give it the highest position, that ‘my Spirit is the highest and I must pay full attention to my Spirit’ and you fritter away your attention on to other things, is he going to be there on your seat of heart? Is he going to be settled down there?”

What does our Spirit want ? 

How much attention have you paid to your Self-Realization? You have taken it for granted, and then what have you done about it?
The Spirit won’t be happy with one person.
When the Spirit starts manifesting through you like light, it wants that it should be put on a higher place from where everybody could see and get their Spirit.
It wants its company. It seeks its Collectivity.
If it is not there it is going to run away. If you cannot enjoy the love of other Sahaja Yogis (realized souls) you are not going to achieve anything.”
We Have To Get Our Yoga, Caxton Hall, London (UK), 1 September 1980

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