Why are we on Earth ? Get the Right Answers about God, Religions and Incarnations

Why are we on Earth?

Enjoy the very Informative VIDEO (that is transcribed!) and Four Gifts for Answers

This weekend hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world are participating to a Global Meditation on the Principle of Guru that is to to be awakened within every Seeker. This article is dedicated to the founder of sahaja yoga meditation – Shri Mataji who is the greatest volunteer in reaching out to hundreds of millions to give them the gift of Self Realization and teaching them the subtle science of yoga and meditation out of pure love and genuine concern and compassion. We also remember Shri Mataji leading each of us sahaja yogis on the path for becoming sahaj gurus. Hope you’ll find your answers too, and you will feel the Cool Breeze coming from the screen (!!!) when Shri Mataji is using the microphone to spread vibrations (watch the video!!). So, drop a line about your experience with this video. Then, Answer the Call coming from the Collective Blossoming Tree. We are waiting for you, right there.

(click!) What is Gnyana, the Real pure knowledge?! Answer with Nirvana from Heart & Brain

Like you’re nourished by the Mother Earth all the time but you’re not aware of it. In the same way… Read the article!
Please, let us know if you have enjoyed the video and the inter-connected articles. It’s time to find out Why are we on Earth? Get the Right Answers about God, Religions and Incarnations from Shri Mataji. We’d love to hear from you.
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  1. Galina

    I Thank you from my heart!

    you do a truely divine job puting all the
    videos and other things.

    It is all so nice and wonderful!

  2. adrian kraayeveld

    Some pieces… of quotes from Shri Mataji’s talk…

    “Through your ascension”… “you really become human”… “for the first time”

    “it is that simple”… your purpose that is…

    So enjoy the experience… for you truly create everything that you experience.

  3. Moiz Khan

    “The background is so dark that the light will have to show better”. I really agree with her when she speaks of people becoming fanatics over religion, fighting over, “which religion is the most peaceful” is very ironic.

    1. adrian kraayeveld

      Then “let go fear”.

  4. Raj

    Simply awesome!Truth could never be said more simply than that!

  5. Sahaj

    I bow down to that higher being who manages all the seasons, grows a fruit from a flower. We take this happening for granted but is a miracle in itself; which is beyond the understanding of my human brain.

  6. Jolanta

    I feel the cool breeze coming out of my head as I am typing it.

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