(6 min video clip and miracle story) Bhagavad Gita is Explained and Liz has a Fragrant “GITA Miracle” Yogic Experience

Thanksgiving Stories with Bhagavad Geeta  & Dreams & Shri Mataji & Friendship

Dear Ioana,

I hope your long weekend has been fun and relaxing.
I wanted to tell you a little about my weekend.

I am trying hard not to duel on what is happening at work.
I feel like I am thinking so much it is almost becoming an obsession.

Geeta Enlightened - sahaja yoga book by Yogi MahajanI am still reading Geeta (Geeta Enlightened) and it is helping me so much! It is almost like it took me this long to read it because it is now that I need to hear and read what this book is trying to tell me.

All weekend when I started to think about work, I would stop and say/think ‘I am not these thoughts or feelings‘.

I read something in the Geeta book about how there  are many levels of meditation and on reaching the last comes the ultimate.

When you obtain that depth you become fragrant

I kept reading this line over and over.
Every time I had obsessive thoughts I would stop and tell myself not to think, to get above this mind and these thoughts and reach the ultimate. I went to bed and as I was falling asleep, again I started obsessing. I asked Mother (Kundalini as a motherly energy or goddess) to help me stop thinking and obsessing, and I fell asleep.
I dreamt….I was still obsessing…… and then the most incredible thing happened!

I smelled the most intoxicating smell. It is indescribable. It was like new born babies, and fresh rain and I don’t know…..

I felt so comforted! I know it was Shri Mataji!

Shri Maaji blessing a newborn baby

I woke up in the morning and felt so good. I could remember the smell so vividly in the morning and know I have never smelled anything so heavenly!

I feel like I was visited and comforted in the night.

Just thinking about it makes me want to cry.
Thank you so much for lending me this book!

I hope to have it finished soon and hope the next reader gets as much from this book as I have.

.. especially thank you for being my friend!


– the letter above is an excerpt from Liz’s email sent on Thanksgiving Night; Liz is a dear friend and strong seeker that had started Sahaja Yoga Meditation at Burlington class last summer

– see below an excerpt from the book praised by Liz and see how this excerpt is totally tuned to her fresh experience – truly Sahaj!

“In whatever form of devotion a man of faith worships I strengthen that devotion.” (VII, 21)

“Filled with such faith, he worships that God and obtains his desires. In fact, they are granted by none but myself.” (VII, 22) – Shri Krishna saying in Bhagavad Geeta

Here, Lord Krishna is not talking of blind faith but faith after the experience of the spirit. Then all doubts vanish and the devoted develops absolute faith in the spirit. It is not blind faith. The grace of God is only on the one connected with Him.

Those who claim that they got the direct help of God as a result of their worship or sacrifices live under a myth, because they are not in direct contact with God. Without the union (yoga) whatever one gives in the name of God goes only into the pockets of the priest and their partners. Likewise, their prayer only reach the ears of the self appointed representative of God.

God loves those who desire connection with Him through enlightenments. Shri Mataji says, “After doing the complete manifestation of the human being, the pure desire remains residual and unless it is awakened one cannot feel satisfied because all other desires are impure.”

A milkmaid use to supply milk to a priest living on the other side of a river. Owing to the irregularities of the boat service, she could not supply him the milk punctually. Once, being rebuked for her constant delay, the poor woman replied, “What can I do? I start early from my house, but the boatman is so irregular”. The priest chided, “Woman, they cross the ocean of life by uttering the name of God, and you cannot cross this little river?”

The simple maid followed his advice and, thereafter, the milk supply was never late. One day the same priest enquired of her, “How is it that now you are never late?” The maid promptly answered, “I followed your advice, I cross the river by uttering the Lord’s name and the river gives way”. The priest was taken aback and said, “Can you show me how you cross the river?”

The next day the priest accompanied the maid. The maid began crossing the river by saying the Lord’s name. The priest tried the same but began to drown. The maid turned around and questioned him, “How is it, Sir, that while you utter the Lord’s name with your lips yet your hands are trying to keep you tunic untouched by the water? It seems that you do not fully rely on Him.” The maid was obviously a realized soul and hence the Lord answered her prayers.

Faith is a strange paradox. If you are a realized person and believe in a deity (=divine principle that governs a chakra) then it answers your prayers. How does this happen? When sincerity arises from the innermost core of your being then it touches the deity that resides within and evokes its power. At the physical level, the vibrations of your spirit go into the object of worship and communicate.

If a realized soul puts vibrations in any object be it a carved image of a deity then that object becomes vibrant – it becomes awakened. The dormant becomes dynamic, it becomes a transmitter of cosmic vibrations which transmits to its receptor and thus reinforces it. Healing works through this frequency to catch its vibrations. The lever for tuning in is your own vibrations and its efficiency depends on the purity of your faith. Some ancient temples have such vibrations and you can feel it through you sensitivity.

People who plugged into its circuit have experienced the miracle of wishes coming true. Vibrations can create a circuit; first you give vibrations to an object, then it becomes vibrated and subsequently it emits vibrations.

However, the power of its revibrational intensity depends on the power of the vibrations of the individual who initially transmitted them, because the deities understand the spirit’s language.

Taken from: GEETA ENLIGHTENED by Yogi Mahajan – Sahaj Book with commentaries and sahaj explanations to Bhagavad Geeta

(video-clip) Bhagavad Gita Explained in 6 min by Shri Mataji

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  1. Hitesh

    I have read the Holy Geeta. It is a wonderful book, its really unbelievable how wonderfully Shri Krishna has explained everything. I was really amazed how He even described some part of Liver Diet in there, like we have a liver Diet to clear Chitta (attention). If you look it just from a psychological point of view also there are lots of things to admire. The explanation of Rajo Guna (Right Side), Tamo Guna (Left Side), Satya Guna (Satya Guna), is so very well explained there. And the ways to find out a tamoguni, satyaguni and rajoguni person is so nicely shown there. Each and every verse is delightfully pleasant and vibrant and Smoothly Divine. A must read.

    I have read just some part of Geeta Enlightened, by Yogi Mahajan. I hope to read it soon. If Geeta alone is so lovely and amazingly heavenly, I would really love to read Geeta Enlightened.

  2. Anjali

    Dear Liz,

    I feel so joyous to learn about your own personal journey into Sahaj life. Surely your experience is a valuable gift from the divine to assure you that you are in God’s attention. And it is such a wonderful feeling full of fragrance that you have shared with us through this message. Thank you.
    Love, Anjali

  3. paula erskine

    Liz your story is just wonderful! Your perspective and experience inspires me to go deeper, to uncover more subtle treasures and miracles that happen every day! I could almost smell what you experienced! Look what happens the moment we surrender…the book sounds incredible, it is next on my list. I enjoy watching your progress, your lovely smile every week, and your heartfelt warmth…I could hug you right now! Ok,ok, I’ll wait till wednesday…

  4. adrian

    My reference is to one particular part of Shri Mataji’s quote… as follows…

    “God loves those who desire connection through… enlightenment”.

    This “enlightenment”…I feel… comes to us through our taking responsibility for our “awakening”

    So how does one do that?

    Shri Mataji goes on to say that… “After the complete manifestation of the human being,the pure desire remains residual and unless it is AWAKENED one cannot feel satisfied because all other desires are impure”

    So my focus seems to be on exactly what it means to be AWAKE…

    Here is what I feel… about awakening…

    “Nobody can make happy, nobody can make you sad… except you

    And remember Shri Mataji’s quote… “unless you have the pure desire”

    So to repeat… nobody can make you happy, nobody can make you sad unless you… “consciously choose through your own free will to be happy or not”

    Our “pure desire” is at work when we are able to express, through our own free will to be happy or not…

    Of course the free will part is about taking responsibility… that is always what it means to be your own Master(Nabhi)…

    The wonderful God given thing about this is that we always have the ability to choose… it is a question of whether or not the choices are conscious or not… and that is what I feel it means to be operating in an enlightened way or not.

    Hence… AWAKENING… is about taking responsibilty for the choices one makes… and knowing that you are connected aids in the movement towards those experiences and joys that are unique to you… and therefore as well to others.

    So… we can choose to be happy or not.

  5. Elsie

    Dear Liz,

    I am just reading my e-mail which I hadn’t received for many days due to computer problems. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience. It is so moving It inspires me to continue my meditation knowing that I can make changes in my life, a life filled with beauty and peace which is available to me.

    I look forward to reading Geeta Enlightened

  6. Tara

    I read this just now. Thank you! It is so inspiring.

  7. Paula

    i also read Geeta Enlightened an experienced the meaning of the book in my life. i read about offering fruits from mother earth rather than material riches expecting that in return.

    i wandered the streets of Athens while on a layover for work feeling sad about the homeless problems due to the economy. i felt with everything in me to give out food. i happened upon a farmer in the shopping district who piled a bag full of juicy cherries into a double bag.

    then i saw a man far away from the street uncontrollably flailing against the ground facing a building…smelling of urine…and i just started to divide up the bountiful cherries and placed it in front of his eyesight. he stopped to look at me from the ground and our eyes met. his eyes were a cool green and his smile revealed that half his teeth were gone and the other half were long from malnourishment.i just said “cherries”. and slowly walked away…i felt such compassion.. then i can’t explain it but i felt that every cell in my being vaporized into another reality…like passing through a torrential waterfall. it was just a few seconds but a glimpse into the power we can access through sahaja yoga, Geeta Enlightened and Shri Mataji’s teachings. that we can transmit self realization even through a glance. when i looked back at him wondering what had just happened.. i saw his body was no longer flailing around. he lay there peacefully.

    1. adrian

      The Truth…
      The Water…
      The Enlightenment.


      1. adrian

        Dear Paula,

        On a personal note and in relation to your story about the homeless man.

        The Truth, your Truth is represented in your describing your feelings of compassion towards this man… the sharing and the giving of fruits of life.

        The Water, is represented by your feelings of the “Torrential waterfall”, being felt as a vapor on your every body cell as being some essence of a new reality.

        The Enlightenment, is the essence of the power from within you… “the realization of Self”.

        Quite synchronistic, what you feel, think, say and do… your beingness.


  8. Anjali Gandhi

    Dear liz, I miss you…your letter and this article is so assuring as totally came to me at a time where I am so caught up with thoughts and stress about work. Thank you ioana and Liz. All my love

  9. Paula

    only now in this timeless article do I see a profound response from Adrian…thank you…much needed…you are more than ever, part and parcel of the whole.

  10. Anjali Gandhi

    Dear Paula, your story gave me so much hope. It is a true example of when we as sahaja yogis feel compassion and want to contribute or change something for the good, to spread love it works out miraculously. Liz s experience is a special gift that again confirms that we are connected to the divine power and it KNOWS us. Amazing.

  11. Jolanta

    I read with interest Liz’s e-mail, especially because it references work related problems and the way she deals with it.

    It reminds me of the latest CBC news story about the Governor General harassing and humiliating her employees, the “culture” of hypocrisy and intimidation in the workplace, and of my own work experience in a publicly funded educational institution where I was “subjected to a systematic pattern of harassment, contrary to the articles of the collective agreement as well as the provisions of the Ontario Human Rights Code”, as per union’s written statement.

  12. Ajay Nargas

    Amazing …brief excerpts from Geeta enlightened.
    Liz.. thank you for sharing your experience and views on Geeta . Now very keen to read this beautiful book .. truly Sahaj .

  13. Jolanta

    Shri Mataji explains in this brief talk, one of the main misinterpretations of Geeta – how people took to vegetarianism. My simple commentary, based on my life experience(s) is: many people have a tendency to twist the truth, do al kinds of stupid / evil things while others do nothing about it, even though they should. The latter (inaction/complicity) has always bothered me more. Thank you Shri Mataji for coming to this earth and travelling around the world to enlighten us, and thank you Ioana and SYMN in Halton, Niagara, Simcoe and the World for being Her capable instruments in sharing the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga.

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