Marta – I am set on an evolutionary path

I work as an architect and meditation has helped me a lot in my professional work with my attention and handling stress effectively. 

Marta – Croatian yogini & friend of our “SYMN” family
Marta by the cliffs

The experience of self realization through the Sahaja Yoga technique has set me on an evolutionary path I have sensed my whole life.

I can say I am a Seeker type of girl.

Truth, meaning, and evolution were always important themes in my life. It was hard for me to have a spiritual or religious practice that is discriminating.

Sahaja Yoga had finally embodied my eternal seeking.

I was that kid that asked our priest impossible questions.

The feeling of freedom was the most important emotion that kept me coming to free sahaja yoga meditation classes because I could learn the technique but also verify it experimentally and discriminate what I’ve felt, at the same time and it didn’t offer only one result.

At liberty to completely explore my existence and gain inner wisdom, some of long-time issues regarding fears, traumas, and attention, had cleared out. The best thing about it is that I forgot I’d even had them and I was able enjoy the Present.

I had started to enjoy Mother Nature immensely and recognize true beauty around me. Life had become real and palpable.

It is not perfect but it is real. In all the years practicing it was always hard to explain to somebody What a Meditation Really is ?!

I would say that it is something like starting to practice for a marathon but you didn’t even know you had legs. So, first you attain a new ability and with practice you start to enjoy your progress at your own pace and you are your only competition.

Even if you think you could not meditate, as many of my friends say, just give it a try few times and maybe you’ll get a new pair of ‘legs’ ?

Sahaja yoga also spreads collectively all over the world and in that manner we have met Paula and Carmela in Selce where we had some amazing meditations on the sandy beach ..

Croatian Yoginis meditating on the Selce beach with our dear Carmela in the middle .. There are online classes now in Croatia/ Hrvatska

and shared extraordinary meals prepared by Carmela.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Yogis-in-Carmelas-Garden-SEPT-2015.png
Jon from Halton Sahaja Yoga Family is joined by a lovely family from Nova Scotia- together enjoying Carmela’s proverbial hospitality in her Burlington based backyard .. on Canada Culture Days 2015 when Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Family celebrated 10 years of existence and was the featured exhibitor during these 3 special Days in our City.

Paula and Carmela are based in Burlington and are part of Burlington Halton sahaja yoga family that offers free courses as well.

Carmela is native to Selce but lives in Canada.

“Meditate Each Day, Keep the Pain Away”: watch CARMELA’s Testimonial 🙂

I have also attended class during my week in Malta where I’ve met Yulia and her husband in an extraordinary meeting with few yogis but strong meditation. I really like Malta and have wished to live there. It is a perfect combination of Italian, Arab and English influence. And I have meditated on the cliffs there. I have no proof because my friend took selfies while I’ve meditated. That was in 2016. and sadly Dwejra Azure Window is no longer there but it was amazing place to visit. I’ve been to Malta in 2009 and 2016.

I have traveled in Africa to Egypt in 2008, with my friends for almost a month. It is a beautiful country with great spices and cuisine. Best breakfast I’ve ever had was in a small place in Dahab. We ordered English breakfast and reordered it few more times in half an hour. The food was ok but the man that kept that place was super nice with a big smile. We were there during Ramadan and the serenity and hospitality was felt greatly. We had a feast with the locals in Cairo and the sweets they had were amazing. There is a similar kind of shop with Turkish delights in Zagreb with best baklava ever. Come and try it! Well, love for me does go through stomach but it stays on the top of my head (yes as a yogini my attention never leaves my crown – Sahasrara chakra) 🙂

I also love to cook and travel and I am a Star Trek fan.

I work as an architect and meditation has helped me a lot in my professional work with my attention and handling stress effectively.

It has also shifted my perspective to climate change impact in cities and I am currently studying more sustainable ways for future habitat in the cities.

A more holistic and collective approach to life isn’t option any more but a necessity. 

Note: Marta is from Croatia yet she became one with our Canadian “Halton Sahaj Family here” as we share the same wonderful sister yoginis – Paula (in the centre of the photo above among other Croatian yogini sisters and her mom Carmella. Marta often visits our blog and Paula is always telling us “sahaj stories” from Croatia. We are blessed to belong to such a wide network of true Seekers growing into Sahaja Yogis that together create a Global Enlightened Family 🙂

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  1. Isabelle

    So nice to see this. Paula and her mom Carmela are so dynamic that we are able to witness this. A desire that has been fulfilled.

  2. Jolanta

    Thank you for posting these great experiences of sharing the practice of Sahaja Yoga in other parts of the world. The photos are beautiful and depict genuine joy and peace.

  3. paula


    You are really one of the best people I have ever met! I feel so lucky to have finally connected with the Sahaja Yoga meditation classes in Rijeka and Pula where I finally got to know the depth and quality of meditating with you all by the Adriatic Sea.

    The high calibre of people practicing this wonderful meditation is another great reason to visit Croatia/Hrvatska. Together with you all, we lift each other up personally and spiritually. It is always joyful to meditate whether we are in Selce/Crikvenica in my mom Carmela’s village, Rijeka, Pula or anywhere we go!

    You have all organized international Sahaja Yoga seminars in our little village of Selce and invited people from all over the world. My grandmother Julka always loved collectivity and joy. Around Julka’s house, we pass that light of the spirit, and believe me, we carry the torch!

    I feel such a bond with you all. The warmth and family feeling makes me want to hop on a plane and see you all, as often as possible. I do not know what the future holds, but hopefully in a few months or less, I will jump seat over with my flight passes and return Carmela to Selce for the mid season.

    Just want to thank you all for coming into my life. Of course, there is no coincidence. I also learned a lot more about you in this article. You fascinate me Marta! I know you will infuse your inspirational, travel infused and sustainable ideas and talents into your architectural projects. Thank you for this beautiful testimonial. We will be in touch, as always. Proud to call you a sister-friend 🙂

    1. Marta

      Paulica!! I have forgot to mention our regular dinners in an indian restaurant while you were in Zagreb. I will cherish them forever ?? You remember that guy that took my chicken from the table while you were in the ladies room?!! ?So nice what you wrote about us…Family of strangers, closer than other humans just because we share the truth. So simple, love it!!! You know that word that starts with amaze…. ? Hope to see you soon and met some of Halton people too. Love from Croatia!!!

  4. Anjali

    So lovely to connect with you Marta. I love how you described this journey is like a competition with your own self and in the process so much of healing happens within us as we start to find “Truth, meaning, evolution”. Paula always shares about her beautiful experiences of meditating with you and others in Croatia and I start feeling coolness and goosebumps all over. thank you for this beautiful testimony and those amazing vibrant yet serene pictures

  5. Gratiela

    I AM HAPPY Marta to have you in our Sahaj family,
    with Carmela and Paula and to share our experiences.

  6. Rebecca

    What a delightful testimonial from Marta, sharing her journey through Sahaja Yoga and of the good times shared with two of our Yogini super stars, Paula and Carmella. The world becomes a lot smaller and more intimate through the beautiful, loving people we meet along our personal journeys. It is wonderful to share our mutual connectivity through Sahaja Yoga. Thanks for sharing your story with us Marta.

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