ThanksGiving to Enlightened Teachers on our Path towards Togetherness and Effortless Synthesis

The Enlightened Teachers

part of a Mohawk Thanksgiving Prayer – 

“We gather our minds to greet and

Thank the Enlightened Teachers who have come to help throughout the ages.

When we forget how to live in harmony,

they remind us of The Way we were instructed to live as people.

With One mind, we send greetings and thanks to these caring Teachers.

Now our minds are One.

Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

(remembered on Thanksgiving and Diwali)

My effort is to Synthesize the Whole World,
 not to divide, by no chance to divide,
only thing, whatever is wrong, 
whatever is unholy, has to be brought to your notice.”
Through Sahaja Yoga we can achieve this Togetherness, mutual love and affection,
 and Collective Consciousness will be established among us.
 We all will become One.
 Now, see that people have come here from different countries,
 who follow different religions
cannot be seen anywhere else. 
You will be surprised to see their Oneness. 
you will find that the disciples will always be fighting either among themselves
 or with the guru. 
But in Sahaja Yoga, when we become Self-realized
We are Drops in the Same Ocean in which All are United. 
“We face the agitation of the sea, go up, and come down and again go up
 This kind of Beautiful Society is being organized all by itself, 
(17.12.1998 —Lecture offered at a Public Program in Delhi, India)
 ** the photos are with the Team of Volunteers that remained long after our Navaratri public programs in Burlington to “wrap it up”;  Shri Mataji praised the beauty of the Canadian Fall so we felt to “sample it here”  with our readers while they absorb our Enlightened Teacher’s words of wisdon

Enjoy the Video created by a Young Sahaja Yogini from Burlington as a Thanks Giving to her Spiritual Teacher Shri Mataji; the Music was created by renowned Yogi Artists; make sure you Check the Four Articles shared in a Thanksgiving Bouquet by ‘The End’ and Drop a Comment we’d love to hear from you 🙂

VIDEO – Offering on Shri Mataji’s “Dust Particle” Poem

4 Spiritual Thanksgivings:  

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  1. Anjali Gandhi

    The quotes, the pictures of nature and our enlightened teacher are so palpable. I had a tough day today and this article on togetherness in Thanksgiving soothed me. I felt the love of our teacher and it bounces back to Her as it originates from Her. Thank you Shri Mataji. And thank you to the creator of this precious article. I look forward to celebrating the events mentioned in the poster.

  2. paula

    It is time to give thanks for the multitude of positive life changes that come from attending a single class, expanding into 11 years of growth. Looking forward to seeing those who are brand new, and those who recognized long ago, that collective meditation in Sahaja Yoga is a powerful force. Every week a new adventure in that expanding awareness that connects us to the entire cosmos…we are made of that stardust. The bliss that comes from “thoughtless awareness” and a guided meditation, a flute, pure intentions, mental silence, an enlightened teacher, is inspiring and humbling,it grants us true inner peace. From there, the joy bubbles to the surface, faces lit, hearts open, eyes smiling. To experience joy is our birthright, the joy of reaching the yoga state. It happens every week, and this week will be extra special. See you there!

  3. Niti

    This is realy a wondeful message about
    togetherness and paying gratitude to our prophets and teachers who came to earth to show us how to evolve.After coming to sahajyoga i came to know that how all religions ore connected together.This article is written beautifully and very simple to undestand.The poems and video are soothing .The pictures of trees in different colours in same season is itself giving the message of unity in diversity .This is the essance of Sahajyoga that being from different background they are together.Thanks to Shri Mataji to bring togetherness in whole world.

  4. Jolanta

    What a beautiful reminder of the reasons to be thankful for!

  5. helen

    So soothing and sharing such important information. What joy to read and surrender to–I read these a few more times!!
    The pictures are so calming!!

  6. Isabelle

    A few days ago It was suggested that we take turns to read the 108 thanks to Shri Mataji . The next morning online meditation was being song the 108 names in praise of Shri Mataji in a different language. I wanted to open the mantra book to find it and recap…. the book opened on that page. I was so thankful for these coincidences. A beautiful day unfolded being in the present with Mother Earth, Happy Thanks giving..

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