(CRA’s … Thank you Letter) Sahaja Yoga Meditation @ Canada Revenue Agency’s Health Fairs (Toronto and Barrie) in 2015

Sign at BICL Event

CRAThank you Letter for Barrie

Photo - Peter from Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Lunch and Learn CRA - October 10 2013

Other Organizations Appreciate Sahaja Yoga Meditation Workshops – too!

(click!) Letter from Canadian Mental Health Association for “Morning Inner Peace Workshop with Sahaja Yoga Meditation

(click!) CRA Thanks for Lunch & Learn Program


Words of Wisdom on Peace

"Inner Peace transmitters" - Brother sahaja yogi and Sister sahaja yogini from Burlington - Free Sahaja Yoga meditation class “The first and foremost thing, the essence of that, is peace. The peace has to be within, to begin with. You have to be peaceful within yourself. If you are not peaceful, if you are playing tricks with your ego, if you are just satisfying yourself, saying that you are peaceful, you are sadly mistaken. Peace is to be enjoyed within yourself. It is to be felt within yourself. So do not give wrong satisfactions to yourself. Do not give false notions to yourself. Don’t cheat yourself.

Peace has to be felt within yourself and if you are not feeling that, you shouldn’t come and ask me, “Mother, why am I not feeling it?” because I am not going to tell you that something is wrong with you. You have to work it out that you  should feel peaceful within yourself.
It is not that you have too much of silence outside, you feel peaceful. The peace has to be within yourself.
You have it. Your spirit is absolutely peaceful, ‘avyagra’, – without restlessness. There’s no restlessness in your spirit, absolutely peaceful and steady. It is for you to feel it. It is not for anybody else to certify you… Only the peace within can register whatever is auspicious, whatever is nourishing for your growth. So try to make peace with yourself. Do not fight with yourself… “ 
Shri Mataji – founder of sahaja yoga meditation( excerpt from a 1985 discourse )


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