(Essential VIDEOS) Reaching the Doubtless Awareness State through VIRATA above Throat Chakra – SAM’s SAHAJ GURU Presentation – Inspired Artwork – ATTENTION Improving Workshop on VISHUDDHI + AGNYA CHAKRAS with Shri Mataji

Prepare to be Surprised by Sam

Sam at Webster Falls -2013

Sam’s TestimonialSahaj Guru Game:  VISHUDDHI (Throat) Chakra

hint: watch till the end how it evolves into an amazing artwork with connections to Shri Krishna… Enjoy!


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Reaching the Doubtless awareness with Meditation via Kundalini Awakening

“…The last is the Virat. That is the state you have to reach…Once you get into Virata, then all your ideas of separating, or differentiating goes out. You do not have any more ideas of races left, of nationality, of your city, of your village, or anything. At that stage, you don’t belong to any place. You belong to every place and you don’t belong to every place… Nothing bothers you because you are in the Virata state. Because everything is absorbed by the Virata … you do not feel anything. Whatever sort of person you may be, you do not feel it. The Virata has to suffer, not you, and that is what is the best state where I want all of you to reach and to become absolutely free. Nothing can impress you. Nothing can influence you, nothing can dissuade you, but you stand on your self esteem and understanding about yourself, that you are a Sahaja Yogi and that you are connected with this power, and you are a citizen of Kingdom of God (at the level of Sahasrara /Crown chakra)…

Daisy -by Shulin
Daisy from Webster Falls – photo by Shulin (16 years old meditator from Burlington – participant to Youth De-Stress Program with Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Halton)

“The whole attention should move like that: ‘This is not only mine, it is everybody’s. It belongs to everyone. Everybody has a right.’ That sort of a thing, when it starts growing from individual, what we call vestiti tu sumestiti in Sanskrit, which is from Individual to Collective. Such a personality is then the most effective one for any kind of collective work…So we must try to rise above the Vishuddhi (known as throat chakra), the discretion part, then at that point we can never doubt Sahaja Yoga, can never doubt, and that’s how the doubtless awareness can come to us.”

** The above 2 short excerpts represent quotes from Shri Mataji’s talk to yogis gathered together during the International Shri Krishna Seminar, Aug 16th 1992, Cabella, Italy. Specifically these 2 excerpts I felt that illustrate very well the Virata state where doubtless awareness can be achieved – the state that Sam seemed to have  experienced on her journey with sahaj guru game 🙂

Sam with Yogini friends at Webster Falls - summer 2013
Sam with Yogini friends (Kathleen, Helen and Ping) at Webster Falls – summer 2013 – during the Sahaj Togetherness weekend. There were many more; we enjoyed a beautiful meditation by the river .. a foot-soak in the river with chakra cleansing and an awesome picnic; we had yogi friends joining from Hamilton, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Brampton and even from USA (!). That’s what we call an example of Collectivity 🙂

Attention Improving Workshop for Vishuddhi and Agnya Chakras with Shri Mataji


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  1. Bhanori

    Such a lovely and openhearted way to learn about the quality of the Vishuddhi chackra. Well spoken Sam!

  2. Gabriel

    Nice class ,well presentation and inspired draw .Keep going !

  3. Marlene Huneault

    I was sorry to have missed Sam’s presentation but viewing this video I could feel great vibration. She looked so relaxed and I have definitely noticed how Sammy has blossomed but this presentation showed a beautiful confident young women and her artwork was amazing. Good work Sammy we are all very proud of your spiritual progress and your artwork reflects your beautiful spirit.

  4. Kakoli Dutta

    Sam’s presentation of the picture gave me goosebumps and vibrations were flowing so much!

  5. Anjali

    Dear Sam,
    We absorbed so much from your presentation. and the art work was so deep with so many little sahaj details and many of us just could not take our eyes off of it! You emit so much love and openness and I have seen so many beautiful transformations in you. Your spirit is shining and reflecting off of you.
    Thank you for your presentation. Love,

  6. Kruti

    Nice presentation. Loved the picture. It had so many lovely sahaj details.Thanks for sharing Sam.

  7. Colleen Burgess

    Fantastic!! When I was there this brought tears to my eyes, how often do most parents get to see their childs first presentation. I’m so proud of you!! I love you Sam.

    1. isabelle

      Amazing and so joyful to watch. When we are not collective we all lose. It is very nice to see the gifts that each on of us has to offer. Sam, you have brought so much to our collective and made us grow, thank you for your gifts. Very sweet Colleen…..your comment brought tears to my eyes.

  8. Paula

    So proud of you Sam! It is amazing what you have shared, from personal evolution through meditation and introspection, to exploring your reason for choosing vishuddhi chakra through vibrations. Your art was so inspiring, you have immense talent, lit up by the spirit in you! Your mom Colleen is a deep seeker and meditator and has done such a great job of raising you. Now you are getting your wings and you have the gravity of being your own guru. Was so lucky to witness your first presentation, and all your revelations you discovered upon reflecting from your higher self.

  9. Sunita Prasai

    Sam, i enjoyed your words so much, it was so beautiful, and the way you spoke laughed and talked about lord Krishna made my tears flow with joy. you have learned so much about vishuddi chakra and Shree Krishna in such a small period of time, it shows how much you are really enthusiastic and hungry about being the part and parcel of the whole my dear sister and you deserve it. May you be the divine instrument (murli) of Shree Matajee so that She can express divine Love through you.

  10. Jon

    Sam, I just enjoyed the video from the class again. The vibrations from your presentation are very strong! Thanks for sharing your experience and your art work during the Sahaj Guru Game! See you Monday at the Youth Program in Oakville!

  11. Vivek

    A picture is worth a thousand words and that’s what Sam’s painting has shown me.

    Artists, scientists etc. often get their inspirations from the Unconscious and these inspirations translate into great works.

    But when an artist is connected to the Unconscious, paintings like Sam’s are works that ordinary people like me get to see and marvel at.

    A big thanks to all those brothers and sisters who have made and maintain this wonderful website! Sitting in India, I can enjoy the little things that goes on in my Sahaj family in Canada. Thanks once again!

  12. Purnima

    Thank you Sam for your openhearted,sharing of your spiritual journey with us,a true vishuddhi experience and your artwork is inspiring to me as I also have embarked on this creativity since I came to Sahaja Yoga only starting the art in my 60’s.The Guru game will be a very interesting experience for us and our newcomers.Love and best wishes in your journey within and without,Your Auntie Purnima from The Land of Shri Ganesha

  13. Jolanta

    Thank you very much for sharing these videos.

  14. kavitha

    Thanks Sam for sharing your sahaja Journey. Very inspirational and helpful in my quest about Vishuddhi chakra through sahaja guru game. The sahaja artwork you presented was very beautiful . Hope you create and enjoy many more such art work.

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