Tales of Cats and Dogs that Love to Meditate

Discover Pets that Love to Meditate – Meet Romeo, Jingle, Maxi, Kaafi and Snowball from Canada in these Tales of Cats and Dogs

Kaafi (named after an Indian classical music raga – melodic composition) enjoying a SYMN Meditation Session

Romeo and Mother Earth – Letter from Kavita (Tales of an Inspiring White Cat)

“Hi Ioana

It is with great love and gratitude I wanted to share my experience of Sahaja yoga principle of Mother Earth.
My connection with Mother Earth has been great recently. The big part of this is my dear cat Romeo who makes it compulsory for me to go into the garden since he wants to hangout there. So I go out. Observe and cherish the flowers, sit on the grass – and enjoy. Of course the bird chirping joins us. As Shri Mataji would say pets have the innocence and connection. My attention on Romeo and Romeo’s attention on garden and my family members engagement also has led to many plants planted today. This was also a pure desire to have some colorful flowers in my garden. And it manifested right away as we got so many beautiful pots with flowers.

I imagined Shri Mataji walking around the flowers.

Jai Shri Mataji! With Love

Kavita from Burlington, Halton, Canada

The Love of Romeo for Vibrations and Shri Mataji (Tales of a Meditative Cat)

It happened on a Sunday when we again, felt amazingly tuned to the Divine and to the Sangha (Collective of Yogis) around the world. Here In Burlington we gathered to meditate on the primordial Guru Principle, therefore we offered a puja for Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya. As always, there were established yogis as well beginners from our Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes offered in the Halton and Niagara regions of Canada. Actually this event was hosted for the first time in Kavita’s new home and we also have first timers to such a going deeper seminar. Also we had visitors from around the world joining us there. It’s interesting that Kavita received as a gift a huge photograph of Shri Mataji that Shri Mataji herself recommended to be used in order for us to introspect and correct ourselves. The photograph will act like a mirror to our internal state.

We might see her smiling from the photo or maybe looking very sharp, even frowning at us. During this puja many of us were talking that from that huge photograph is felt like Shri Mataji was there in person, guiding us at every step. With no “minute coordination” or “tasks”, everything came together and so many flowers were brought

and as always an amazing potluck too! In my heart there was a strong desire to offer many flowers, but did not say that to anyone and some of us were busy offering rides to our visitors and bringing everything else required for this event, but did not stop to buy flowers. But others did answer the silent yet powerful call of my heart! During the puja preparations in which everyone was involved, the room’s vibrations were transformed. The hosting family was so loving and welcoming! During that entire seminar we felt as it was our ashram , as we feel every time we have a collective gathering in Halton at somebody’s home. There was such silence by the end, we did not want to move. Some had family burdens and ardent obligations but nobody even thought of moving. A beginner told me how impressed she was about the deep silence that we shared spontaneously. Our usually jolly and talkative yogis would just fell into this Collective Absorbing Silence. It was an extraordinary experience especially that in that room were people from “everywhere” and new to each other as well some still new to Sahaja Yoga and definitely new to being part of a puja event. We also noticed the beautiful cat Romeo and we were told that he does not like to be in the basement but he was extremely friendly to all of us. After the event the hostess sent me these pictures with the following note and the two photos (from the basement where the gathering happened):

Romeo found at the altar in the basement (where he usually avoids to go)

“”Thank you! Dear Sahaja yogis for blessing our home and beautiful seminar. We are drenched in the strong cool breeze. Stay connected. Our cat Romeo want to NOT leave the altar. He wants just to be at the lotus feet of Shri Mataji“.

from Ioana and Kavita (Burlington)
Romeo had been caught meditating right after humans’ meditation ended! He wanted to be 1 on 1 with the Source and was bathing in vibrations!

Wisdom from Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

“The third power of the Almighty is the Virāta form, the power of Virāta because of which creatures are born in this world. They achieve their evolution. Animals evolve into humans and humans [Mānav] evolve into super humans [Ati mānav]and the super humans evolve into the Almighty [Parmātma]. 

This (evolutionary) power of Virat  is known as Mahalakshmi in Sahaja Yoga. 

The Mahalakshmi power (the power with which human beings achieve their evolution) ensures Her work is well organized for living beings. She makes so many selections, makes several choices and ascends the deserving people, deserving animals to a certain level of evolution. But a human being gets complete freedom to achieve that state so that in his consciousness, in his awareness, he can seek his evolution and know how he has achieved his evolution. An animal can’t think about its evolution, but a human can think about it, can see it and can know it too when these vibrations start flowing through his hands. The destination has arrived. You all have reached courtyard. How easy and Sahaja is all this. But humans have really complicated themselves too much. It becomes very difficult for a human being to live with simplicity and innocence.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (speech in Mumbai, India on January 21st, 1975)

Snowball from Saskatchewan loves to Meditate, says Rajinee

Rajinee‘s meditative dog is Snowball from Saskatchewan – Canada

Dear Ioana,
This is Snowball!!!! He loves to meditate with me, while I am in meditation, he allows no one to enter the room I’m in.  He will sit and guard and doesn’t leave my side until I am done, he sometimes also drinks the water I need to rinse my feet with after the foot-soak🙂  

email from Rajinee sahaja yogini from our SYMN online family

What about the Grand Puppy Jingle?! She knows how helpful is the vibrated water!

I have a passion for stones from Mother Earth and they help me with my meditations. I placed on the table with Shri Mataji a crystal as well as a master rose quartz (representing the heart chakra) an amethyst healing angel and a stone in the shape of a heart which I received at a beautiful wedding many years ago. I usually have two candles lit when meditating since I use one specifically for clearing my left channel every day. You will note that on the floor in front of my plants is a picture of Mother Mary with a second glass container of water for vibrating, as I use this water for so many things. 

You will also see my grand puppy, Jingle, standing beside my shrine. She is very much attracted to the vibrated water😜 Jingle is 13 years old and full of love and energy. I am sure that the vibrated water is helping her stay young and frisky. I am going to start drinking a lot more myself😉.

Jingle meditates with me every day too, and you already know that she prefers the vibrated water to the water in her bowl in the kitchen😇.

Email received from Rebecca, who joins our online meditation classes from Oakville, Halton, Ontario, Canada

Other Pets that Love vibrations (all from Halton Yogis)

Here’s Yogi Kaafi with kumkum on his nose because he sniffed our forehead (says Shivangna). Also, we all witnessed that Kaafi who loves to bark, stays completely quiet for hours enjoying the vibrations emitted by our collective meditation sessions. Sometimes when we have seminars with chakra workshops, or pujas and even havans when there many loud mantras are uttered – Kaafi is completely quiet and sweet, that we even forget he is still among us!

Maxi is new to Sahaja Yoga, extremely very curious and very loving with all yogis! He was also born in March 2021 like his yogi brother Kaafi.
Sigal is telling us that these are her meditation companions every day! and that “They love meditation as much as I do!”. They even listen to Shri Mataji’s talks and LOVE to BE in complete thoughtless awareness.
Ana-Bianca with a friend’s sweet dog, ready to join the outdoors’ meditation event?!

Selfies with Deers – Innocence from Ireland (video)

Plus Q & A with Yoga Master on Animals’ Language & Myths

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Dog-Trust-by-Omar.jpg
Photo from an international Sahaja Yoga Meditation seminar in Italy where yogis joined with their trustful companions.

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  1. Kathleen

    I love these animal pet stories from yogis!! Animals are so connected and so innocent and full of love. It’s good to learn about the power of Virata and evolution, and how Shri Mataji explains about the Mahalakshmi power that we Sahaja Yogis are capable of attaining.

  2. Niti

    So cute article about the meditating pets ,It is amazing to see how they feel the vibration and the power of meditation.I enjoyed all the stories
    Of these innocent animals.


    Divine Pets …

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