Sharing the Collective Joy with RUMI’s Sufi Poetry and Iranian Dance in Burlington Today’s News

We are Sharing the Collective Joy Experienced in Burlington with the Public Meditation Program based on Sufi Poetry, Life Flute Music and Iranian Dance offered by the 100 Seeds of Joy team

Article published in the Burlington local media by the reporter that joined the Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network event
Photos that appeared in the Burlington news, as well collected from the participants to this wonderful public Canada Day event in Burlington

Glimpses from related SUFI events where our Meditation instructors from SYMN were invited

We have a tradition in offering free cultural and wellness events in the Halton region.

Sufi poetry and music focused events were brought into the public attention by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network via a series of Art and Spirituality workshops we created with help from talented yogi artists. Such events were presented in Burlington and Oakville, and we intend to revive our initiative in 2024.

In fact, for many years our volunteer instructors from FREE Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network were invited as special guest to the Adam’s Day SUFI Azeemi ‘s annual event. It was both a joy and an honour.

Let us share with you the video below, as well the Youtube Playlist dedicated to such SUFI events.

(video) Adam’s Day Meditation on the Common Tree with Ioana from SYMN with SUFI AZEEMI

Let’s continue with the Article about the latest 100 Seeds of Joy celebrating Canada Day through this creative multicultural wellness community event. Enjoy the photos and the videos shared further below!

Our 100 Seeds of Joy team’s successful efforts became visible in the Burlington Today’s News

Right above are images posted in the Local media by the reporter that captured these moments during our 100 Seeds of Joy event

On Saturday, June 29th, 2024 our volunteers from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network offered the third free wellness workshop in the community as part of their special Meditation Marathon for Canada Day weekend.

This workshop had a SUFI theme, including cultural aspects from middle East, specifically Iranian Dance, as well we experienced a Meditation that intertwined elements of SUFI poetry, as well live bamboo Flute music. Beautiful!

It was lovely to see that at least five Iranian seekers joined from Hamilton and beyond, and based on their feedback they enjoyed very much their first ever experience with Sahaja Yoga Meditation!

Prepared by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team from Halton (stay tuned more events will come)
100 Seeds of Joy team brings Sufi poetry, Iranian Dance and life flute meditation to Burlington during the Canada Day 2024 celebrations.

If you missed the event, you can still dance with us! Follow these video-clips!

After the profound meditation, we also learned more about the profound Sufi wisdom and listened to the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. By the end we concluded with a multi-cultural community potluck. We were impressed by the new Iranian friends who brought traditional Iranian dishes (home cooked), even though they never joined our events before. It was lovely!

Some participants stayed until the very end to learn two dances specific to some areas from Iran and Azerbaijan.

Make sure that you go through the entire article to see as well the amazing “signs in the sky” related to this event!

Watch this Collection of video clips with traditional Iranian Rhythms we tried during our Sufi event. Join in!

Video with more Dance Steps from the Azher & Iranian group dance

More videos to enjoy, Special Photos and Information related to our Event:

It was meant to happen this SUFI Persian Event as it was also Approved by the Skies Above

We are used to such amazingly deep connection with Mother Nature, when after or before our spiritual events we notice Her cooperation and serendipity signs being manifested for our enjoyment.

On Saturday, July 29th, 2024, right after the Sufi Iranian (Persian) culturla and spiritual event offered by our 100 Seeds of Joy team, we had a private family activity in the same Burlington neigbourhood. This when Ioana noticed the clear profile of Shri Zarathustra (or Zoraster) in the sky. It was absolutely astonishing. Even more, one more familar with the Hindu mythology can observe the shape of Shri Ganesha, the elephant headed child that symbolized the eternal child within us; always inocently enjoying the music and dance that brings people together as a beautiful community. I guess we just delivered that: positive energy for our Burlington Community and we were gifted these signs of “approval” from “above”. Thank You!

Before saying our Good Byes enjoy a few more positive echoses from this Free Canada Day event

We offer out thanks to our Burlington Community, including the participants coming from various towns across the Halton , Niagara and Hamilton areas; even from further in Ontario. Special thanks to Peter from Burlington Today news for unexpectedly attending our special Canada Day event, joining our Sufi poetry and flute music based meditation, for taking such beautiful photos and sharing them with our beloved Burlington community.

Our big thanks go to the Iranian yogis, to Afshin and Zohreh that had the patience of teaching us such joyful traditional dances. Also to Shivangna who once more offered us the treat of listening to live flute music during our meditation.

Also Thank You to those that contributed to another amazing Potluck, enjoyed by everyone; we had participants orginally from Romania, Phillipines, India, Croatia, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Canada, and of course from Iran. As Rumi says about the roses, we are ending this article with a bouquet of roses from Ioana’s garden; feel their spirituality, they are imbibed with our Creator’s Love.

Ioana’s roses have heart shaped petals, a sweet gentle fragrance and are inducing a state of meditation — don’t you agree?!

Happy Canada Day to Everyone with wishes of Peace and Love in the whole World

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Drop a nice comment if you wish. Thank You.

photo from Ioana (Burlington, June 29th, 2024)

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  1. Adina

    The community spirit shines through these beautiful dances! And the appearance of Shri Zarathustra’s profile in the sky that evening is truly amazing! ❤️

  2. Kavita

    This is so beautiful and amazingly done article capturing the essence of Sahajayoga. The team of 100 seeds of Joy is just exceptional. They are giving, caring and loving from the heart. Bringing the much needed message of peace and joy for the community and doing that day after day. So many events and so much effort. The spiritual masters in this article ate blessing all of us.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Paula

    Zoroaster seemed to approve this peaceful and culture filled celebration of Rumi’s poetry, open and awakened hearts to setting in motion peace in the world. I didn’t see the resemblance till you posted his image side by side! What a sign from the universe! The dances were quite beautiful to participate in and reminded me of my days in Croatian folklore classes in Oakville. I can so appreciate this art form and the joy it brings. We couldn’t stop smiling! The flute was a welcome surprise to the guided meditation and I felt good energy flowing all around and through me. So many efforts from so many nations to celebrate our similarities and differences and come together on the point of making this world a better place by establishing ourselves as realized souls, meditators who practice the yoga connection. Together we share joy and sprinkle it with our good thoughts, good words and good deeds. Can’t wait for the next event and class!

  4. Ritika

    Love how the team of 100 seeds of joy celebrates diversity❤️ celebrating, enjoying each and every moment

  5. Gratiela

    It was a special event.I really enjoyed to learn an Iranian dance.So much joy to see the pictures now.I see that the sky participated too.

  6. NITI

    Sufism is well explained in the speech given by Ioana,and the meditation which is common tree of spirituality in all religion and faith.There is no peace outside if there is no peace inside,well said in speech and to get that state we all have to reach our soul,that is the fundamental thing in all the religion,Thankyou for the great efforts,you put on to show all of us this great sufism among all of us,and generating deep respect for sufism.Shri Zarathustra pic in the sky is full of vibrations and seems like the nature is also bestowing blessing on all its creation,Dance videos and others pictures are really wonderful. Thanks again to you and the entire team.

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