Serendipity Story with Rare Phenomenon

Serendipity Story with Rare Phenomenon: The Sun Halo as Whirling Rainbow

These sneakers were my birthday present; I did not get even to click the heels three times on my 1st walk with them,
when the Skies opened above me .. literally :-).

My “Sun Day” Sunday

You can learn and watch how an ordinary (yet gorgeous) sunny Sunday of May brought to life the “Magic of Serendipity” in front of our eyes ! You will witness how the Sky came watchfully closer to Earth through a rare phenomenon.

Here it comes the story of our recent encounter with the the Sun Halo as Whirling Rainbow.

On the glorious sunny Sunday of May 15th, 2022 a few remarkable things happened. The day began at 4 AM with the “Cool Garden” international meditation group. Somebody from our Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation team was invited to facilitate that session. Spontaneously, the chosen theme became: “ParamchaitanyaReach to the Awareness and Oneness with the Divine Vibrations of God’s Love”.

Around lunchtime we decided to go by the Lake in Burlington. Once we opened the door of our home, the little garden smiled to us, dressed up in a vibrant green with splashes of red and yellow flames and sprinkles of white and blue. So many flowers were sharing this “Cool Garden” kingdom in complete harmony! That did not prevent the tulips to show-off and do their Spring Dance in complete stillness. Check them out:

Tulip from our garden – photo from that morning

When we reached out by the Burlington Waterfront there were so many more gardens to admire and other tulips as brazenly happy and strong as their sisters living ‘with us’ back home.

Once we took the first steps through the Spencer Smith Park we followed the beautiful blue skyline and somehow there was a spiral made of clouds pointing further upwards. Our eyes followed it and all of a sudden I felt compelled to “look up”, just above our heads. The sight was almost frightening through its surprising close proximity and sheer vastness.

(VIDEO#1) Watch our “Sun Halo Swirling Rainbow” Experience

“Nature speaks in magical and mysterious ways if we are willing to listen. The Native Americans say it is a sign of change, they call it a Whirling Rainbow.”

Quotes connecting to “Paramchaitanya” and the actual “Sun Halo encounter”

“Whole thing is a Play of the Sun, whether it’s a mirage, whether it’s water, whether it’s the Sun. In the same way this Paramchaitanya acts. What we get lost is (in our awareness) that we are Paramchaitanya, that’s why the Divine Play starts ..”

“Thus, we understand one thing clearly that we are in Paramchaitanya, we are made by Paramchaitanya, all the time we are surrounded by it, only thing is, we are sometimes lost in the folds.”

excerpt from Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – August 1989 in Switzerland
William Blake’s painting – The Announcement to the Shepherds

Unawareness versus Awareness

“Why we are lost is because of our own unawareness! This awareness has to come: that we are part and parcel of that Paramchaitanya. The whole thing is called as ChittaVilasa.. is the playful enjoyment of God’s Attention.

excerpt from Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – August 1989 in Switzerland

Coincidences or the Law of Serendipity enacted through Pure Knowledge – Natural versus Unnatural

Same tulip from our garden was brought inside the house and offered to the meditation alter next to the photograph of Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

“Everything happens just the way Paramchaitanya knows. It understands, it organises, it loves, it does everything! That’s the energy it is: It does everything. It manages what we call ‘coincidences are really organised by Paramchaitanya.

As I told you, yesterday, the way the rain came and went away. It has wisdom, innately it knows I am sitting here, that the program is going to start, it stops. Flowers know me. You don’t know when we have flowers, they are of this [large] size. I don’t do anything to them, they start growing, growing like that, they blossom like this.

Now, one would say: “Mother, how do they know?” Because they are natural!

We are unnatural; we have taken so many artificialities that are part and parcel of our life. See, all sorts of courtesies, this, that.

All that‘s not necessary, all these stupid practices that we have adopted sometimes keep us away from Pure Knowledge. And when there is no pure knowledge, we don’t know anything what’s happening, we just get frightened for small things, upset for some other things..

First of all, you have to become wise enough to understand that you are a part and parcel of Paramchaitanya. Everything will work out by that, and it works out so beautifully. Of course some people have a hard time, I don’t say that they don’t have. But it is not hard, because, if you are one with Param Chaitanya, and you know that It is doing the job, you are not feeling that hardness or sickness or anything. It knows: It knows what is to be done, It knows what is to be corrected, It knows what is to be said. See, It can create poetry, It can create music, It can create everything. So the wisdom lies in understanding the working of Param Chaitanya, how It guides you, how It helps you, how It preserves you.”

excerpt from Shri Mataji,: “Lecture on Sahasrara Chakra” in 1999

(VIDEO#2) Let’s learn “Everything” about “Paramchaitanya”

(click) The Subtle Origin and Paramchaitanya Definitions & The Order of the Five Elements Within

Hope you’ve enjoyed this story – Feel free to drop a comment to share your impressions or experiences 🙂

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  1. Isabelle

    yes. it is a rare . last time I saw this was 10 years ago about the same time of year… early May. I took so many pictures for I felt it was auspicious. I was looking for a class in my area and thought it was a good sign when I saw the sky full of rainbows.

  2. Antoinette Wells

    Thank you for your beautiful blog! And the wonderful serendipity! (I also call it the Leela of the Divine!)

  3. Kruti

    It brings so much joy to see this type of rare phenomena in nature once in a while! The vibrations are beautiful of this article. Thank you for capturing and sharing this amazing experience. It assures us that there is still hope for better future!

  4. Rabi Ghosh

    Beautiful write up with eventful reporting. It was joy to read and watch. The writing itself took me there.
    Thank you Ioana. Extraordinary phenomenon indeed while joy doubled.

  5. Ews

    Beautiful story

  6. G. Obi

    Fantastic writing and blend with Shri Mataji’s talks! Very joy giving and full of vibrations plus the wisdom of life! Nature and the beauty it showers on us is to be appreciated but it only happens when we are aware otherwise, it is lost on us! Thank you!

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