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“Your task is not to seek for Love,  but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

– Jalal ad-Din Rumi (a 13th-century Persian poet and Sufi mystic -> a Self realized soul)

 We intend to offer you a special experience during this Free Public Program that is Open to All. We are also offering some samples in the videos shared below from the Public Program with Anandita Basu: “Hearts in Blossom with Meditation, Music and Dance”.  Go through what’s shared further in this article to feel how Rumi (Persian poet and Sufi realized soul) had inspired our event and how Sahaja Yoga Meditation can prove Rumi’s wisdom at the level of  chakras.
Also do not miss a vibrational taste of a Prayer for the World  during a Gentle Guided Meditation for a SUFI EVENT

“Everyone is overridden by Thoughts;
that’s why they have so much Heartache and sorrow.” – – Jalal ad-Din Rumi

Yes, with Sahaja Yoga Meditation we are able to reach the level of Thoughtless Awareness – the space where hearts can be cured of Heartaches and Sorrow. Read further how, in the following quote from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi’s lectures.
Sahaj--Valentine-Chakra workshop2014
“Sahaja Yoga is a very big subject…. This is the one by which you get your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual integration because all the centres come into play and enlightenment into all the four aspects of your life, into the totality, so that you feel your wholesomeness in collective consciousness. Now it is quite complicated sentence I have said, in short, but if you have any problem about it, you can ask me without any fear because I am your [spiritual] mother. You have felt my love, but your love must also be felt. Because God is Love, so your love must be felt by others. Others must feel that you are compassionate, loving, understanding. All the time this will of God is flowing through you and you have to work it out in such a manner that people should know that you are a saint, that this power is flowing through you.
 “…What you’ve got out of it is the essence of it, one has to know, is a complete freedom, you have achieved your complete freedom.
 Once you are a Realized soul (with Kundalini energy completely awakened) you have all the control, all the powers to take your soul wherever you feel like; to be born if you like, if you don’t want, you will not be born. You must know your position as eternal being, what is your work, what is your idea, what you have to do.
You can do what you like because you only like that is righteous, that is good, that is constructive, that is helpful. Now you are so powerful that nothing can stick to you. That is the purity of your character that has come up. What gives me the greatest enjoyment is to see how you love each other, care for each other, joke with each other, and dance with each other. When a drop becomes the ocean, it has become the ocean but it’s not the drop anymore. This is what you have – a very great, generous, beautiful, dharmic Heart – you have got it – as a present from the Divine and which you must respect. You should be proud of and enjoy it – as you should enjoy your generosity, you should enjoy the way all this nature is enjoying itself.”
—  Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi –  the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation
Rumi Quote on Louise photo

(video) Azeemi Sufi Event in Canada – Sahaja Yoga Message with Prayer Meditation


(click!) Ayesha’s Amazing Meditation experience at Burlington class on Valentine’s Day!

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Roses received by Ioana on her birthday – such surreal beauty

Feel the amazing collective joy on Colombian rhythms with Anandita Basu as a special guest of Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation team’s program in Burlington.

Before having all that fun, the participants were guided with love to introspect, kind of seeking and discovering inside themselves possible barriers that were built against the heart chakra (subtle energy centre) that represents the abode of Love within each of us. We will learn in detail during our Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes about the characteristics of various “kinds of hearts” we have, and how the barriers grow within and how these barriers can be removed. Drop a comment if you like!

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  1. Nidia Hernández

    Thank you for all your love. The work you do without borders is fruitful and really helps a lot of people.

  2. Lindsay


    I would like to possibly bring 2 other people or for sure just one other to the Wednesday Feb 12th evening. I have never come to your meditations but have been practicing on and off for years. Will this be alright? For sure it will be Lindsay and Nancy and possibly Andrew.

    Thank you so much.

    1. Ioana

      Hi Lindsay it was so nice that we also had the chance to talk with each other over the phone. Yes, please join us, I am looking forward to meeting you (and your friends) in person. Yours, Ioana

  3. paula

    A few days ago on the plane, my colleague confided she had a headache, but always on the left side of her head. I explained that in terms of yoga, the left side of the head is the ego, the residue from an overactive, overplanning, overthinking right channel we all have inside of us. Like all of us sometimes feel, it is hard to let go and surrender the outcome of our tremendous plans. If we were the creator, then everything would go exactly according to our plans. So since things don’t always go they way we “think” it will, we have a sense that what we “think is possible,” is limited. But with an enlightened brain, getting the yoga, we become “unlimited.” And if she would meditate with me for 5 minutes, and get her self-realization, then she could get back into the centre, the balance. About an hour later, she said she was ready. We asked “am I the pure spirit?” with hand on our heart,and then she asked to give her self realization with hand on her fontanelle bone. Then I did a 5 minute workshop on her to raise her kundalini. What happened next was another miracle, proof again and again, that this is a living force, and that we are all connected. I showed her how to clear her own right channel, and her own “right sided” thoughts (go,go go type personality).As we talked I told her I felt what she felt in a flash on my ego, then as I told her she felt her head tingling on the same side. She was amazed. On her way to the parking lot in the wee hours of the morning, her head got lighter until the headache was completely gone. She had enlisted a Captain to accompany her to her car in case she needed a boost for her car battery, and even though she had been boosting for several days, that morning, her car started completely on its own. She completely recognized the connection and received that protection. Again, I did nothing, I am just the instrument,passing on the light. But as soon as we balance ourselves, the headache goes away, the car starts, and we feel grateful and amazed. I was so happy for her, so happy every time to witness so many miracles…in my life…and see others transform when they get their self realization…and get that yoga connection. I completely enjoyed the joy she felt. She even related that feeling to something she felt when she heard monks singing. The vibrations were palpable. It was an “AHA” moment.
    It reminds me of the talk from Shri Mataji that we listened to at Christmas…about removing the cause, then there is no effect! With Sahaja Yoga, taught by Shri Mataji, we learn to remove the causes,the blockages to our happiness, and make room for more joy in the present. The cause of the headache was removed, then the limitations of the car, also removed, in one miraculous connection! She facebooked me and told me, her car has not needed a boost since! This is the power of Sahaja Yoga meditation. So on that note…

    I wouldn’t miss this Valentine’s day, and connecting with my spirit, and recommend anyone new try it for your self, your higher self, and prepare to be amazed. Everyone is always welcome!

    1. Colleen

      Can’t wait to see you Paula!! We miss you!! Love this article, thank you Ioana. 🙂

    2. adrian

      “your task is not to seek Love”

      Simply “Be” love.

    3. Debbie

      Thanks for sharing and for being an instrument. See you Wednesday.

    4. Howard Swinson

      Such a joyful story Paula…thanks for sharing. Regarding headaches, I can truthfully say I cannot remember when I last had one (it has been at least 14 years). Before Sahaja Yoga entered my life, I had them regularly.

  4. Brenda

    ‘You are not a drop in the ocean, you are an entire ocean in a drop’ – RUMI

    Many thanks for this article as the wisdom shared is beyond inspirational…

    Thanks as well to Paula for sharing her divine story…

    Looking forward to the Valentine’s celebration as well and to spending time with everyone…

  5. Haliun

    always get fully transformed and enjoy every bit of your articles, brings real joy and love inspirations,
    Whenever i read and always 🙂 even after hard day.
    Love to you all, for your remarkable work of Love <3

  6. Shuuy

    😀 Right on! Feeling achy heart lately.

    1. Shuy

      Haha… While it’s still sort of aching I also feel the force of love that’s dusting away the barriers 🙂 let’s see what will I say next year.

  7. adrian

    On Love, barriers and Freedom…
    These three words “jump out” when I re-read this article.

    The barriers we create in our existence…
    Well… they deny our ability to experience
    who we already ARE… LOVE.

    And with that our Freedom…
    To understand and Be our collective


    Being is simply to understand Oneself.

    “In Light”.

  8. Carolyn Vance

    Spectacular music programs! So wonderful the way you post a continuous stream of events that inspire us and give vibrations to all!

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