Shri Mataji – A Life Dedicated to Humanity (Video Selected for International Women’s Day)

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation (March 21, 1923 – February 23, 201)

One of the Most Inspiring Women Who Changed The World


(click!) Debbie’s Dream and Medi’s Wings – A Dedication to Teacher’s Day 

(click!) Why a Guru or a Spiritual Teacher is needed for? Imagine Noah’s Ark 

(click!) Sonia’s Healing Experience with Teacher’s Words 

(click!) Carol’s Meditation Experience   (click) Remembering Her in Dreams and Realizations 

French Subtitles:

(VIDEO – Wisdom in an Ocean of Love ^ Peace) March 21st – Shri Mataji’s Birthday – The First Day of SpringThe World Inner Peace Day

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  1. Kruti

    The video and the picture of the painting emitting such a cool vibrations. It’s so joy giving to see the work of talented artists put together so well. Amazing. TY.

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