Carol – My Experience with Root Chakra Meditation

My Experience with Root Chakra Meditation

Hello Ioana!
You asked me to write down my Four Experiences with Mooladhara Meditation  – my journey with the “Sahaj Guru Game” we’ve started earlier this year.
Here they are:
Rebecca, Carol and  Ioana (Oakville weekly Sahaja Yoga class) 
1.First meditation:
‘I saw an Orb moving up all my Chakra out into the universe, a brilliant white Light appeared  that  opened up like a curtain, then I saw a beautiful Ocean and  trees. Cold feeling going through my left side of the hip (Left Swadhisthana chakra area). Message was: ‘Pure Love, Joy and Laughter; Feeling of total Peace.’
2.  Second meditation:
‘Feeling nothing, only calmness, and than I saw a Snake (Kundalini energy?) crawling  up; also saw the color Red.’
3.  Third Meditation:
‘I see  Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  (our Teacher – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation) sitting in a big Chair looking at me.’
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


‘Then I saw many Faces of all Cultures. We are all One.’
‘I felt cool breeze up my right arm and leg.’ 
4. Fourth Meditation:  
‘I have been in a lot of Pain from dancing weeks early.
So I’ve asked my Body what was wrong,
Body showed to me Lots of tarring in my upper left Leg; at the same time I saw my body  repairing it.
A message from my Body tells me,
‘Must work on Self esteem!’
‘It is important to keep mind still and Listen Carefully.’
It saved my life from dying of Cancer.’
‘Hope Ioana that this information will help others if you pass it on!’
Lots of Love, Carol”
Thank you Carol for sharing! You are such an inspiration for our lovely Halton Sahaja Yoga Family (specially Burlington + Oakville classes) since you’ve joined us last year!

Check also Brenda’s letter and Find out more about Mooladhara Chakra.  

Another “Sahaj Guru Game Presentation on Mooladhara/Root Chakra” with Anjali and Carmela aunty was recorded spontaneously, when they were still beginners and growing with Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes. Enjoy this article and  the lovely cute video:



 (click!) Thoughts are like The Wind –  Listen: What Do You Hear ?!

Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation class * 2018 maybe * few beginners and yogis that stayed to wrap up, with Carol who is holding the photograph of Shri Mataji

A Tale of Wisdom from Manhattan

Our dear friend Carol is no longer “here” but we think she’s carrying within the Eternal Light the light she’s found in Sahaja Yoga Meditation that she loved; Earlier this evening we’ve discovered the photo above in which Carol is carrying the photo of Shri Mataji right after “everyone left” our Burlington class , when the “wrap-up team” took spontaneously a “Sahaj Family photo”. Carol was herself a light among people and she “listened” — she’d love the ” Wisdom Tale from Manhattan” :-). She also would have loved to hear from Rebecca about her “Breakthrough Experience” ! She would also like to know what do you think/feel about her Sahaj Guru Experience with Mooladhara chakra.. so, don’t be shy and drop a comment. 🙂

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  1. Kavita

    Thank you for sharing experiences carol.
    This is great. Our experiences tell us that we are in right path although I feel we should not carried away by experiences and keep looking for them.
    Meditation and clearing channel is very helpful.

    Lots of love

  2. Rose

    Thank you so much, Carol, for sharing your beautiful experiences. Your strength gives us all strength; indeed we are all one!

  3. Paula

    Carol your story is full of vibrations. It is your healing journey. You are truly blossoming i can see the peace and wonder n your essence when you are in class with us. It has been a beautiful journey for me too, feeling the joy and peace deeper every class. Sometimes i cannot contain the joy i feel, and i don’t want to!

    Shulin’s testimonial about leaving social media to help her self esteem and strengthen her roots and root chakra are marvelous and insightful. Shulin we know you are globe trotting and spreading your passion for Sahaja Yoga and R.A.I.N. TO HEAL MOTHER EARTH. You are such a force for enlightenment. Thank you both for sharing!!

  4. Anjali Gandhi

    Despite being in so much pain/discomfort Carol always looked happy and came to classes regularly. We often would hear more of her beautiful meditation experiences during class. We miss you Carol. This article brought back so many joyful moments we had with Carol. Although she is in our hearts, this article keeps her alive…I love this website where we grow together by sharing these pearls in our journey of spiritual growth.

  5. Sigal

    My story is a bit different..I have Type 1 diabetes for 17 years. I was struggling to stay alive for many years because I couldn’t take the control back over my body and my soul and my extremely high blood sugar was all over the place. In my own 17 years journey living with Type 1 Diabetes I was trying to get better and to improve myself so much so I’ll be able to live. I do what I have to do to maintain the best environment for my body to stay healthy, by research for new ideas, diet and exercise. A year ago I started doing Sahaja Yoga meditation so I’ll be able to balance my physical and mental abilities. In this year I walked 158 km with 20 kg on my backpack in 8 days in an extreme hiking adventure at Assiniboine Mountain, to support and inspair my Type 1 community. I am at the best control of my blood sugar, and recently my Optometrist who check my vision every years, compared my vision from last year check up, and said that my vision is getting better in each eye by 0.5…
    My advice to you is to go meditate yesterday.

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