She came to us All

Remembering Shri Mataji, one year later, as She came to us All in VISIONS, DREAMS and REALIZATIONS

Shri Mataji – the founder of sahaja yoga meditation – motherly spiritual teacher for millions of seekers around the world


On the occasion of the first anniversary of our beloved Mother Shri Mataji’s worldly departure, a press release on behalf of Canadian sahaja yoga practitioners was submitted through Market Wire on February 23 at 9AM EST, and it was broadcasted around the world.
Reuters, the largest news agency globally picked up our press release and posted it on their website.  It was also posted on MSN, MarketWatch and NewsBlaze under the Title: Observing the Anniversary of H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi’s Maha Samadhi.

Shri Mataji left her human existence on February 23rd, 2011, in Italy. We have realized very shortly – everywhere around the world, as well here in Halton-Niagara region – that with Shri Mataji’s yogic powers, She came and bid farewell, provided comfort, love and answers to ALL Her spiritual children .. one by one .. exactly on that day or around that day of February 23rd. She appeared in real form, or as a vision or in dreams not only to adults but as well to children that are having this spiritual connection through sahaja yoga meditation and Kundalini energy awakened.

In this article we have started to gather-together such experiences, first from our yogis that are part of what we call ‘Halton-Niagara Sahaj Family’. Most of them had never met Shri Mataji in person … but see how She managed to “fix this” before She left her human existence.

Gladys, 71 years old – sahaja yogini from Oakville: Motherly Saviour Appearance

One of my experiences with Shri Mataji since I have joined Sahaja yoga, is that every night when I get to bed and I do a Bandhan (protective rainbow of subtle energy) before going to sleep, is that I feel and see Mother (Shri Mataji) very close to me, like saying: ‘Have a good night, everything is going to be OK. Tomorrow is going to be a better, and brighter day.’

Another thing that happened to me at that time in 2011,  is that I was suffering with a bad migraine as many days in the past, but this night was terrible, and after taking many medication, I did not know what else to do to relieve this excruciating pain, and I raised my hands to God like trying to get some help, and that I saw, (and I was not at sleep)…. I clearly saw the sacred Heart of Jesus, and Mother at his side with a sweet smile on her face, in a beautiful red dress, like giving me some support, and telling me, one more time: ‘It’s going to be all right’, and at that moment I felt like Bliss upon me, at felt at Peace, all the pain was gone. Little that I knew that the very same night, Mother had passed away, and
She was with me one more time…….
Thank you, Mother.

– Love, Gladys

Rajani – young mom from Oakville: Dream with Blessings

I had a dream about Shri Mataji.  I think it took place in our basement.  I was standing there, and in a circle there were other sahaja yogis sitting on folding chairs.  In the centre of all of us was Shri Mataji – I think she was wearing a blue sari – and She was touching the top of our heads (Sahasrara chakra – or the crown chakra), one by one.  She was happy and smiling 🙂

Love Rajani

Paula – flight attendant from Burlington: Dream with Powerful Message

My dream was that Shri Mataji came to visit one of our (Halton yogis) homes during one of our sahaj potluck dinners. She was sitting on a beige couch socializing casually and I wanted so much to bow and do namaste to my guru to welcome her and show my respect. When I got down on the floor and my head touched the ground,
Shri Mataji got up and put her whole body over me.

She was as light as the lightest blanket, but I could feel her presence and knew she was helping clear my chakras.
A long time after, I got up and sat with her on the couch.
She was joyful but seemed a bit tired.
She looked at me and said, «Now you do the work…» and Smiled.”
– Love, Paula

Debbie – from Burlington: Always “The Mother”, even for our own Beloved Mothers

Tribute to our Saintly Mother in Toronto, on February 23rd, 2012


It was the morning of Feb 23, 2011.  I woke up with such a strong urge and need to meditate.  Before starting, I noticed a light in Shri Mataji’s eyes (in the photo I have at my yoga meditation space I have in my house).  I said to myself, “I do not want the light directly in Mataji’s eyes” so I adjusted the photo.  Later on and while working, I looked at my own mother’s photo and said to her “maa, please let me know that everything is okay”.  (My dear mom died on Jan 31, 2010 and today would have been her 76th birthday).  Within a minute, the phone rang, and I got the news of our beloved Mataji).

On March 1, 2011, Shri Mataji came to me in my dream.  She was wearing a white sari with a brown border.  She was coming to visit us in Canada and we were making preparations to have everything ready.  I recalled making some sweets using flax seeds and giving Ahilan (a dear yogi) one to try.  It was for Mataji so it had to meet approval and this it did.  Shri Mataji was smiling so much, she was very happy, she approached me and said, “so this is Debbie”.  My heart was full of joy as I was thrilled that Mataji knew who I was.  Then I saw her wearing a long brown robe.  There was a young lady with a baby boy.  This lady was depressed and sad.  Shri Mataji was under a white sheet that covered both of them.  She was talking to this young lady and helping her through her difficulties.

In January 2010, Ioana gave me a couple very powerful photos of Shri Mataji.  I introduced my mom to Shri Mataji and gave her a picture which was placed in a frame and in her bedroom.  I told my mom that Shri Mataji will take care of her.  On January 27th, 2011, mom went in for a very simple surgery.  I placed Shri Mataji’s and Shri Ganesha’s photo in her hospital room.  My mom’s condition worsened and on January 31st, 2011, I was praying so much to Shri Mataji, Shri Ganesha and Shri Jesus.  I asked for a miracle to help my mom recover.  I was so tired and did not sleep for a couple days so while my other sister sat with mom, I decided to shut my eyes for a little.  I immediately saw a field that was filling up with white daisies in an ascending order.  I quickly opened my eyes because I felt that Shri Mataji (whose English name is Daisy) was going to lead my mom on her journey.  Later that morning, my mom passed on.

I went through a very dark and sad period in my life after this.  I could not cope with the loss, I could not sleep, did not eat and did not want to be around anyone. In the middle of March 2010, Shri Mataji came to me in a dream.  She was giving me a bunch of bananas.  I felt that she was telling me that it was time to go back to Sahaja Yoga, she was offering me fruits, nourishment, sustenance.  Two weeks later I went back.  My Sahaja family was there ready and waiting to help me.  On the first day, I received a very strong and powerful workshop from Ioana and others.

Words cannot express the gratitude and love I have for Shri Mataji and my sahaj family for bringing light into my life.  This pure knowledge of Sahaja Yoga has transformed me from within and has been my compass on life’s journey.

Lots of love always, Debbie


DIVINE DREAM for Halton Sahaj Family from Oakville, Halton region of Ontario

It was a warm, mildly windy day. It was our Sahaja Yoga premises on Lake Shore Road in Oakville, Ontario, backing on to Lake Ontario. I walked out from our large back yard towards the lake, telling myself we should have a very good fence here with a gate and a lock for the safety of our SY children, lest they may walk to the lake unsupervised. Yes, it was our Sahaja yoga property.
I walked towards the lake and stood on a boulder there on the shore, and there, close to the waters, SHE (Shri Mataji) was sitting, wearing a beautiful sky-blue sari, with HER divine feet close to or in the waters (I am not sure), looking up at me with that divine smile on HER beautiful radiating face! Yes, it was our Ma… smiling, with full of joy, swinging HERSELF back and forth. Yes, SHE was enjoying being there and yes, SHE was talking to me in my mother tongue Kannada!
I was so comfortable too! I was so relaxed and so close to HER in my heart I forgot SHE is our Divine Mataji and I should do namaskara (salutation) to HER. I was just looking at HER and listening to HER talking, no reaction, it was pure joy.
Then our dear Ioana walked to lake from our SY house and stood on the shore with me, but closer to Shri Mataji.  Shri Mataji continued talking to us both, still in Kannada. I signaled Shri Mataji with my eyes that Ioana couldn’t understand Kannada. Mataji, without saying a single word about it, simply conveyed me (was it mischievously? I wonder) that SHE would talk in Kannada only. Now, I started translating HER talk to Ioana, in such precise English, that I could convey Ioana whatever Mataji said in a couple of words (English). Even in my dream I was surprised at those precise English words I used!!! (When I woke up, I remembered a couple of things I translated to Ioana, but, alas, I cannot remember them now).
Mataji, SHE just flooded the whole place with HER pure joy. Ioana and me, we were so joyful (you should have seen that ear-to-ear big smile on Ioana’s face!), there was nothing to think, nothing to talk, nothing to do, nothing  ….. not even to do namaskara’ (salutation) to our Ma, because our Ma was so close to us we did not feel any formalities between us, it was simplistic, pure joy of being one, HER and us, just one.
How much I may try, I cannot convey here in full that ‘joy’. It was just ‘complete joy’.
Then, while Mataji was still talking, beaming with joy, all of a sudden, Ioana got so excited as though Mataji touched her with a magic wand.  I don’t know what was it, but Mataji did something to Ioana and it seems it was direct communication between Mataji and Ioana and I could only see that Ioana was so excited that her hairs stood up.
The way SHE was sitting there, so relaxed, as though it was HER place, it was HER backyard, the way SHE was so restful in that place as though saying “the needed work is done, I am sitting in my backyard, relaxing, come along, join me .. ” , this is the kind of joy I saw in HER face, there was a contentment of completion, this itself is a message for us.
I do not know how the dream ended, but when I woke up, I felt our meeting at the lake was just a natural event. It took me some time to realize that we talked to our Mataji and Ioana and I had HER dharshan (divine appearance) in my dream and Mataji did something unique to Ioana which made Ioana so extremely happy, nay, extremely joyful!
There is so much I would like to share about this dream, how joyful SHE was, how beautiful SHE was, how close to us SHE was and how SHE made me and Ioana so happy and joyful but, I am afraid, words fail to do justice here.
SHE is here for us, all the time, with all HER POWER of LOVE.
-Chandra. January 26, 2012.

Chandra – retired professor of economics, Oakville: Spiritual Divine Teacher for Intellectuals

Yogis from all over Ontario, had paid tribute to Shri Mataji, our Motherly Yoga Teacher, on February 23rd, 2012

May be all through I was seeing HER as a Human being, that is why all these pains… and, it is my fault. When I see HER as Incarnation, the pain disappears… how can there be death and birth for the Divine ….. how can there be an end and a beginning for the Divine; SHE is just a continuous flow in eternity….. SHE is beyond eternity … SHE is not mine to hold on to! … SHE is always with me and what is there to hold on to? SHE said “I will be with you whenever you remember me…. with all my powers” .

For the Divine HER, this is just a hop in and a hop out, here and there, as Krishna was there with Radha, dancing with her, at the same time with Draupadi, supplying her eternal sari and at the same time, with Gopikas, playing His flute. And we are the blessed ones we were here when SHE hopped on to this Earth…. SHE only said Sahaja Yoga is just one aspect of HER… SHE has other things, other aspects .. … other Worlds …. other levels of consciousness….. other Ramayanas, other Mahabharatas to look after.

Am I not a bit selfish, even foolish, when I cry for HER to be with me all the time in HER physical body….. when will I recognize HER Divine spirit in my Heart… when will I tell my mundane thinking mind to think beyond its limitations …..

I think all this turmoil in me is HER Divine plan ….. plan to cow me down of my intellectual arrogance….. plan to cow me down to surrender….

But, nothing matters now,  my vision of HER has expanded beyond of HER physical body, gradually, SHE is sinking in my heart as limitless, timeless Divinity, this feeling is gaining weight in my heart, I am getting a feeling that SHE is like that vast blue sky on me, always there protecting me ….. just above my head … just eternal… I am getting HER picture in my mind not as I see HER in her photos in physical form, but as just ETERNAL. This perception is clearing the dark clouds of pain in my heart as Sun clears the fog….   at this VERY moment, SHE is teaching me what I should really know…. the Eternal Truth of what really SHE is.

Thank you, Ma….” -Chandra

Shri Mataji – as Monalisa, will always, gently fascinate our souls. We feel Her presence and guidance always. Shri Mataji, you are in our Hearts forever.


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  1. armaity

    Beautiful ! Just beautiful ! Such great reminders to all of us that She is there for us, has always been, will always be !
    Thanks Gladys, Rajani, Paula, Debbie and Debbie for shring your stories and Ioana for bringing them to all.
    I was in Canada too at the same time last year and remember suddenly waking up from my sleep and feeling totally joyous as I felt that She had answered my prayers and given me ALL. Later, I realized that this was approximately the same time She returned to Her formless state in Genoa, Italy and blessed everyone as She went beyond.

  2. armaity

    Sorry, I mentioned Debbie twicw in my earlier comment… it should read as Chandra. 🙂

  3. Jo Moore

    Beautiful. Thank you all. On 23rd Feb 2011 I had to be up very early to go somewhere for work. I expected it to be a difficult day as I was beig made redundant and it was my last meeting with those colleagues. When I woke I had a sense of Mother being very, very close to me, a real tangible presence. This feeling stayed with me all day and everything was easy, I felt detached and fine. Then a yogi text me the news of Mother’s passing when I was in the train home. A few days later we had a memorial at Bloxham Farm, the UK centre, and all offered a flower to Mother’s lotus feet and sang our hearts out. Tears and joy seemed to mix and melt together. For about a fortnight afterwards I was just in Sahasrara, it was remarkable. And ever since I have experienced much deeper meditations and stronger vibrations than I ever knew before. I just have to thank our Holy Mother from the bottom of my heart for the gift She has given us and for Her never failing love.

  4. Rabi

    These are a few moment in life I have faced when I am filled with a speechless expression and mood when everything seems to come to a grinding halt even if I try to write anything. The ‘stillness’ and the ‘silence’ within keeps on growing profound like a ‘child growing within’. It is only when the child is born, it gives a birth to a mother.The mother hood is experienced by a human. or else this quality of ‘relation’ remains unexperienced. One doesnot really experience the essence of motherhood unless one possess the adequate amount of love and compassion to recognize another human being or God’s creations. It is love, its is compassion, it is just a feeling so soothing, yet so profound in its domain.

    Whenever I am driven to experience these moments imagining being ‘within’ and ‘without’ Mother’s protection a seeking question enshrouds my attention that makes me thoughtless that is -‘ Who am I?’ and ‘Why did god had to choose me?’ These all are outcome of Her endless love and comapassion of our most beloved Mother -beyond explanation, expression. I always feel so light whenever memories of Her physical-being crowds my thoughts and tangibly can feel the enlightment within heart.

    Thank you all Haltonian collective for who I am again driven to this delicate lane of memory that is so refreshing and so enchanting yet so powerful that help unfolds a few petals of the fragrant flower that I possess within.Thank you once again. I love you all.

    May Mother’s love abound in our small company and purge out of every heart the lurking grudge…….Into that heaven of freedom may our conscinece be awake. Amen!

    Ioana,Gladys, Rajani, Paula, Chandra,Debbie thanks a million to you all and please feel my gratitude and love for all of you who have shared such gem of impression on this day to collectively sing in glory of our most beloved Mother. Who lives forever and ever….within our hearts.

  5. Javad

    I just don’t know how would i say my thankful sentence to you Mother, Shri Mataji; You give us more and more than we ask for, the beautiful gifts that the words can not explain the power of each one of those gifts. I just want to sacrifice every moments of my life for you, maybe by this I can answer to a drop of this ocean of love and happiness that you give to me;

  6. Sindhu

    Just reading these Wonderful Memories of Our Divine Mother itself brings in tremendous waves of Cool Vibrations … That is the Power Of The Divine Love Manifested By Our Ever Loving , Blissful Shri Mataji !!!
    I was one of the fortunate ones to be there at Nirmal Dham last year when our Divine Mother’s Physical Body was brought there from Cabella ……Why I say fortunate is becoz , for the first time in 7years of Sahaja Yoga , I could feel The spontaneous Opening of The 7 Stages Above Sahasrara… It was an amazing experience …. It was like Mother just opened out those chakras while She Permeated into Ether …. I became completely thoughtless and blissful and joyous and what not , i really donno to put it into words ….. It was then that I realised that Mother has not left any of us …. She has just left the Limitations of her physical body , inorder to be more Effective , more Powerful In Space , that is all around us , below us , above us , everywhere ….. Now , It is for us Sahajis to be in meditation as much as possible , inorder to Absorb her Power and Reflect Her Power in Its Most Purest Form …. It is for Us Sahajis To Recognise Our Divine Mother in Her True Form and Glory , in this life time and to lead other Seekers too into this realm of Divinity….
    The Bliss that I brought back from Nirmal Dham last year has remained with me till now …. and this time , on feb 22nd , while I was in meditation , I felt That Blissful Power In The Similar manner, just like an assurance from Mother That she is With Us all the time , waiting for us to seek more , to yearn more , to ascend deeper …. just to Immerse Ourselves Completely In The Vast Ocean of Divinity , which is None Other Than Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ….

  7. ashok

    mother has given all her powers for spreading sahaja yoga and being in collective!
    lets take one step towards her goal, rest will follow!
    we r very grateful to devine mother ..

  8. anaic

    So beautiful thank you Ioana for posting these memories and dreams

  9. Debbie

    Shri Mataji is always with us – like a Mother looking after her beloved children.
    We are all so blessed!

  10. ornella

    It is an amazing experience when we dream Shri Mataji. It is quite somentime I do not have dreams of such substunce. But I will alwais remember one of the dreams, that I had in Cabella living with Shri Mataji. I dreamt, that I saw virtually my self supported on the universe, by two invisible, powerful hands, one hand under my head and under hand under my knees, and I look on my sides and I could see all the planets around me. I got a bit shocked to see my self at so much height, that I got a bit scare, and I woke up and I was in Cabella. Then after few weeks, on the day of Shivaji Day in Cabella, I had the blessing to be alone with Shri Mataji, for more the an hour and end up to be, just like that dream, Mother, in real asked me to seat in front Her Lotus Feet and to touch her handmade silk sari full of vibrations. Then, She fulfill my deep desire to have the state of moksha, my eyes couldn’t open anymore, I was in complete state of bliss, and I stay there, in this deep state, until a yogini came along and whispered in my hear, – “time is over, you have to live the room now”. I was shocked, just like in my dream, when I saw all the planets, the universe,around me. When I have been told to live, I felt strange, a bit sad to live the room, because, that it was the place, the state, the desire to be forever, in that ocean of Bliss under Shri Mataji Lotus Feet, in complete blissful state and beyond any physical form. Thank You Shri Mataji again and again!!! XXX

  11. Leo

    for us Sahaja Yogis it is easy to know Shri Mataji, She opened our Sahasrara – so we can feel Her all the time… feel Her attention, feel Her love…
    If someone has not experienced it yet, believe us, it is worth to try to get your self-realization…. and than you may feel the divine love within yourself … there are not enough words to describe it…
    One day Shri Mataji was looking deep into my eyes, deep into my heart and there is nothing which is complicated between a mother and Her child, it is completely normal to be the child of our Divine Mother … there is only joy…

  12. Anna Mancini

    Ioana, brilliant as usual!

  13. Kavi

    Dreams and Visions of Adi Shakti, our Holy Mother, in Her form as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, truth incarnate..dreams and visions, one from the left and the other from the the right,wrought in the universal mind to guide us to it’s source, our pure eternal selves, beyond mind and myth, dissolved in the self manifesting divine unity that we share…thanks be to Shri Mataji, dear and Holy Mother, our beloved Guru, God’s desire incarnate…now fully awakened in us all.

  14. Anjali

    Pure heavenly Mother I bow to thee.
    Shri Adi Shakti Ma I bow to thee
    Our emancipator I bow to thee.
    Shri Mataji I bow to thee.

  15. gauri

    thank you all for sharing your wonderful experiencesof Divinity.i am speechless but can only say BOLO SHRI ADISHAKTI SHRI MATAJI SHRI NIRMALA DEVI KI JAI

  16. Rajendra Tosawar

    SHE has given us the Self realization to realize the truth and the reality.As She mentioned many times that the only the truth prevails or ´´STAYA MEV JAITE´´.thanks for sharing your experiences.

    1. Rajinee

      Such beautiful recollection of our Heavenly Mother. As a sahaja yogini Feb 23rd is a great day of celebration. It’s the day our Mother deemed us worthy and capable of carrying out her loving work, the day She passed on Her torch to her beautiful children to continue spreading her love and light to humanity.

  17. Vivek Raghuram

    Reading about all these memories, I too would like to share a little something that happened with me in 2011. It was around two or three days after Shri Mataji had departed and I was sitting in front of Her photo and feeling very sad. I was just looking at Her smiling face in the photo when suddenly, I heard a voice (more like a thought) saying, “You poor fool, where have I gone? I am everywhere!”

    At that moment, all my sadness vanished and I almost laughed at my stupidity because how can we lose someone when they are present everywhere?

    At that moment, there was a mischievous twinkle in Shri Mataji’s eyes in the photo and her smile was all the more sweeter.

  18. Jos Boven

    Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am so utterly happy with these recollections, because they prove that we are not foolish when we know/see/feel … the Presence of our Beloved Mother al the time, also – and maybe more than ever after Her Mahasamdhi.
    A lot of yogis received dreams in which Shri Mataji played Her Maternal Divine role/play.
    When such dreams/visions happen, I get tears in my eyes – also when reading your stories, because they are so real, so joygiving.
    May our hearts overflow with love and joy for Her everlasting Prsence !

  19. Jayanthi

    What a beautiful collection of Yogi”s pure experience and how they connect with Shri. Mataji.
    Thanks for sharing.

  20. Anjali Gandhi

    Vibrations are so strong when you read all the experiences, it is just like you yourself have experienced this. This article is so very special and I felt so much bhakti towards Shri Mataji. Thank you to all that shared here and for giving us these beautiful moments to enjoy. I long to be with my sahaja yogi family during these times of Mahasamadhi of Shri Mataji and offer flowers to Her Holiness.

  21. Ajay Nargas

    Moment I started reading this article, I could not leave till finished. What amazing experiences Yogis have gone…. is very invigorating. I feel blessed to be at Nirmal Dham when Shri Mataji samadhi arrived at Delhi Ashram.
    Our mother is with us and nourishing at all times. Jai shree mataji

  22. Geja

    This Article is FULL of vibrations! Such amazing and powerful experiences from Yogis. Even dreams of Shri Mataji are a different form of reality for Yogis. Where its a different dimension, a high realm of divinity where time is eternal.

    Thankyou Ioana for all the selfless and loving work you do for Canada and for the rest of the world they your amazing creativity.

    Thankyou dear Yogis for sharing all your experiences.

    May i share a poem for Maha Samadhi Pooja 23 feb 2023.

    The Divine
    On this day of Your 12th Maha Samadhi,
    We gather with hearts full of love,
    To honor Shri Mataji.

    Twelve years have passed,
    Since Your final physical rest,
    Yet Your boundless presence still surrounds us, And Your unconditional love fills our chest.

    You showed the path of Truth,
    You stepped into our hearts so You we easily find,
    You gifted us with Self-Realization,
    So we leave all worldly worries behind.

    Your Motherly grace and compassion,
    Your selfless Goddess design,
    The enligtened ones will forever remember,
    They have been awakened by The Divine.

    Sahaja Yogini
    23 feb 2023

    Jai Shri Mataji

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