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Hope you’ve enjoyed Dipika’s Socratic teachings 🙂 We had a blast at the class tonight with Dipika from Milton class (= a Halton sahaj family member) as she had surprised us all what a great sahaj guru is .. at 17!  She was actually leading the class, joyfully, spontaneously and purposefully. Great job Dipika!! So did Sahaj (! that’s his name) from Niagara Falls, who realized this video. More about Socrates, below.

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(click!) Enjoy King Janaka’s Presentation (VIDEO) with Dipika’s Mom & Adrian (our 2 artists!)

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(click!) What is Guru Principle? What`s Guru needed for?

This is how we've felt at the class tonight, while our teenager sahaj guru - Dipika - was leading us all, as a little Socrates. 🙂


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  1. Anjali

    Dear Dipika, it was such a pleasure learning about Shri Socrates from you! our yuva yogini. I really enjoyed your sense of humour and how you engaged all of us in your presentation and applied Socrates theory in your presentation format as well.
    Well done little sista! I really learned so much from you.

  2. Ayesha

    Dear Little Dipika,actualy we should call you little cute Sahj teacher who really made us enjoyed this learning evolutionary process,and let us laugh a loud and even know more insight of Socrates teachings from a young point of view,so little angel you are my new socrates now,enjoy life and learn more from this Sahaj guru jorney

  3. adrian

    Spoken with real “knowing”… and in a socratic way…


  4. Nira

    Just beautiful Dipika!

  5. Hitesh

    The world is safe ! … With so much love!

  6. paula

    Dipika you inspired us all! And I loved your mom’s testimonial in the audience…so powerful and enlightening! I also chose Socrates through the help of vibrations about 2 years ago and it was such a growing experience for me in Sahaja Yoga to study some of his philosophies and make Sahaja connections (there were so many!) After two years enjoying Sahaja Yoga I introduced my mom (mama Carmela) to the class and she looks forward to every class, potluck and get together.
    So I share this evolutionary experience with my mom just like you!

    It might be the fashion to be divisive and opinionated and think “we know better” or “we know everything there is to know”, but as it was said by Socrates, he was the wisest because he admitted his ignorance. Thank you for engaging all of us in “the Socratic method.”

    I am really enjoying the guru game, studying Confucious this time and noting the similar teachings that relate to the guru principle innate within ourselves.

  7. Isabelle

    I so enjoyed this video Dipika and how you got everyone engaged with your innocence and wisdom. You are a true guru!

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