What is Guru Principle? What`s Guru needed for? How to cross the Ocean of Illusions or The Void ?! Imagine Noah’s Ark

Shri Mataji – the founder of sahaja yoga meditation – about the Guru Principle:
“If you see on the abstract plan, it is:
Love…. It’s a complete poetry .. detachment.”

Guru Definitions and Inter-Connections of Guru Qualities

” So, one has to develop that Detachment to be a Guru. One requires Courage to Enjoy the Truth. Gradually you do develop it because you find that unless and until you develop that detachment, you are not receiving vibrations in the full way. All kinds of detachments have to be developed, means your priorities change. Once your attention gets fixed up with your Spirit, the catch or the hold on things which are of no importance starts reducing by itself, e.g., you have a father, a mother and a sister. This is a bigger problem in India . Here (in the West), you are overly detached. But in India , people are very much involved in their own children ”this is my son” and others are all orphans. Only, your sons and daughters are the “real” children: (like in) ‘My daughter, I must do this for my son, my father, my mother’. ….. (when) You get yourself attached to your Spirit, and Detachment starts working…Actually, a person who is detached is the most beautiful person – is the extremely loving person, is Love.
Look at the flowers, they are detached. They are dying tomorrow, they are not going to live but every minute they live they are emitting fragrance to you. The trees are not attached to anything; they will die tomorrow, doesn’t matter. But if anybody comes to them, they give shadow, they give fruits.”
(Shri Mataji – Talk about the Guru Principle for the Austrian Sahaja Yogis-1984)
“The Wisdom or the Essence of Guru Tattva is a Balance.  Like when you maintain a plant, if you do not give it water it will die, if you give it too much water it will die.”
(Shri Mataji – founder of  sahaja yoga meditation)

What is Guru? Why do we need a Guru (now or ever) ?

The word Guru comes from the one that is magnetic, the person who is magnetic, the one who attracts the attention of the seekers, is the Guru. Also it means the heaviness, or you can say, a person who is very steady, who is very deep, who has the knowledge, and who can act like the mother earth. For the power of magnetism in the mother earth also is called as magnetic, but in sanskrit is ‘Gurutwakareshwari’ – which means the attraction of the heaviness of the mother earth. But actually it is a power of the mother earth that makes us stand properly on our legs when it is rotating with such a tremendous speed, otherwise we would be all thrown away. With that velocity that she is moving, we are still attached, or we are one in our balance, this is only because she has gravity. This gravity has to be in a Guru. Gravity means a kind of a serious understanding of oneself and ones own responsibilities. So a Guru has to be very steady.(Shri Mataji – Guru Talk on 12. 07. 1998 – Cabella, Italy)

Guru Principle is like Noah's Boat
Guru Principle is like Noah’s Ark (boat)

(The Guru) is like the boat who takes his disciples and crosses with love and with proper direction.”  says Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation

To Know & Meet God

Why do we need a guru? .. Because to know God is easy, specially in Sahaja Yoga, to be one with Him. As soon as you get your Self-realization in Sahaja Yoga, the modern Sahaja Yoga, immediately you become entitled to give realizations to other. It was said that guru is the person who makes you meet the Divine. That’s not true, because any self-realized person in Sahaja Yoga can raise the Kundalini and can give Self-realization to others, immediately after they have touched the Sahastrara (crown chakra) or opened the Sahastrara. But normally a realized soul cannot do it. Any born realized soul cannot do it on its own, it has to have authority of me as I am today.

That’s why it was said that Guru is a person who makes you meet God; he raises the Kundalini and makes you one with god. Because in those days when the gurus were self realized, when the gurus were realized, they had the authority and power of raising the Kundalini only after they had reached a very great state of evolution – complete purification, complete detachment.” (Shri Mataji – Guru Talk at Dollis Hill, London, UK, 08. 07.1979)

Ancient Times: for Self (Realization) and Modern Times: for Humanity

“So the difference between the ancient-times guru and modern-times guru is that the ancient-time gurus didn’t care if they gave realizations to people. It was not their style, most of them. Only they cared for themselves, nicely sitting down somewhere in the Himalayas away from all the madding crowd, and enjoying themselves. But you must share this enjoyment. I think that is the sign of a good guru. The one who cannot share only looks after his own pleasures or looks after his own ashram, you can call it, or looks after his own family, looks after maybe some disciples he has. Attention has to be for the whole world. In Sahaja Yoga now it has reached such a stage that you have to worry about the complete humanity. It’s not only you or few Sahaja yogis or many more Sahaja yogis, but all over the world, whatever is the problem, you people have to solve it. But first get out of your own little, little problems.. I’m very sure with your great powers that you have, you can really show great, great success, very great success.

“And this success can bring forth the Vision I have of saving the humanity all over the world.

(Shri Mataji, Talk at Guru Seminar, in Cabella, Italy, 08.07. 2001).

How to OR not to become a Sahaj Guru

“So we reach a conclusion that First we must develop our own guru principle if you cannot develop that it is no use doing any Guru Puja (worshiping ceremony in Hindu tradition) because it is just temporary.

So today when you are worshipping me as the guru you must know that any amount of my talking, any amount of my giving you blessings or anything is NOT going to work out unless and until we really develop our own guru principle and the depth.”

‘It’s not going to help you much unless and until you really decide that you are going to nourish and develop and establish your Guru Principle. Because a Guru makes his disciple cross the Bhavasagara (= the Void).”

“Anybody who is attached or biased and has conditionings cannot become a guru, cannot; because even if he becomes so-called Guru, all those things will be reflected in that person. Or say if he is very full of ego, thinks no end of himself and thinks that, ‘I am a great guru,’ that ego also would be expressed. (Excerpts from Shri Mataji’s talk about Guru Puja & Creativity, Italy,  1989)

** Bhavasagara is the ‘Ocean of Illusions’ in Sanskrit and it corresponds to the green area of the Void in the subtle system of chakras.

“If one cannot surrender that doesn’t mean that you don’t do anything, but surrendering means the worship, the respect for the higher, the obedience to the higher, not to argue it out, not to react; acceptance, absorption. Like a child absorbs the milk of the mother without questioning, without reasoning. That is why Christ has said, ‘You have to become like children.’ But if you are questioning, then you are no more a child. So the first state, which you have to develop, is a childlike state, but a child that is a realized child, which has to have gravity. If you can develop childhood first then everything takes a proper course, because maturity cannot take place unless and until you start from the very beginning. And gravity means maturity, not frivolousness. “

(Excerpts above: Talk of Shri Mataji on 14. 07. 1984 – Leysin, Suisse)

“So the word Guru means Gravity, that the Mother Earth has gravity. In the same way a person who is a Guru has to have the gravity. But how do you develop this gravity? Some people just artificially become very grave and sometimes show that they are very serious or something like that. Gravity is within yourself. In the second state, we should say, of guru Pada (status) is your gravity must manifest. As you become the witness your gravity starts expressing itself. It will not show as temper or seriousness or anything like that. But it will manifest in a way that the whole thing will become extremely dignified and majestic. It will just manifest by itself. So the state in which you rise, now becomes effective. Before this it was not. You had to all the time manipulate, say this, say that. But in your silence you can manifest your gravity, and this gravity is extremely… it acts like a magnet. As you know there is a magnet in the mother earth. That we call as the gravity by which people are attracted. We are resting on this mother earth because of her gravity. Everything is attracted to Mother earth because of her gravity. So you get a magnetic temperament, magnetic character, magnetic personality. And this magnetic personality that you develop, immediately shows that it is manifesting its power, try to understand. Like the light now is coming on me it is just giving light, but it is not manifesting anything.

We can see the Sun’s Rays, is the best example. Sun’s rays when they fall onto the leaves, the rays, which look simple, manifest their power of making it intochlorophyll.

In the same way when you are at that height or at that state then without saying anything, without doing anything, even a glance, you manifest; but not only that, you record everything.” (*)

So now when you start witnessing something without thought, there is no obstruction for absorbing the knowledge about that thing, because there is no thought. It’s complete absorption takes place. And then it manifests. This is how the divine power works within us. So with our gravity what we do is to touch that depth within us, which can carry the divine power and manifest. Unless and until we touch that depth within us Sahaja yoga is like Hare Rama Hare Krishna; nothing better than that, and that’s why I find so many Sahaja yogis sometimes really go off their rails suddenly because they have no gravity to go down into their own being and to feel the beauty and the glory of their own being and to use that gravity for manifesting divine power. We could say that supposing there is a vehicle, which is very weak, which is not yet properly fixed, cannot be used for something substantial. And the most substantial thing in your lives is this divine power, which looks very light; you never feel the weight of this divine power. You’ll never feel the pressure of this divine power but if you are not clean, if your channel is not clean then this divine power cannot flow properly, it cannot manifest. So when we say that we are the instruments of God Almighty then like this instrument we are, now we are connected to the mains. If this instrument is not all right than it cannot manifest whatever it is supposed to do. (one can say)I am a Guru, I am a Guru, I am not an ordinary person. I am not on the street, I am something special and on the shores of truth, I have to salvage the people who are blind, who are mad, all kinds of things... In the most chaotic conditions this world is today. So at that time a kind of a Silence will come within you. When there will be any such crisis, immediately you will become extremely silent. But this is again a state I am telling you. So now, if there is something that makes you upset or makes you unhappy, try to reach that point that axis which is just silence, and this silence will make you really powerful because this silence is not only yours. When you are in that silence you are in the silence of the cosmos, silence of the cosmos. And the silence of the cosmos works for you. You are in connection with that cosmic power we can call it but it’s more than that, it is Divine Power I should say; the Divine power, which is working all the Cosmos.

So if you just become Silent within yourself, know that you are sitting in the kingdom of God.” (*)

But we are much above all these ordinary instruments, even the most complicated, even the most advanced and developed by science. Because we reach a state where we ourselves become the science,science of truth, an absolute truth.So what is needed for a Guru is self-esteem. This is a very important point people don’t realize, the self-esteem. To achieve the self-esteem we have to introspect and know that today I am not what I was before. I am a realized soul; I have got powers. Of course I have powers. Powers of love, powers of compassion, powers of grasping things, powers of creativity, powers of giving realization to others. Nobody had these powers, but somehow or other in Sahaja yoga you are not self conscious, and we should not be self conscious because that can give you ego, but we should have Self -Esteem. ”  (*excerpts: 1992, Talk on Guru Principle within – Shri Mataji)

Important: Sahaj Guru’s Attitude & Powers

Love Othersthe Sahaj Way

“So the technique of Sahaja Yoga is like this: it’s not anger, it’s not repulsion, it’s not hatred, but the technique is such by which you suggest your love. This is how one has to understand the difference between a Sahaja yogi guru and other gurus. No question of beating your disciple, no question of scolding him, no question of shouting at him. Love is the most powerful thing. Of course it doesn’t work on some people, I agree – forget them; but works in most of the people because God has made us out of His love, and we have a capacity to yield to that love and to enjoy that love.”

“A Guru has to be like a Mother, he must have the qualities of the mother – not the modern mothers, but in the real sense of the word: that a guru has to love her children and has to have strength and courage to correct her children. 

“And the earnest desire should be to put the children onto proper lines to guide them and to help them to rise. So the first nourishment comes to us even when we are in the womb of the mother, through the mother; and so you are the Mother though you may be a man or a woman, but in quality you are the mother.

“You have to be perfect in your behavior towards your own Guru, you have to respect your own Guru in a full way. Complete surrender to your own Guru is important; then they will see how you have treated your own Guru, and that is how they will treat you. If you don’t treat your Guru with that respect, with that understanding, with that surrendering, then don’t expect your children or the people whom you are guiding are going to respect you.

This Guru Principle within us has to be like a great sage or a Great Seer, who is above the normal mundane people and sees the things in a proper perspective, and delivers the proper understanding of all this perspective he sees, to his disciple; doesn’t give them distorted or wrong ideas.”

“Now one may say that, ‘Mother, how is it that in the love we can express ..  also tell them the truth?’

“You have to look after the Benevolencehita in Sanskrit language“.

“You have to look after the benevolence of your disciple, which may appear that he may not like what you are telling that person today; but a day will come when he will think, ‘Thank God your guru has corrected you and has put you on the right path!’ .

“If the goal of the disciple is not to ascend, is just to be there for some sort of a purpose, then it’s better not to have such disciples, not to have anyone of this kind who are not there for their own ascent, but for other gains which are absolutely of no avail. This question arises sometimes: ‘How to love!?’,

It’s a very funny question that we don’t know how to love human beings. We can love our things, we can love our useless things, we can love some sort of a beautiful scenery because it gives us joy. We can love some nice restaurant because you can get good food there, or some sort of a thing which is of a very baser nature. But love for love’s sake is this, that when you really love for love’s sake then you try to put or implant that love into somebody else, that you make another person as loveable as you are. And whatever you think or whatever you do has an effect on the child.

The way you behave, the way you talk, the way you live, everything has a bearing on the development of the child.

In the same way when, supposing a Sahaja yogi who is trying to give realization is a hypocritical person, if he’s a wrong type of a person, if he does not respect his own Guru, the children behave in the same manner and they take to wrong things much faster, they see to wrong things first.

So the whole system becomes different if you understand that we have to base all our progress, all our love, all our movements, all our behavior, all our understanding on Love.

Otherwise your Guru Principle is extremely weak, and after some time you will find you are just standing out of the shores of Sahaja Yoga.

Introspect Sincerely & Give Self-Realization

“Now your job is to give them Self-realization and change the people. That’s the real thing you have to do as gurus. But what are we doing? We come to Sahaja Yoga with what idea? We are working only on the periphery. Firstly we are worried about ourselves, how we can prosper, how can we become better off. Also there is greed. We do not see ourselves if we are aggressive, if we are trying to trouble others, if we have wrong ideas about ourselves, or how we torture others. So first of all you have to cleanse yourself and accept your own problems, your own misgivingsthese are to be faced.”

And challenge yourself:what are you doing? You are a Sahaja yogi, how can you hate someone, how can you trouble someone, how can you torture someone?This is the beginning of Introspection, it’s very important.”

I can make out a person who meditates in the real sense of the word, and the one who just meditates.

You should not deceive yourself. If you’re deceiving yourself, then How can you become a guru”!?

Love ourselves & Understand the Value of Sahaja Yoga

“So, as Sahaja Yogis and as gurus, we have to love ourselves and understand our own value. I think Sahaja Yogis have not yet understood their value. How many people in this world can give Realization? How many know about Kundalini? How many have seen people being resurrected all the time? You are made so powerful that even looking at people you can give Realization (=awaken Kundalini energy)” (Shri Mataji, Guru talk, Cabella- 04.07.1993)

There are 10 Primordial Gurus in History

King Janaka, Abraham, Moses, Socrates, Zoroaster, Confucius, Lao-Tzu, Mohammed, Guru Nanaka, Sai Nath

These statutes were given by Gurus. Take them from Socrates onwards, Moses, Abraham, Dattatreya, (king) Janaka, Mohammed Sahib, and take up to the point when it was about 100 years back at the most, was Sai Nath. All of them have said that you have to lead a moral life. None of them had said that you do not get married, that you should not talk to your wife, or you should have no relationship with your wife. All this is nonsense. Lead a moral life.. when you are young you get married.. keep your eyes to the ground ..Mother Earth gives you that Innocence.”

1981-09 (Shri Mataji’s talk on Morality, Innocence and Guru Principle)

The Legacy of Shri Mataji as Guru of Sahaja Yogis

“I’m immensely joyous to see all of you here. I do not know what to say from my side. The words get lost. They have no meaning. So many of you aspiring to ascend to that state where you would have complete joy, bliss, and peace. This is what I could give you. And a Mother is only happy when She can give whatever She has, to Her children. Her unhappiness, all Her restlessness, everything, is just to achieve that end, – to gift all that She has. I do not know how much to thank you people to go through all this to get to that treasure that you have within yourself.

“Sahaja” is the only word I could think when I started to manifest Sahasrara (chakra) opening. That’s easily understood by everyone so far. But you have realized that it is today a different style of Yoga where first enlightenment is given, and then you are allowed to look after yourself. It was never done before. – It’s just a venture of your Mother, which has worked out. Otherwise in the olden times, of course, the concern of the Divine was to get people enlightened. And they did not know how to work it out. No incarnation ever tried to work it out in this fashion. But whenever they tried, they tried to have a very severe hardship for the seekers. Very severe hardships.” (Shri Mataji’s speech at International Seminar, Bordi – Feb 6, 1985)

“I’m supposed to be your guru, but I feel sometimes that the idea of a guru is very different from mine. Normally, a guru is a very, very strict person and has no patience of any kind 🙂”  (Guru Talk, Cabella -04. 07. 1993)

“As today’s day is great because we are thinking of all the great saints who came on this earth and who tried to lead us. What they did, all of them? Tried to spread the truth all over the world. They suffered a lot, they had problems, so many problems, but they worked very hard in every way to spread Sahaja Yoga, and talk about God and Divinity. All that is what today you have to give me a promise that whenever you get any other human being, you can tell them about Sahaja Yoga. Not that is important, but is absolutely immediate need of the world. If you understand this point, that at this time why are you in this world and what is the need of the world, you will immediately start feeling the responsibility. Whether you are a man or a woman, is not important, go all out to .. make people understand about Sahaja Yoga. In every way that is possible, and I think, then you’ll become complete as gurus. If Sahaja Yoga is just with you, then you cannot be a guru. Guru also doesn’t mean that you go on preaching about Sahaja Yoga, talking about Sahaja Yoga, giving lectures about it. No! It means the one who gives Realizations to others. How many people you give realization is the thing, not to be counted, but to be felt within like ripples, waves of the ocean of love in your heart. So beautiful it is to see that people get Realization, and are immersed in the Joy of Spirituality.”

Image from one of our special programs offered during Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes in Halton region of Ontario, Canada

“That’s what I want you to do. That’s why I am on this Earth.

I had to suffer also, quite a lot, doesn’t matter – so called sufferings, I was watching it just like a drama…  All this will work out, I’m sure.. my desire is that powerful.

I’m sure that they will Realize that to be kind, to be nice, to be compassionate is the best way to feel happy. Nothing more than that.”

May God bless you”.

(Shri Mataji – Cabella Ligure – July 21st, 2002- Guru Talk)

This compilation on Guru comprises excerpts from various lectures offered by the founder of our yoga meditation practice and it is meant to help our Sahaj Guru Team from the Halton classes, as we have launched this week the popular sahaj guru game – pahse#3 that is focusing on the Void and Guru Principle; we will learn from these 10 teams about the 10 incarnations of the Guru Principle throughout the history. Everyone is invited to join us!

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Sahaj Gurus from around the World in a Family Photo – Cabella Seminar 2011 – photo by Omar

in Conclusion, let`s remember Shri Mataji`s words to all of us that practice sahaja yoga meditation and that have benefitted from it in all ways, to get ready to help others, our society, the humanity:

“Every Sahaja Yogi has to become a Guru”

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  1. Ann Kristine Pearson

    I really appreciate the image of the guru as a “boat who takes his disciples and corsses withlove and with proper direction.” That is my experience with Shri Mataji through the years.

  2. K.Subbi Reddy, Hyd.A.P.

    One has to be the owner of the boat to carry people with love and affection to cross the bhavasagar of this world. He has to invite people to alight and sail together to reach destination. Then only the sahaja yogi/yogini start stabilizing oneself. Very good picture

  3. avi

    Ioanas posts make this site mammoth good. either only a massive human effort or a just a sahaja yogi can create a beautiful place like this on the internet.

  4. Rabi Ghosh

    Shri Mataji says- you must affirm always -‘Mother please make me my own Guru’ and also affirm ‘Mother kindly bless me with Guru pada’ which means blessing us with ‘Gurudom’.

    We may not understand the terminolgies we use as simple principle in lip-services at times. She says ‘you need to establish the principles of the 10 Masters within yourself that you have’ This means we must first know who are these presiding gurus in us and why at all should we follow their qualities and what makes them a Guru that is so important to us or in our lives? It is just not only a lip-service that makes us a guru.It is that easy as difficult to become our own Masters.

    I feel the tougher part is to first tame ourselves to make our self as our own ‘disciple’ before we seek the blessing to become our own ‘Guru’. If we can decode and/or crack this simple noncryptic code then we have achieved the desired Guru-dom.Ther is a very intrinsic bond and relation between the Guru and his or Her disciple.

    It is just not only an imagination of boat or boat carrying love. Let us first understand these Gurus within to stablize our own attention on them. That is ‘what this Guru worship is?’ or the quest within means! We all may know the names of those masters who resides as the 10 principal gurus within us as lip services, while only a hand few may be aware of their dedications and works that makes them as their principles. It is then that we can understand them as we start imbibing their qualities by learning them from their life style. And that is exactly what brings in balance within us and also to recognize them to establish ourselves to be worthy of becoming Guru.

    So, when we pray for seeking ‘Guru pada’ from Her we must try to seek for becoming our own ‘disciple’ first. Which means we must ‘practise ourselves before we start preaching anything’.

    Humility, love,intelligent emotions, knowldge, wisdom, compassion, sankoch, forgiveness are a few qualities of the entities that boat carries which we may feel a Guru represents in our lives and help ferry us through the ocean of illusion to a state of higher awareness. It becomes an integral part in our Self Realization.

  5. Sahajapra

    “To be a Guru, one must have a command from God.”

    Mere study of books cannot make one a Guru. One who has studied the Vedas, and who has direct knowledge of the Atman (Self) through experience, can alone be enrolled as a Guru. A Jivanmukta (Liberated sage)is the real Guru or spiritual preceptor. He is the Sadguru. He is identical with Brahman or the Supreme Self. He is a Knower of Brahman.
    A Sadguru is endowed with countless Siddhis (psychic powers). He possesses all divine Aisvarya (powers), all the wealth of the Lord.

    Possession of Siddhis, however, is not the test to declare the greatness of a sage or to prove that he has attained Self-realisation.

    Sadgurus generally do not exhibit any miracle or Siddhi. Sometimes, however, they may do so in order to convince the aspirants of the existence of superphysical things, give them encouragement, and instill faith in their hearts.

    Hence to acheive the above we have to climb the stairs within the vicinity of our master and intact with her teachings to imbibe ourselve as true ‘GURU’ by her orders.

  6. C L Patel

    It is said in Sanskrit-dhritih( patience),kshma( forgiveness), damah( self control),ateyam( not to steal),shaucham( cleanliness), indriya nigraha( control of senses),dhir( wisdom) vidya(knowledge), satyam(to be truthful), akrodho( not be angry ) dasakam(10) dharma( power of sustenance) lakshanam(attributes)
    These are ten practices to be adapted and also what Shri Mataji taught us.

  7. armaity

    To become a Sahaja Guru one has to first become one’s own guru, as our dear brother Rabi points out, before one becomes a guru of others. A sahaja guru is different from any other guru in the sense that one has to achieve that state from within, it is a state of being. It is not a tag or a label given by oneself or by others. A sahaja guru is one who has achieved that state to realize absolute truth and one who can guide and help others to realize it too.

  8. adrian

    Shri Mataji… “as Sahaja Yogis and as gurus, we have to love ourselves and understand our value… you are made so powerful… that even looking at people you can give them realization”


    1. Rabi Ghosh

      You have rightly and aptly commented Adrian. We are so blessed by Mother. That is why She once spoke on the subject of Master Principles… explaining about a special terminology in Sanskrit as ‘Guru-Tattwa -Akarshan’ … Which means ‘Master -Principle-attraction’ in one self after establishing the Master principle within.

      That is why after our Realization wherever we stand we stand-out amongst hundreds in the crowd. Because, it is that attraction of light from within. It is so spontaneous.

      The Realization is effected so spontaneously then. It is also in a way the intrinsic bondage of love another seeker- human is attracted to.

      It is afterall the essence that we imbibe after we receive our own Realization and start recognizing the essence of love by loving others without feigning and become so compassionate at the same time.

      Ofcourse we all know the truth deep within -we shine with the essence of Guru principle as we start recognizing the Spirit within that help us recognise other’s Spirits with love. ….

      …And that is what makes the essence of attraction for another human to come closer. Eventually this love and attraction help us build our real bondage to become special brothers and sisters in this family of Realized souls.Wonderful happening.

      1. adrian kraayeveld

        Thankyou for reminding me…

  9. paula

    I was just catching up on all the guru-based articles here and I can feel my void clearing out with a cool, clear, pleasant rotation of vibrations as I am reading all these enlightened talks, enjoying pictures and marvelling at the beautiful comments…much to grow on! I can feel the truth through these vibrations in the void area, which is so interesting…my kundalini connects with the material on such an innate, built in level now that it is awake…they are words and photos vibrating with the truth of our beings. Thank you for this experience and this treasure-packed website!

  10. Tushar kapoor

    This article on Guru principle extracted from various mother’s speeches was excellent.
    I have no more words to say after reading this.

  11. adrian kraayeveld

    A thought about Detachment and the interview with Shri Mataji at this Wednesdays session…

    I had the sense that Shri Mataji’s focus was on the essence and simplicity of “listening and humbleness”… Our ability to ascend, and recognize/feel that ascension is inherent in our ability to believe… not just to say and do… rather to believe what we say and do… that recognizes our “I amness”.

    1. adrian kraayeveld

      Detachment continued…

      The Guru detaches because
      he/she is master of Self…
      The one who is Master of Self
      IS experiencing…
      Their existence
      Their consciousness
      Their bliss
      From their heart center…
      For he/she now has the courage
      To embrace their “uncertainty”…
      And thereby realize wisdom.

      Simplicity, compassion and patience.

  12. Priti

    Beautiful and thanks for sharing

  13. Jayanthi

    What a beautiful topic, the Guru principle should start within and evolve to external existence where one can see, feel and absorb your vibrations without any words, the energy will be emitted like the sun, moon, water and air, you your self become nothing but love, pure and crystal clear.
    With all my love.

  14. Chandra

    Beautifully said.

  15. arie

    What is that?
    Within…So bring forth what is within!
    To understand oneself!
    So that you may be responsible…
    And in Being…
    You are your own Guru…
    And gratefully share.

  16. Colleen

    I have felt a *pull* to learn about the Void ever since I found Sahaj and started practicing just over three years ago. It’s a large topic and there is a lot to learn. I was watching a Shri Mataji talk last week on the Guru Principle, 1982, and she was talking about maintaining ourselves. That we don’t do maintenance on ourselves just for the sake of maintaining in itself, but to protect our Guru Principle. That if we don’t maintain ourselves our Guru Principle will be destroyed. I have felt for many many years that there is a goodness within ourselves that we need to live by and with Sahaja Meditation I now know what that is, our Guru Principle. And now with the *tools* from Sahaja Yoga I can protect and grow my Guru Principle. With love and thanks. 🙂

  17. Sahaj

    The person who is unaware of guru principles is just like a seed who has a dormant energy to grow into tree but can’t grow because it’s not sown into mother earth. But as soon it gets in contact with mother earth it prospers. Samilarly as soon as we discover a sadguru (true guru) we assent. Blessed to have a guru in form of a mother.

  18. Paula

    i beautiful and deep re-read of this profound reality of the guru principle within…so many pearls of wisdom…i have experienced giving self realization to others by offering fruits and with a glance…and i felt absolutely transported afterward..like every cell became a waterfall within…i did not understand what had happened at the time…it was bliss…

  19. Paula

    I must share that today I gave an impromptu meditation session to a terrified passenger on the airplane. We meditated as we descended towards the ground. The vibrations were incredible. It was very humbling to see him relieved after landing, knowing that “the foce” was with us.”

  20. Paula

    I meant to say “the force “… also wanted to say, we were expecting quite a lot of turbulence, as there were storms in the area, but in my attention, I asked the force to let it be calm for him so he can get his self realization. It was! A passenger sitting behind him got his yoga connection too!

  21. Jolanta

    Thank you for posting excerpts from Shri Mataji’s talks on this topic, and assigning this as our SYMN homework.
    My understanding is that being a moral person and having (detached)compassion are the main characteristics of a Sahaja Yoga guru, and that it can be achieved through meditation and introspection.


    Becoming my own Guru has been one of the hardest parts of my journey as a Sahaja yogi. Building a beautiful, strong vessel that would be worthy of carrying others in, seemed at times like a hopeless task for me. Every time I seemed to have fixed a crack in my vessel, two others show up:) The idea of being a vessel strong enough to carry others in started to seem impossible, until a very wise Sahaja yogi friend of mine said these words to me, “sometimes our cracks is to let the light in”, these words brought such vibrations within me, and I realized that being a Guru is to recognize our own strengths and purpose. I, a vessel with many cracks in it is not meant to be a boat, but a vessel that emits the light from within it, where ever it goes. As the founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji, stated in one of the above articles, “to be kind, to be nice, to be compassionate, is the best way to feel happy”, it is also the best way to becoming your own Guru. Sometimes, that which we see as cracks, are perhaps, the results from many battles we have fought during many lifetimes, and instead of seeing them as something negative, we should embrace them as our strengths. On this path of discovering myself and becoming my own Guru, I have learnt that self-doubt can be the biggest obstacle towards becoming my own guru and giving realization to others.

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