Cosmic Changes of Final Ignition on Nowruz – Motherly Guru’s Plea in The Land of Yoga on Vernal Equinox, 1977

Glorious Speech of Shri Mataji on her borthday anniverasary on March 21, 1977
Let’s absorb the wisdom and subtle knowledge shared by Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – with the occasion of her birthday celebration in India, on March 21st, 1977 during an International Sahaja Yoga Meditation Seminar.
And my Vibrations are flowing from my eyes as tears to see that, in this Kali yuga (the dark age) also, there are people who are grateful to a Mother who just gives an abstract thing known as Vibration. Actually I do not give you… I cannot give or take you’ll be surprised. It is just emitted through me. It is my ‘Swabhava’ [innate nature in Hindi/Sanskrit] – it has to be that way .. I can’t help it. It is a ‘being’ that is being. You cannot make it something else. It acts on its own; it goes on working. It is beyond me to control myself from loving all of you.
I do not know how people learn to hate. I haven’t got sufficient time even to love people. I find 24 hours much less! I do not know how people sit down and manipulate and think in a ice-cold manner how to be hateful.
Hatred has no power but of destruction – of yourself and others.”

Love is the ParaKnowledge

“If you know a person, it makes no record on you because you know him from outside.
But if you Love a person then you know the person out and out.
You know him so well, you know him… everything, the way it is.
“It is this knowledge that is what we call is the ‘para-knowledge’ (para meaning  beyond/more than).
That is the knowledge we have to seek.
All these books are only signaling towards that.
They are the Milestones, which are telling us, ‘Go ahead, go ahead.’
They do not solve the problem of entering into the kingdom of God.
I request you that you all should come to the Stage of Understanding the Divine Within You, the Love of God that is within you, which is trying to overflow from you, and enjoy the sense of emitting and giving.
Giving has the greatest joy and pleasure. There is no pleasure in taking. And when you receive it, you start giving.
You have heard Rahuri, when I was going to Rahuri University (in Maharashtra, India) , the people in the nearby village knew that our car will be going there. They are ordinary villagers.
They have never read any yoga; they don’t understand anything more about vibrations than these feelings that you get. It is a subjective knowledge. It has no work. It is a subjective experience, which you feel on your fingers, in your being – the Bliss of God.
And as I was going, I just felt a jerk in the car, because so many people were just lying on the road and some were standing on the road stopping the car,
and they started shouting ‘ Jai Shri Mataji!’  [Hindi/Sanskrit meaning ‘Victory to holy Mother’].
I was wonder-struck!
I said, ‘How did you know that I was in this car?’
They said, ‘Mataji (Mother), you have given us Vibrations.We knew this was the car, which was bringing us vibrations. So, now you have to get down here.’
I just got down; I embraced all of them, and our Sahaja yogis were waiting at the other end.
I said, ‘Doesn’t matter. This is what is Sahaja… such loving people!’
And at that time, I just thought of how once with Rama… how you felt those things with people, with very simple people, of very simple heart and ‘shraddha’ [ ‘faith’ in Hindi/Sanskrit], how they had those feelings of receiving your love and feeling it.”

LoveThe Global Essential Basic Need for Existence

“Everyone needs Love in this World; you cannot exist without love. Your whole being is based on Love. And I wish all of you in this country to understand that unless and until there is love in your heart, don’t try to do anything outside because, if you do it you will be found out in no time. Every human being understands what is Love. “

Cosmic Changes because Shri Chakra Descended in Satya Yuga – The New Age of Spiritual Blossoming

(Above is the cover for a recommended book on meditation and powerful experiences as a seeker of truth: ‘Expecting to Fly – In Search for the Spirit –  by Patrick Sheridan, one of the first sahaja yogis; check the website for more info:

Shri Mataji: ” There are lots of things that are happening within you. There are Cosmic Changes that are taking place today within you. I know that it is happening.
The SHRI CHAKRA itself has descended on this Earth and already the Satya Yuga (the age of Truth) has started. This is the reason, why you are feeling these vibrations on your fingers and none of these Gurus and Rishis and all those people have mentioned these things. Because this is only possible when the SHRI CHAKRA is brought down. It is here. You have to feel it and understand. It is for all of you to accept, each with an open heart.
I do not want anything from you. What can you give me? I do not want anything, but I want my children to be happy. I pray for their happiness. I live for them and all the time, whether I am asleep or awakened or in the middle state, when they call the ‘sabhranta’, I am just with You. Every moment You are in my thoughts.”

Shri Mataji’s Relationship with Divine Incarnations & Prophets

He (Zarathustra or Mohammad – not clear in the tape) was a great Sahaja yogi.

He was an incarnation of Dattatreya [principle of primordial master– governs the void area in the chakra chart].
I have to tell you that he (the prophet Mohammad) was my father [meaning Fatima was an incarnation of Shri Mataji] and He was the incarnation of Dattatreya Himself. He was not an ordinary person. So, the people tortured his life. Every moment that he lived they tortured him.
And Hazrat Ali [husband of Fatima, the son-in-law of the prophet Mohammad and generally revered prophet of Muslims] is a very very great incarnation.
Only once Brahmadeva (divine principle that governs Swadhistahana chakra of creativity) has incarnated and He has incarnated as Hazrat Ali.
So, these people are so great! You cannot criticize them.
They are so great – every word they have spoken is a Mantra.
Everything they have told you about the ‘namaaz’, it is nothing but Kundalini ‘jagruti’ [awakening in Hindi]. Mohammad sahib has done the greatest job in Sahaja yoga and has done the greatest advancement as far as the Kundalini jagruti (*Kundalini awakening) is concerned. How can you criticize Him?
I can’t bear to hear even a word about… against him. I know how much he has been tortured. And the same people, today, are born in this country who are talking against him. When you cannot reach even at his feet, why should you take such a big step ? Understand, what have you done in life? What have you got with yourself that you are criticizing these great personalities?
Vibrations are there. All these people (Incarnations of divine principles) are speaking of the same truth I am telling you. But today you can make them out. You will know who they are.”

Our Motherly Guru’s Plea for Oneness

“Oh Man! Please awaken yourself to this great occasion of understanding!
This dynamic force (Kundalini energy) is dying to bubble out of you.
We have to change this world and transform it into a beautiful creation, because the Creator will not allow His creation to be destroyed. If you do not accept the truth, you will be destroyed.
So please, please, again as a Mother, I ask you to accept the Divine truth, the Divine love and to be One.
I wish all of you, all the Sahaja yogis and all the people who are seeking the greatest of greatest, highest of highest achievement in the awareness of God and with love. That is what it is. Otherwise, the rest of it is all useless.
Those who have sought other kind of satwik [Hindi/Sanskrit word meaning pertaining to the central channel] or tamasik [pertaining to left energy channel] things in life have gone to waste.  You do not want to do that.
You are simple people, ordinary people and that is why you are the best people, because you do not suffer from any extremes.You have a very simple heart. You are leading a very religious life and a sanctified married life.
This place is for the people who are in the middle path of Lord Buddha.
Sahaja yoga is the integration of all the truths of life and I can prove it to you, on the Kundalini, that what I say is the fact – is the fact.
Unless and until you take Hazrat Ali’s name your Swadisthan Chakra cannot be cured, and all the Sahaja yogis know about it. And in the Sahaja yogi Puja we have to take the name of Mohammed sahib again and again and that of Hazrat Ali.
And also we have to take the name of Jesus the Lord, who is the ‘Ashraya’ [Hindi/Sanskrit word meaning Refuge] of all this world, described by Shri Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita – He was the Maha Vishnu. You can read it for yourself and you’ll be surprised that all the things described about Mahavishnu are absolutely the same as Jesus Christ was.
So, I request you not to be so small-minded. You have not known the truth so far. So, try to understand it, to feel it, to understand it. All the books are saying the same thing as I am saying. Only thing: I can do it..(but) I am not doing it. It is just happening.”

The Last Ignition as Kundalini Awakening filling the Heart with Faith

I have come on this Earth just for this Ignition. This is the last point of ignition. This has to happen and this will happen. Let us see, in this country, in this beautiful Yoga bhumi (in Sanskrit “Land of Yoga” that is India) how many people accept it. But it is not the understanding through your hearing, but it is the understanding through your heart and through your feeling of vibrations only, you can judge the Kundalini.
Yesterday I have very much requested you and again I am requesting you that to understand Sahaja yoga, you don’t need too much of brains. What you need is a Heart, is a Shraddhavan Heart [a heart with faith, in Sanskrit]. And if you have that, it will work out.
The time has come for many flowers to be fruits. The time is there.
I thank you again and again for showing this great love to me.
It’s like a… when I feel the ocean of my love, when it flows to the shores of all your hearts, the shore gives it back as a reaction. It’s a parabolic movement.
When my love passes through you and comes back to me as love, I enjoy it. It is such a beautiful experience. I mean, it is a different experience, perhaps, that cannot be coined or put into these mortal words .. Thank you very much again and again. I thank all the trustees and all of you again and again.
May God bless you with all His prosperity, with all His goodness, kindness and the Eternal, the Paramchaitanya should descend on you and on your awareness. May God bless you all. Again and again I bless you. I hope all of you will take deeper interest into Sahaja yoga, learn all the methods and master the Kundalini. There are so many people (sahaja yogis) among us who know about it and you can talk to them; even in the programs… you can listen to my lectures by which you will understand.
Please try to humble down yourself. First of all, get this eternal truth within yourself. Let your being be that subjective instrument, to understand what is what. Don’t be driven away by few readings here and few readings there. Don’t be driven away by the small hearted ideas and the egoistical tomfoolery that is going on – is to make fun of everyone.”

Think of Love on this day of Vernal Equinox and Prophet Zoroaster’s Nowruz

“I wish all of you a very very happy New Year today because it is Navroz and Navroz (or Nawroz) is the day when [Prophet Zarathustra /Zoroaster] started His work on this Earth.

On this day I would request you to Think of Love All the Time. Love is all knowledge.

Knowledge is all love. There is nothing beyond.

If you have knowledge, it has to pass the Test of Love.

All the Sahaja yogis who have come here, all the other people who have joined us here, who are celebrating this earthly birthday of mine…

I am very thankful, very grateful and I am filled with great joy and happiness.

All the quotes above together, represent the speech offered in India, by the founder of sahaja yoga meditation – Shri Mataji, with the occasion of her birthday, on March 21, 1977 in India. That date represents the Vernal Equinox and it is also  the day for  Iranians and Zoroastrians to celebrate their New Year, named Navroz or Nowruz. Shri Mataji was already a respected public figure in 1977 and as a recognized spiritual leader, her birthday is always offered with great  respect by local Indian officials and disciples coming from all over the world. That year, the celebration happened in Mumbai, a town marked by fights and hatred between Hindus and Muslims (in minority there). Shri Mataji is trying all the time to bring balance, love, understanding, respect and unity among all human beings – even on her birthday, with such great courage, as a true Gandhian, she spoke out so fiercely protective of the Muslim prophets (Mohammad and Hazrat Ali) and about their global spiritual valour. Let’s remember that Shri Mataji is Christian from a family with thousand years lineage of Brahmins! That is for me what a World Spiritual Leader and a Sahaj Guru and Divine Mother does. So, really this treasure that to be shared with everyone, specially that we are still in the Sahaj Guru Game here in Halton..  I’d recommend to be read again and again .. because it is so rich in subtle knowledge and powerful.

A very sahaj ‘coincidence’, tonight at Burlington class we had Gratiela from Shri Mohammad’s (sahaj guru game) team and she did such an impressive presentation, full of vibrations of truth, sincerity and heartfelt understanding. The help she got from the divine to see her connection with the Muslim Prophet was amazing! She had proven to be a sahaj guru: with a Romanian and Christian background, she was able to transcend all conditionings and discover the spiritual global valour (sahaj!) of Shri Mohammad and with full respect and love as for a Primordial Guru, to further share with all of us. This article is also dedicated to her and to her sahaj guru team. Thank you!

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  1. armaity

    Thank you once again dear Ioana. My heart sings with joy when I read what Mother has patiently taught us through the years about our own individual self as a part and parcel of that collective being coming to life and with its connection to the Universal Being from which we come. Unless and until we think with our heart and feel with our brain we cannot understand this simple but subtle truth !

  2. carmen

    You cannot but wonder from where all this knowledge comes from? What have I done to be reading these words that talks to my inner being. Shri Mataji says I cannot help it but to emmit love. Each and every word she spoke on the article is like food to my soul.

    Thank you!


  3. Divya

    Thank you, for everything.

  4. adrian

    On Love…

    Shri Mataji quotes… “I do not know how people learn to hate”.

    I feel Shri Mataji knows the answer…
    Yet there are things she wishes us to understand/or figure out for ourselves through introspection.

    Much like the Guru game we are presently involved in…

    I am reminded of Dipika’s idea to use the Socratic method to elicit original responses from her audience… nothing prescripted… just our own reflection.

    Getting back to Shri Mataji’s quote… about how humans tend to show hatred.

    My thought on that is to realize the connection to “fear”… it begins with us/we/I choosing to reside in fear(disharmonic vibration). And when I say choose… it means without an awareness/or not being conscious of the past conditionings to which we/I/us may react.

    Eventually that original fear manifests as anger, and then onto hatred… and finally “dis – ease”… which is the origin of the word disease/suffering!

    The converse is for us to experience LOVE… which always IS unless we mask that with hatred.

    So simply…

    To experience JOY is to embrace LOVE.

    And to experience pain is to embrace hatred.

    The real question for me is… are we aware that we are choosing in every moment our experiences.

    Do we REALIZE…?
    Are we fully REALIZED…?

    1. adrian

      Another thought on LOVE…
      Divine LOVE that is…
      On this March 21st Solstice.

      This past Wednesday at group…
      we broke up into smaller groups…
      To speak and listen to one another.

      One topic that got my attention was related to how we are imbeded in our past notions of wrong vs right!

      And how we just can’t let go old ways…
      The need to be right or wrong!
      This does not affirm our intent to exist…
      rather… it denies our intent to exist!

      No matter how wrong you may feel another is… it is simply their “truth”.
      So… just listen…
      And simply speak your own “truth”…
      Do not try to explain…
      Do not attempt to defend…

      For therein lie the seeds for argumentation and conflict!

      No one listens when there is chaos!

      People do listen when there is LOVE in the way we speak and listen, without the agenda that there is a right and wrong!

      Doing things in a loving way affirms our right to exist in a joyful manner.

      Question… How often do you hear folks say… “I hate that”.

      I use this example simply to illustrate how self aware we are!

      Hate is such a powerful word… and we use it so casually. Yet when we use it to describe how we feel… we may actually be denying our own right to exist in a peaceful way!

      So which is it?

      Love or hate!

      Shri Mataji clearly expounds on this in her talk about the “Spring Solstice”


  5. Shivangi Mankad

    Beautiful and loving words of Shri Mataji!
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Antoinette Wells

    The love and protection that Shri Mataji has given to our children!: The foto of Shri Mataji with my little niece Nira drinking Mother’s Love with Her eyes closed in bliss! she was then at Dharamsala school. How Mother has nurtured these children kept safe at the foot hills of the Himalayas: I have seen the effect of this place my self on my own children who stayed there, one for 5 years, the other two fro 3.

  7. Rabi

    …and again I would like to thank and express my love to Ioana and Halton collective on this day of 21st March 2012 for sharing such ambrosia of love. It is so soothing and nourishing to read once again….. and again….. and again….. days after days….. and years after years….The messages are the same but our understandings have matured to absorb spectrum of aspect that we read last time….. The messages are indeed like the partial fulfilment of the Ten Commandments that Moses brought on the Earth. It was writing on tablets then and people seem to have afast losing its grip and essence as we marched ahead with modern machinery technology. But these messages that we receive today through Mother is like opening up of the chapters of the Ten commandment and revisiting them and understand much more to become our own Gurus.
    The meaning of the same simple sentences are so profound now that each time we read the sentences or the phrases, it seems to permeate and transform itself like magic as it beholds different meaning all the time when read in-between the lines. What we miss this time become so prominent in the next read and spontaneously gives an impact within us to understand the unconditional love that Mother desired to showers through Her Divine message upon each one of us. Shri Mataji’s compassion to make us understand the simplest philosophy of living and seeking becomes the most profound and subtle knowledge.
    We are indeed very fortunate and blessed to be born at this time when Mother walked in flesh along with us. The future generation may carry it along as a myth. It is almost as similar to the people who followed Lord Jesus and were born to see Christ in flesh and blood and listen to Him or for Mohammad Prophet or for Shri Zarathustra or Shri Rama. Today we are blessed, as we have the integrated knowledge when our evolutionary awareness has reached its culmination point.
    We are fortunate that because of some beautiful people like Ioana , sharing these lovely assorted and articulated messages that Shri Mataji wanted it to be shared amongst humanity to enhance the element of love within humanity and learn the only Truth…that is God..
    Thank you so much Ioana for sharing such beautiful lines. Today we are celebrating Mother’s birthday together in collective as we absorb these divine messages of love from Mother with the subtle knowledge through this website…..
    Ma Sabko dua dena( Mother Kindly bless every one of us on earth)

  8. Yvon Dion

    I have often heard this talk. It is one of my favorites. As I read this I can hear Shri Mataji voice in my head, it is as though I am before.

    Jai Shri Mataji
    Happy Birthday!

  9. Radhika Harrilal

    Thank you so much Ioana for the beautiful presentation on mother’s talks.

  10. claudette benjamin

    Thank you mother for giving us your blessing and love

  11. Christina Maria

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful speeches – for me some are totally new and I cannot read enough of them !

  12. Jolanta

    Thank you for sharing this article.

  13. Paula

    I cannot improve upon the wisdom imparted in Shri Mataji’s words…simply imbibing the profound knowledge of our entire evolution with awe…and enjoying the depth in the comments from fellow meditators. I salute all of you with the light of my spirit.

  14. Ajay Nargas

    Thanks Ioana , ….These lectures and pure knowledge about our prophets who were incarnation of Lord ……So well presented …..amazing ……Shree Mataji showed us the path of universal Nirmal Dharma by educating us with profound knowledge and pure love. We are blessed to be together as sahaj family . Jai shree mataji

  15. Ioana

    From Vani: Words fail me ..yet touch the very core of my Spirit .. tears of gratefulness of heart .. of how fortunate we are ..thank you dear sister ..

  16. NITI

    Thanks Ioana for this wonderful article,Because of the power of divine love of Shri Mataji I am able to absorb all the knowledge of truth which is love itself inside me without any confusion.
    I am always grateful to mother who told us about all the Prophets and saints of the world. Feeling blessed to take birth in this Era of Shri Adi shakti.

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