Beautiful Media Coverage for Burlington’s INNER LIGHTS Festival 2023 (Local News Articles)

Sharing the Articles published in the online Burlington Local News about our Special December Celebration – The Festival of Inner Lights 2023

Segement from the Press release in Burlington Local News inviting the Community to join The Festival of Inner Lights 2023

Our Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team of volunteers was fortunate to have again the support from the local media, therefore the News about The Festival of Inner Lights, an annual free event in Burligton came through in a powerful way.

We had our Press Release published in the Local News on December 1st, 2023 which coincided with Romania’s National Day for Unity, which was perceived as a good omen by those of us, volunteers that immigrated from Romania 22 years ago, only to find their permanent home in Burlington, where we introduced the practice of Sahaja Yoga Meditation through free weekly classes for the community.

We gathered below excerpts from the December Articles published in Burlington’s Local News

Excerpt from the beautiful article published in Burlington’s Local News that was announcing this significant community event – based on the press release povided by our team.

Burlington’s Local News offered a Beautiful Media Coverage for The Festival of Inner Lights 2023

Our team of volunteers were so pleased and impressed to notice that the chief editor of the Burlington Local News joined the event for its entire duration! We were able to chat a bit once it ended, and it seems that the artistic performances, as well the Earth Meditation made a positive impression. Three days later we have seen the beautiful article that was published for Burlington Community to be aware of ‘how was it’. 🙂 We are sharing below a few more snippets from the news.

We continue with several more exceprts from the Local News articles

Excerpt from the beautiful Local News article about The Festival of Inner Lights offered by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team on Dec 10th, 2023.

We were also really touched to see the beautiful video compilation created by the reportng team from the Burlington Local News to capture the flow of our entire event. That shows that’s “news with heart” or we should that the emotional intelligence is invested in the news about our community shared back with the larger Community. Thank you!

VIDEO-CLIP Compilation with Festival’s performances published by the Local News team

Other Articles with News about Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Events in 2023

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Photo from Ioana – Sunset in Burlington, December 2023

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  1. Paula

    Really enjoyed this article and videos and in addition the wonderful article published by local news. So many meaningful details, flames of hope manifesting a new reality. Let pure love for humanity reign. The artists were full of heart and soul.

  2. NITI

    Thanks to the media,to acknowledging this wonderful work of Sahajyoga and their efforts to bring peace in all the aspects of life.Media always have very big responsibility to bring out reality in front of everyone.Thanks for your job and thanks to the collective work of all the artists ,participants for their involvement in this programme.

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