VIDEO with LIVE Free Meditation Class: What is Bhavasagara & VOID Mantras & Affirmations & Connections (Sahaj Guru Game with Armaity, Anca, Indu and Norma)

Suggested test-exercise: keep your hands open and up (as for receiving something in your palms) .. towards the screen .. and while watching the following 2 videos, pay attention on what you feel in your hands and in your body. This class was very special – in terms of the intense positive energy. One can also Join in the Meditation while watching the 2nd Video.  The energy in the room was so powerful during the entire class, and one can hear the whispers: ” so cool”, “amazing vibrations”, “it’s cool around, specially in this area – the void”  (so, turn the speakers on and  on high volume 🙂 ). Btw, nothing was planned, Armaity had no idea that she will be invited to talk about the Void and the Primordial guru and the other sahaj gurus (Moses team and Zarathustra team) had no idea that we’ll end the class with a 2nd collective meditation: with mantras for the Void. So, it was super-sahaj as we say, we just followed our inner guru.. hope you feel it & enjoy it too!

(VIDEO) Armaity (special Guest from India to Burlington Free Meditation Class): What is Bhavasagar – the VOID? What is GURU PRINCIPLE?

Now, What’s NEXT?! Our 2nd VIDEO!! NOT TO BE MISSED!

Let’s  Meditate TOGETHER on the VOID with Mantras & Affirmations with the

Halton Sahaj Gurus – WATCH the 2nd VIDEO – BELOW!

(Speakers ON!) VIDEOLive Meditation on Primordial Guru & VOID (Sahaj Guru Game!)

Please, drop a comment on what was your experience with this on-line meditation, or if you were at this Burlington class, please don’t be shy and drop a comment ‘how was it’ for you.

I remember Rick from Burlington class, saying towards the end, that it was ‘sort of magic here‘. But I prefer if any of you can say ‘exactly’ your feedback as .. comments on our articles. Thank you.

Important! (CLICK!) What is Guru Principle? What`s Guru needed for? How to cross the Ocean of Ilussions or The Void ?! Imagine Noah’s Ark

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  1. RBL Saini

    I could feel the very strong and spontaneous vibrations. I could feel clearly movement of hand on my hands. It is joyous full of blessing of our beloved Mother. I enjoyed it. It gave me complete silence. Thanks a lot to our Brothers & Sisters.

  2. Hanna

    Amazing feelings. I felt so strong cold vibrations even after finishing my meditation. Thank you for sharing this video.

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