Debbie & Debbie: Experience Prophet Abraham in Sahaj Guru Game

(click below!) VIDEOSahaj Humour & Depth on Shri Abraham with Debbie & Debbie

Notes: Thanks go to Peter from Burlington for making this video that you all have enjoyed! Also, maybe it’s not so clear in the video: Debbie S (from Milton and from the  “higher part of Trinidad”) was saying that she wanted for sahaj guru game to have “Socratesas a subject for her “sahaj research” (= read, introspect, meditate on one of the primordial masters for the VOID area in the chakra ystem) and NOT Abraham .. However she accepted “the disappointment” and the day she had to present Abraham with Debbie H. from Burlington , there was another team beforeKing Janaka’s team. Adrian from that team had brought a game to play at the class, with 10 boiled eggs, each one with one of the names of the 10 Primordial Masters .. and he asked for volunteers. Debbie was 1 of them, and she got the egg  .. the (only!) one with Socrates! So, finally through Abraham she reached out to Socrates .. and we all enjoyed that she will be part of the Socrates team too .. Next Week @ Burlington class.

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  1. paula

    Vibrations from the first few moments of laughter! I bow to you seekers of truth…at the end of the video when I saw Debbie do namaste I automatically did namaste back, as if I was there. So proud of the two Debbies from Trinidad, both of you are uniquely adorable and precious. Very interesting information…I have also had the opportunity to learn a few tidbits about other religions growing up, and I too always felt there was a common thread throughout. That is probably what is so exciting about Sahaja Yoga…even though at the beginning I felt vibrations without any knowledge because the truth of the knowledge and proof that you are the spirit “does not come from books”…it is a becoming your spirit…it defines the essence of what we are…you can feel it like a coolness in your hands or other parts of your body…This was my proof of the existence of another dimension to our material lives…

    I did not know the depth of knowledge that supports this very simple and authorized method of kundalini awakening. The first time I heard the word chakras I was 19 years old at my first modelling show…it sparked my curiousity from the get go, but I did not have the resources. I always loved philosophy classes too. So the seeking was there…but when you find ALL your answers in Sahaja Yoga…to “know your self”, this is when you enjoy the process of not just seeking aimlessly, but finding answers and feeling the proofs through vibrations. Life is much richer, sweeter and more beautiful!

    1. Isabelle

      Yes I agree Paula. These two gurus are uniquely precious and adorable. I very much enjoyed the video. Watching it was so joyous. Thank you to all my Halton gurus for bringing this ancient knowledge alive by letting your own light shine and for us to enjoy your presence.

  2. Eva (Belgium)

    Wonderful story!
    Very nice to see everybody enjoying the presentation!

    All my love for the Halton collectivity

  3. Helen

    To the 2 Debbies, thank you very much for sharing. The 2 Debbies strengthened the number 2 and its appropriateness to you both!! Two seems to ring so true , so powerful to what was needed at this time.
    I too (!) felt part and parcel of the teachings of Abraham as revealed by you too!!

    To (!) all, my love, Helen

  4. Colleen Burgess

    When I now just finished watching this video I have tears in my eyes and my heart is so open. That poem was beautiful, thank you Debbie. At the end of the video when Debbie was describing her connection is when I teared up. Her connection with Socrates was God’s humour, she got what she wanted just not the way *she* wanted it. 🙂

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