Mărțișor Video Collection of Traditions and Connections (“Meditate & Explore” Martisor and Martenitsa) – Program de Muzica, Poezie, Arta, Yoga (Recorded)

Perfect photo for Martisor Day; Aren’t you enjoying these Snowdrops?!

(“Meditate & Explore” Martisor and Martenitsa) – Program de Muzica, Poezie, Arta, Yoga (Recorded)

We offer here a bouquet of videos that show beautiful Romanian traditions and expressions in connection to Mărțișor .. chosen also based on their innate qualities felt as ‘vibrations’ (positive energy).

(VIDEO) Martisor, Mărțișor, Martenitsa – Meditație, Ințelepciune, Conexiuni

Recommended VIDEO that has EVERYTHING about Mărțișor

Enjoy and know that more are coming … stay tuned!

(video 1) Istoria Mărțișorului – Martisor’s History in 6 minutes

(watch and listen) Traditional Music and Dance from Romania @ Martisor – Martenitsa Festival

(video) Canadian Band plays Căluşarii – Romanian Traditional Dance – Istorie si Muzica

(video) Miruna – Spring Song (Cantec de Primavara)

(video) Animation based on Martisor Romanian Fairytale (Saving the Sun – Snowdrops)

(video) Hora din Moldova

(CLICK: more on Martisor) Snowdrops – Tradition and Wordsworth’s Poem

Martisoare “de pe la noi” – Martisors hand-made by participants that joined the “Martisor Festival – Sahaja Yoga Meditation Seminars” in Halton region of Canada 🙂 You can join our special event on Sunday March 7 @ 10 AM (Toronto time) and 5 pm (Romania time)

Let us know what you feel about Mărțișor.. drop a comment here ..

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  1. Helen

    Amazing display of music, arts, nature and more!! So uplifting and joyful bringing hope and opening to the positive possibilities in life.. Thanks everyone who brought this to fruition!

  2. Carmen

    It brings me joy to remember the time when I “teach” the children how to make a Martisor at Burlington classes:). Indeed a beautiful spring tradition that connect generations!
    All my love,

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