Slideshow: 8 Years of Free (Sahaja) Yoga Meditation in Halton

Debbie's Creative Heart - her gift & part of her presentation about Heart Chakra

The little stone painted by Debbie from Burlington class – shows everything we are made of here in this community: a rock of stability,  that emanates love, joy, spirituality, creativity, unity, peace, wellness,  integration, balance and respect for Mother Earth and all her Children. The roses are from Wendy -Burlington class –  for our beautiful anniversary celebrated at Burlington Arts Centre on December 8, 2013 with almost 200 people.

From Sammy: Awesome Happy Anniversary Slideshow with Music!


Roses - Dec 8 Anniversary at Burlington Arts Centre - Dec 8 2013

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  1. Colleen

    WOW WOW WOW!!!! Absolutely incredible, every time I see this I am amazed!! My heart just swells so much when I watch this and the vibrations, wow!! I am soooo proud of Sam!! She is my daughter so I may be a little biased. 🙂 I am filled with so much love!! This video needs to be shared with as many as possible. Thank you Sam for putting your all into this.

    1. Phoenix

      Dear sister Colleen,
      I can feel a proud mommy’s joy, congratulation on a job very done. I’m so happy for you.
      Peace & Love,

  2. ann

    So beautifully put together, such a lovely way of showing the Birth of Sahaja Yoga in Halton. We have all been so blessed having the wonderful classes each week where we can share and grow and Be As One.


  3. paula

    Congratulations Sam and Sonia and Kathleen and who helped make this video a reality! All the hundreds and thousands who got their self-realization, who got inspired to pass it on…for free always…all the participants who became dynamic volunteers over the years enthusiastically and humbly spreading the vibrations of “oneness”…It is unbelievable the roots we have had in community that has had a ripple effect with so many international “students” of all ages practicing Sahaja Yoga Meditation that have helped design posters and spread the word (and vibrations) about our events! So many artists, whose creativity became a wellspring of talent, going on to win awards, performing in other countries, and Yoann Freget humbly performing concerts for free in Ontario and going on to win “The Voice” in France…it is so inspiring! We are community “regulars” in beautiful festivals that celebrate diversity, the mother earth, this land of ours and our people. So much peace and love emanating from the video!! It is like my heart is just expanding watching the video…the music, the images, the gratitude from organizations for inviting us to their health seminars and seeing the health benefits…we nurture inner joy, connection and lasting peace…everything and everyone is connected…and you can feel it like rising joy from within. It is like a tribute to Sahaja Yoga’s anniversary which sums up the feeling through song and images, so powerful and humble at the same time. I would encourage anyone to get to know our classes…our people…we want to share this with you…so many have come and started to feel this new awareness which takes that happy factor up a few hundred notches! Give it time, get to know us, you will be amazed with yourself…it is like a part of you wakes up to reveal the joy you have inside…the ability to absorb more joy, and become a bit of a joy collector! So proud of everyone, hard to contain my excitement.

  4. letitia

    Foarte frumos,plin de vibratii,de bucurie.Sunt si mai fericita ca fac parte din familia sahaj cand vad astfel de activitati unde sute de persoane isi primesc realzarea sinelui,si voi atat de uniti,felicitari pentru acesti 8 ani de aniversare sahaj

    1. Ioana

      Draga Letitia, multumesc frumos pt constantul suport si minunatul feedback. Ne umple inimile de bucurie si recunostiinta. Suntem Una intr-adevar. Numaia Bine, Ioana

  5. Delia

    Absolutely amazing! So beautiful and inspirational, thank you for sharing the joy! Happy anniversary! 🙂

  6. Jon

    Amazing job Sam, Sonia and Kathleen! Great vibes, and so many great memories. We really do have a lot to be proud of in Halton, and this slideshow shows why perfectly. Great job!

  7. Eugenia

    Emotionant, o prezentare plina de iubire, de bucurie cu vibratii minunate! Shri Mataji se bucura! E mobilizator si pentru noi sa va vedem cat sunteti de frumosi si de actvi!Felcitari la aniversarea celor 8 ani de Sahaja Yoga! Fie ca Dorinta Mamei Divine sa se implineasca! Fie sa ne regasim cu totii in oceanul de iubire divina!

  8. anaic

    So nice and dynamic!I want to live in Halton!

  9. Ioana

    From Rosenthal family, they came from Scarborough(!) for our event:

    Dear Ioana,

    Can you pass on the message to Sam that we really enjoyed the slideshow and that it was very well done!

    Aaron, Erika, and kids

  10. Shulin Zhang

    SAMMY I don’t mind seeing this thousands times!! beautiful vibrations!! you put your heart into it i know that!! I love you my sister <3

  11. Phoenix

    Congratulations! Sam and Sonia and Kathleen.
    Living in the moment…love the music & slideshow. Beautifully done!
    Thank you.

    Happy 8th Anniversary!
    Keep the vibes going!
    Peace & Love to All…

  12. David

    Amazing vibrations, very beautiful work, congratulations to all of you from France !

  13. Rusty Burgess

    Great job by all involved, the video was awsome and borders on professionaly perfect, but that picture (our sweet Sami created) was breathtaking and so pleasent to look at, that I just had to think…Hum this has to come from my side of the family, because Colleen couldn’t draw a stick if she glued it to the page first…hehehe, sorry hunny truth be told, Well done everyone, Love you all…

  14. adrian kraayeveld

    Gratefully received

  15. Anjali

    beautiful slide show. one can really feel the beauty of sahaja yoga in halton. great job sisters. missing you all very much

  16. Barbara

    This was really beautifully done, it gives a lot of joy to the viewer. I enjoyed the music as well and was wondering who the artists were that you used for this show.

    Wishing many more years of Sahaj Joy to the Halton family,


    1. Sam

      Thank you!

      The first song is Living in the Moment by Jason Mraz and the third song is Exactly by Amy Steinberg. The second song is just a filler, it’s called Beautiful Days composed by Masafumi Takada, it’s from a video game soundtrack haha.


  17. doina mira

    ….and Happy 8th Anniversary!

    1. Ioana

      Thank you so much!!!! All our love from ‘here’ :-))

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