Yogis’ Spiritual Memories with Sat Guru Shri Mataji in Spain – FLAMENCO, Liver Diet, SUBTLE KNOWLEDGE and Miracles (+ 3 VIDEOS)

Recently we celebrated the Guru Principle — honoring Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. A way to celebrate our spiritual teacher is through sharing personal memories; this article offers a collection of simple yet relevant recollections about a special visit in Spain, completed with 3 videos from “there”. Enjoy!

Go on a liver diet

When I was living in France, we went to the Shri Buddha Puja in Spain in 1989. Shri Mataji was at the airport leaving Barcelona. It was very hot and She came in and looked at me.

‘You’re feeling down, aren’t you?’ Shri Mataji said, and knew exactly how I felt. ‘It’s your liver. Your liver is too hot,’ She said. ‘Go on a liver diet.’ As She walked away She turned and said, ‘Three months!’

So I did it. It did me a lot of good and I never felt down again. For the next three years Shri Mataji put all the French Sahaja Yogis on a liver diet, for three months every summer, to cool down the French liver.


Shri Mataji gave Her hand

It was in Spain, and the Spanish people had made a beautiful blue seat for Shri Mataji at the puja. Mother had a public program in Barcelona and we went there from France (Montpellier) After the program was finished, She went out through the main aisle of the building, and everybody was standing to say goodbye. As She passed She gave Her hand to every single person on the right and left side, all the way out of the building. I too took Shri Mataji’s hand, and was amazed at how soft it was, like a baby’s hand, so gentle.

The next day we had a puja in a hotel on a mountain I felt a sweet feeling in my heart, and it was the same feeling I had felt from Her hand the day before.


(VIDEO #1) Shri Mataji’s Talk to Yogis on Becoming the Instruments of the Divine (Barcelona, Spain on May 21st , 1988)

His hand had been closed for years

There was one man at the program in Barcelona who couldn’t open his hand and Shri Mataji told me to put mine on the hand of that new person, and massage it. His hand opened a bit, enough so that Shri Mataji could put Her Feet on it, which She did for a few minutes. After that She removed Her Feet and asked him to try to open it and he could open his hand much more. It had been closed for years, and Shri Mataji opened it. The whole atmosphere was divine.

‘Can you remove My socks?’ Shri Mataji then said, very sweetly. I did so and was touching the Feet of Shri Mataji – a dream come true. She asked me to massage Her Feet. Again, like the year before, it was my birthday. I kept on massaging for about half an hour. After everything was finished I felt completely thoughtless, as if I had no body, just ether, air and vibrations. I could not speak, just wanted to be silent and enjoy the divine vibrations, like a revelation. I knew Shri Mataji was Shri Adi Shakti – not mental, but an experience, and I felt one with something so big. This lasted for about twenty minutes, thanks to Her power, and She had granted my wish on my birthday.


The coolness was inside my hand

I came to Sahaja Yoga in Paris. After a month or two I wanted to know who Shri Mataji was. I went to a program She was doing in Barcelona with a friend. After the program, my friend told me to join the queue and go up to see Shri Mataji. I must have been the last in line. I felt all my chakras turning, and when I got near Her I was thoughtless.

‘I received my realization a month ago,’ I said, and She just laughed.

‘That is why you are so good,’ She said, took my hand, and it was as if my hand was in the fridge – but the coolness was inside, not outside. Slowly it came outside, the coolness.


Shri Buddha Spiritual Celebration *Puja, Barcelona (email report)

Shri Mataji arrived at the place of the Lord Buddha Puja (veneration event), in 1989, a small and simple hostel on the top of a hill overlooking Barcelona. The decoration of the puja scene had been very lovingly done, particularly with a great painted frieze behind Shri Mataji in the intricate style of some of the Ajanta cave paintings. Many of the Buddha figures could be seen teaching how to give bandhan or how to raise the Kundalini, if one looked closely. Shri Mataji talked at great length about Buddha, stopping at one moment to look at Her watch.

‘I hope you people are not in a hurry!’ She said. It would have been a very hot day, but our Mother took care that Her children should not suffer too much. She raised Her left side to Her right twenty-one times, then wondered aloud whether She had not overdone things as the air became quite cool, seven times would have been enough.

That afternoon we had just retired for a siesta when someone came round to tell us that Shri Mataji was in the courtyard where the puja had taken place and was chatting to people, and that we should all go there. She spoke of the necessity of our promptly following any instructions She gave, and gave the example of Sorrento, two weeks earlier, where She had insisted on our looking after the children very closely. This was not done, and one of the children fell from a height of ten or twelve feet. By Mother’s Grace the child was brought to Her and healed, otherwise permanent damage would have been done to him, his hip bones having gone out of line. Shri Mataji went on to talk about some miracle stories which have been experienced in Her presence, some of which were quite hilarious.

In the evening the second of the two public programs took place, in a hall on the twenty-third floor of a conference centre in downtown Barcelona. Shri Mataji arrived after a long introduction by José Antonio. After a time he requested the singers to start singing bhajans, and the audience enjoyed them immensely. The vibrations just grew and grew.

When Shri Mataji arrived She remarked that all the people had received their realization through the music. She gave a very short talk after which She simply asked the people to hold out their hands to see if they could feel a cool breeze; there was none of the usual holding the hands to the chakras on the Ida Nadi, as though the music had already worked that out. Then a surge of people towards the front as Shri Mataji received one by one all the newcomers, during which we continued with the bhajans. It went on for hours and we were exhausted by the end, but Mother kept us going. At one point a large choir of Spanish Sahaja Yogis sang some beautiful new Spanish songs, which Mother really enjoyed. They were very discrete, not pushing their way onto the stage but waiting until Shri Mataji asked whether they had anything to sing. The evening ended with a Spanish Sahaja Yogi and Yogini dancing some Flamenco on the stage in front of Shri Mataji, to the delight of everyone.

(VIDEO #2) Spanish Yogi Dancing Flamenco on Indian Bhajan “Nirmala Ma”

It was a fantastic contrast to the first evening. The next morning we were able to see Shri Mataji off from the airport in Barcelona as She returned to England.


It will be clearer later

I went up to the stage to take a photo of Shri Mataji in May 1989 after the Barcelona Buddha Puja, and my old Polaroid didn’t have a zoom so I had to go very close to get a good photo. When it came out Shri Mataji looked surprised, and wanted to see it. But of course it was not clear at once, because you have to wait a few seconds before it is clear enough, and dry. She took it and looked at it.

‘It’s not clear now, it will be clearer later,’ She said with a nice smile, talking about my Polaroid photo. I know She was referring to me as I left Sahaja Yoga shortly after and returned twelve years later with reinforced faith.


The tale of 2 crowns

In 2007 my wife Arlene and I traveled to Nirmal Nagari, near Pune to celebrate Christmas with Shri Mataji. I noticed a stone plaque on the wall which read Sangrahalaya, meaning museum. It is relatively small, but wonderful and filled with vibrations.

I entered and saw gifts that were made and offered to Mother during the spreading of Sahaja Yoga displayed in cabinets, and beautiful photos of our Mother holding flowers in Her hands. On the wall facing the entrance there were more gifts and a big frame which displayed 108 photos of Mother with different facial expressions. In another cabinet were crowns which had been offered to Shri Mataji at past pujas. To my surprise, I recognized a crown that we, the Spanish collective, had offered at the Shri Buddha Puja in Barcelona in May 1989.

I was filled with tremendous joy and gratitude towards our Mother, to see the crown displayed here. My heart only had the words, ‘Thank You Mother,’ and the feeling of entering history.

When Mother offered us that puja in Barcelona, a few months before, at a national meeting, I presented the idea of making a crown for Her. From my city, Zaragoza, I started working on it, a difficult and delicate task requiring lots of attention, and it was carved from birch wood. A carpenter friend of mine assisted with cutting the pieces, then I carved the shape with patience and love, and the end result was very light in weight. Whilst working I said mantras and put on my bandhan (protection made of energy/vibrations), so that all would go well. It was a collective collaboration.

At the puja *event, when it was time to offer the crown to Shri Mataji, I saw with surprise the yogis offering Mother a different crown, because in Madrid another one had been prepared. I felt frustrated and sad, because I had put so much love and energy into ours. I lowered my head and asked myself, ‘How did I fail? Maybe my ego?’ I felt rejected but slowly accepted what was happening. As I lifted my head to look toward Mother, She was wearing the crown I had made and immediately felt immense emotion and joy. The words, ‘Thank You Mother,’ and ‘Forgive me, Mother,’ were on my lips and my eyes filled with tears.

The yogis later told me that the Madrid crown was offered first because the size and fit were more appropriate. This is true, because mine lacked technique and professionalism, but not love. The experience was a miracle of appreciation, a natural manifestation of the Divine essence of Mother’s love. She knows when we put love into the things we do. On leaving the museum I went away realizing that Mother knows everything.

Later, I discovered that this place is historically related to Shri Rama, an episode of the Ramayana, which the yogis in India know as, ‘the place where the horse of Shri Rama was stopped or detained.’


The forgotten kettle

On the occasion of one of Shri Mataji’s visits to Madrid, She had a very intensive schedule, with the first public program on the day of the arrival, and on the next day a puja in the morning and another public program in the evening. On the third day She was leaving.

On the second day of the visit, after breakfast, we went to the place where the puja was held and Shri Mataji went directly to the public program in the evening without going back to where She was staying.

In the evening two yogis who were accompanying Shri Mataji came back and when they arrived they saw a kettle on the stove, that I had put there to boil some water in, in case Shri Mataji might want more tea in the morning before leaving. Everything was just fine, even though the stove had been on from early morning to evening!

Spanish Sahaja Yogi

(VIDEO #3) Self Realization with Shri Mataji – Kundalini Awakening Public Program in English and Spanish – Madrid, Spain, 1985

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  1. Doris Mendez

    JSM!!!! MADRE nos bendice a todos en el mundo .

  2. paula

    Well the talks are always pearls of wisdom that I watch with my hands open to absorb that which is good for my chakras. The flamenco dancer opened up vibrations for me like a rocket ship within! He was excellent! I am never to young or to mature to learn something new about how to navigate this world. Having a wise teacher has been a grounding force for me. Thank you for sharing great videos and talks we can go back to and absorb while watching in meditation. The joy and vibrations I feel (as well as others feeling it too) is the true actualization of the yoga state. Namaste, everyone!

  3. Anjali

    I really enjoyed the sharing from earlier Sahaja yogis. The testimonies speak to the subtle and effective workings of Shri Mataji and how our circumstances are helping us to grow as long as you become aware of it and once you become aware, it is easy to surrender to the divine plan. The talk in Spain is very powerful and funny too! I need to listen to it again for sure and the dance performance by the yogi brother felt like the dance of a peacoke! beautiful, joyful, graceful 🙂
    Thank you for this beautiful article.

  4. Jolanta Miszkiel

    Dear Ioana,

    Thank you for posting another valuable article including Shri Mataji’s talks.

    Shri Mataji mentions the over-emphasis, in the west, on economic value(s) of everything, especially as it relates to art, branding, advertising.

    It makes me think of the overabundance of the various types of “yoga” advertised and sold/pactised in this consumer culture.

    Of course Sahaja Yoga, the only true yoga, is not for sale because you cannot pay for informing (and helping) people how to use the sacred energy inside them for their self-improvement/benevolence/inner peace.

    Sahaja Yoga is NOT for the money!

    As Shri Mataji said in the posted talk in the video, “Truth cannot be sold! You cannot pay for your self-realization. It is not man made. It is the process of God’s love.”

    Great reminder of the fact that getting rid of our egos/conditionings through regular meditation/ purifying our attention/being humble and balanced inside are essential for enjoying the inner piece and the true YOGA.

    YOU CANNOT PAY FOR YOGA because the sacred energy needed for achieving the true Yoga is inside the sacrum bone in all humans and achieving self realization through Kundalini awakening is a natural process which happens within us.

    NO MONEY CHANGES HANDS! Sadly, it may be a difficult concept to grasp for many people who are products of consumer culture.

  5. Kruti

    I loved reading about the experiences of the yogis shared here, I felt like I was there with them. Enjoyed watching Flamenco, this was the first time I watched Flamenco performed on a bhajan! I will share it with my kids, they will love it.

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