Kundalini in Spain (video) & Youth LOVING-LIVING Meditation (LINKS!!)

Youth’s Touring Meditation” – Spain & Italy, 2012

Enjoy a joyful short video from the Europe’s Youth Power (‘yuva shakti’ in Sanskrit)or Sahaja Yogis/Meditators during their Fall 2012’s tour in Spain and Italy – that lasted 2 weeks.

More than 5o young people from all over Europe had joined the tour that was focused at the beginning on the cities around Barcelona.

There was even a procession (Indian style! 🙂 ) right in the centre of Barcelona.. these outspoken young people, that are so  lovingly proud of their motherly Yoga teacher – Shri Mataji as a Guru –  were protectively escorted by police.. yeah, they enjoyed that part too, no doubt 🙂 . The whole idea was to share their joy and have fun together with music and meditation, thus vibrating city after city!

There is a nice song in the second half of the video about Kundalini energy, song created by an Italian Yuva Shakti /Yogi.

After the video we have gathered few more links on a variety of themes but also ‘featuring’ the youth that love to meditate-introspect-enjoy-and-grow with sahaja yoga. Enjoy!

Young & Cool: Links to GREAT VIDEOs & Stories

(video) Little Socrates (watch the Transformation!)

(click!) Oh Happy Day! (Speakers ON: 2 Great MUSIC VIDEOS)

(click!) Video Testimonial from Vancouver on Tales & Truths about Sahaja Yoga Meditation (Keshava, 20 years old)

(click!) DANCE video: Analuiza from Brazil: in Burlington Post!

(click!) Age & Innocence – Hallellujah (Cohen’s BEST!!)

(click!) Anjani’s Photos & Story: ‘Awakening Austria’ Tour

(click!) Eva in Canada & New York: Belgium Student’s Meditation Marathon!

(click!) True Fairytale Story in Vienna’s Ball with A Young & Beautiful & .. Enlightened Princess!

(click!) Ana Bianca & New Ideas – VIDEO (Burlington) & Inspiring Quotes

(click!) Cool Kids: best gift for Humanity (Khalil Gibran!)

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  1. sailaja rani ginka

    very inspiring!!! the yuvas are doing a GRREAT job !! so happy to see the effort of spreading wisdom !! too beautiful kundalini song, without knowing the meaning also enjoyed it a lot in a bliss!!!

  2. Shilpa

    In these great times of confusion, this video was like a breeze of fresh air…and gives hope, that this world will transform soon…

  3. Paula

    Joy Revolution in Spain! Loved the reggae style kundalini song by an Italian yogi…very positive and inspiring energy!

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