Changing the World with Enlightened Youth bringing along Great Music, Peaceful Meditation and Real Fun – Anjani’s Photos & Story about the Sahaj Awakening Tour 2010 in Austria

“A bunch of us were in Italy at a sort of summer camp project and spontaneously had the idea of all driving up to Austria and starting a small Realization Tour (= the awakening the kundalini energy “around” to the Seekers from a country  or region that would be interested to experience it).

Many of us were born in Sahaj and grew up with the knowledge of this Kundalini energy and how to use it.

The others who got their realization a little later were also very excited to join as they know for themselves how much this experience has changed their lives.

As we only had about a day and a half to organize the trip of about 15 people up to Austria we really had to improvise (sahaj!).

It’s always amazing to see what can be done when one is motivated.

Arriving in Vienna with our rented mini van we all stayed in a big house of a family member of someone in our group.

Within about a day our group grew from 10 to about 30 young people (from ages 15 to 28) from 8 different countries all around the world. We split up in small groups and spread out in Vienna giving out leaflets, talking to people and giving realization.

We were very fortunate to have Nike Wells from the UK with us who has an absolutely amazing voice which was accompanied by Emma on the Cello.

This beautiful music really attracted lots of interested people and made a very peaceful atmosphere… Day and Night we were “out” spreading positive energy through meditation, music and chakra workshops..

We were always together and the local sahaja yogis did offer us lots of support , as only families do.

So many people came to our spontaneous music & meditation programs in the evenings. See it for yourselves.

Together we had so much fun and really had that feeling that we can Change the World!

Luckily we had blue sky and lots of sunshine on most of the days. We took our time to check the nature’s cool vibrations too 🙂

After a few days we left for Munich (Germany) split up in two cars and the van. There we attended a big street festival were we had a stall. It was amazing how many people were interested and asked for their Kundalini awakening, so most of the time our tent was completely full.

Personally it was such a beautiful experience for me to see the joy and peace in the peoples faces after their subtle and innate Kundalini energy was awakened through sahaja yoga meditation.

It really reminded me of how lucky I am to be able to feel this tremendous joy and love and how blessed I am to have so many friends from all over the world who have also felt it.

All in all I think we gave Realization to about 600 people from many different nationalities and religions. In  a way it felt that we’ve shared Sahaja Yoga meditation to the entire World!

We all had the most amazing time and really look forward to the next tour.”

All my love, Anjani from Austria

All the photos from this article are coming from the beautiful photo-album of Anjani. Enjoy it all (with comments) here.

I have to admit that I’ve felt so much joy and pure love when the  first news and images about the Yuva’s sahaja yoga meditation tour in Austria came out by email; to see such a dynamic group of young people, actually from many countries from different continents, that in a spontaneous and collective way were able to come up with this brilliant idea of “sharing spirituality” while they are having the best fun summer vacation possible:  not only  they did travel, learn, stay healthy but also worked out their creativity & self-discipline in all sorts of ways! It Really came out on me as becoming  ‘mandatory’ to share my joy,  enthusiasm and pride for “our sahaj children” with everyone possible .. and Anjani was very understanding 🙂 .. agreeing to send us the beautiful photos and the story. (“Yuva” is  a term used for the young people practising sahaja yoga meditation). We hope you’ve enjoyed with Hearts & Sahasraras  wide wide wide open!!! Personally, I have to admit that Vienna is on my family’s list of  “must to see” cities in the World.. even more now after all these images filled with light & youth ..

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  1. Chandra

    Yuvas took charge of Sahaja Yoga in such a big way, now there should be no fear or apprehension (spelling) in our minds.

  2. Peter Jakob

    Dear Cool-Checkers,
    There are no formalities in a family like to say thank you, but I really feel
    the desire to express full respect and appreciation regarding your participation
    in Streetlife Festival in Munich in September. For me it was one of the strongest experience of a public event outside of India and Cabella.
    As members of the 1st generation we could experience that we can learn from you
    in regard to spread Sahaj naturally, without thinking but with full power of
    The music was not only generating vibrations, but it was also full of
    professional skills and some very talented musicians, which attracted the people
    like a vibe-magnet. Also the way of giving mass realisation during the music
    performance was inspiring and trend-setting.
    I had the same impression during the World Festival and Ganesha Puja in Cabella.
    SY has verily a brilliant future and you are an integrated and important part of
    it. If you want to support more realisation events in future here in Germany, you
    are most welcome.
    Next large event in Munich will be on 22nd/23rd January 2011, where we will have our own SY showroom in which we will offer lectures/Workshops and SAHAJ MUSIC to the seekers.( Last year it was so crowded at the SY-stall that the people had to queue up to get their self realisation. Prem

  3. armaity

    Thanks for sharing such positive, awe-inspiring and vibrational news! Kudos to all the young Sahajis from various countries to put into action their pure desire and showing everyone that “where there is a will, there is a way”.

  4. Debbie

    Such positive attitudes and enthusiasm only brings a positive outcome – great job everyone and thanks for sharing. Looks like there was so much joy spreading this pure knowledge.

    Lots of love always.

  5. Thanks for sharing and spreading the message of divine love to the seekers of absolute truth. We are the instrument/channel for taking this sahaja message to the entire world and transform this earth into heaven.So please continue doing such programs and we wish in south east asia also similar programs are continuesly be taken.

  6. Mrs. Sujata

    Thanks for sharing and spreading the message of divine love to the seekers of Truth…wornderful Work done by our Sahaji’s…and good luck…for next programs…

  7. Vinit Chowdhary

    Now it’s time to take the spreading to a next level,Now people require such kind of amazing spiritual healing and by our mother’s blessings we can give it to them………..

    Really thankful for sharing with us

  8. Mahalakshmi Venkatesh

    Thank you all so much for sharing such vibrant happening all over the globe of spreading divine love in such a beautiful way, really wish all the YUVAS OF THE GLOBE COULD ONCE IN THEIR LIFETIME JOIN TOGETHER…..FOR SUCH A GREAT WORK AND OBTAIN DIVINE BLESSINGS….
    Thank you again for sharing…

  9. Anja

    Thank you sooooo much! Seeing you all together having so much fun I just feel I WOULD LOVE TO BE THERE WITH YOU!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  10. swati

    Superb !!!may all the sahaja collectivity work like this around the world to spread the message of mother!!

  11. Aarti Srivastava

    beautiful pictures and realization work,,,may maa bless us with same experience….

  12. paula

    This youth movement just made my heart jump with happiness! It was a pleasure to see and read the article and photos…together we can move mountains! Congratulations on raising the consciousness and giving us the courage to enlighten others with confidence. You are all beautiful and I just loved how all the nations came together not just in the photos but in reality. It only took your spark to get the cool fire going…

  13. Antoinette Wells

    Wonderful; beauty and dynamism, c’est la releve!

  14. sanjay arora

    very nice job,may divine bless all her children

  15. Colleen

    So so beautiful, thank you for posting this Ioana.

  16. Rabi

    Fantastic. Such a beautiful coverage and so illustrative. Felt as if touring with them. Thank you Ioana…a great coverage of everything. Everything said and sucha incessant flow of love….its no less than fountain of love emanating from these beautiful people on earth. Mother is watching …..May She bless us all to grow ….Ma Sabko Dua dena…..

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