Cool Kids are the best gift for Mother’s Day (Gibran’s Quote)

Vishnu – after enjoying a collective meditation and chakra workshop for kids, he is preparing his self-made pot with flowers – a gift for his mom, Rajani

On that Sunday in May we have celebrated Mother’s Day in Oakville, all together: kids, parents and grandparents that participate to our free weekly meditation classes in Halton and Niagara regions. Vishnu is one of our Cool Kids in Halton that love sahaja yoga meditation. Vishnu is always eager to both learn more about chakras as well to share and teach others what he knows. The photo above and the many more beautiful ones from the photo-albums that follow, show and “teach” us all, what Kahlil Gibran had shared in the words and painting below,  dedicated to Mother:

Kahlil Gibran”s Family painted by Khalil Gibran – great Realized soul and artist

The Mother is everything She is our consolation in sorrow, our
hope in misery, and our strength in weakness. She is the source of
love, mercy, sympathy, and forgiveness. And
this Earth is the Mother of
the trees and flowers. It produces them, nurses them, and weans them.

The trees and flowers become kind mothers of their great fruits and
seeds. And the Mother, the prototype of all existence, is the Eternal
Spirit, full of beauty and love. “

(Kahlil Gibran -” Broken Wings”, trans. Anthony R. Ferris, Citadel Press, 1962)

Photo-Album with Children & Parents: Meditation and Chakra Workshop on Mother’s Day!

Feedback – Kundalini Experiences from “Cool Kids Class” on Mother’s Day

“It was a great class today. The kids loved the pot and the flowers for their mothers. Trevor’s kids were happy. I was so so happy to see Samar and the family. Varathan planned to do a BBQ for Rajani and us for mother’s day. After all of you left, Ahilan and Sathya came with the kids. We had our supper, it was a very nice mothers day. Thank you for the gift.  I will sit with my grandchildren and write in the book. Because I didn’t meditate with all of you, I felt like I had to go down and meditate. I bowed down and thanked Shri Mataji for the cool kids program and that we should have more kids to come. I was sitting and meditating and i felt hot all over my body. Then from the base of my spine to neck I felt something going around and around coming up to my neck feeling so nice and cool. My mouth kept on opening and I tried to close it. I felt relaxed and happy. I just kept telling Shri Mataji that she is my mother and she is everything for me, she let me feel her and she showed me that she is here with us always. What a beautiful gift. Love, Indu”  (Indu is from Oakville and she hosted this class with her daughter Rajani and her 2 grandchildren/Rajani’s children)

A Mom’s feedback about Cool Kids yoga class:

“The most wonderful thing happened this morning when I was driving Sami to school. I had put on the music CD that Rajani gave me (thank you for such a special gift Rajani) and Sami wanted to listen to “the morning song” and the “api song” all over again. We listen to the 2 songs all the way to school and we did about 20 Bandhans this morning 🙂 So lovely. We had such a great time together and I was so happy to see him so enthusiastic and happy.Thank you so much Indu and Rajani for making us feel at home, our hearts are open.Love, Samar” (Samar is from Milton/Mississauga sahaja yoga meditation class. She joined us with her husband and their 2 children))

(click to WATCH & FEEL!!) Personal Dedication To My MotherTo You, Her Children

(click!) Children Love to Meditate in Halton (Photo-Album: EcoFestival 2012)

(click!) A Dad`s Story about his Cool Kids

Cool Kids: Gardening on Mother’s Day!

Here there are Some of our Cool Kids in Halton – on Mother’s Day get-together when we have done meditation, singing, chakra workshops, energy channels balancing, gardening and playing together. We thank to Indu (in the photo) for being such a great grandmother for all children, as well to Rajani who came up with this idea of gardening – she prepared everything for us! Thanks go to all parents and children and aunties that had participated to this sahaja yoga family reunion with “cool kids class”. We are looking forward to our next one!

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  1. paula

    Vibrations fully loaded from all the pictures of children and parents meditating and evolving together! So sweet to see everyone enjoying the “present” and presents that money can’t buy, the gift that comes from connecting with your spirit and sharing the vibes with others is such a joyful thing. Like time slows down enough for joy to flow into your being.

  2. haliun

    what a wonderful lovely classes, felt so much overjoyed reading and watching all of them! Inspiration for us! Thank you! May Divine showers upon you all!

  3. Divya

    so beautiful really

  4. Chandra

    (See! this Earth is becoming Heaven!”

    just tears of joy, nothing else ….

  5. Shivangi

    This article and pictures – as beautiful and pure as our mother’s love.

    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Rajani

    That was quite a special day for all of us. It was a perfect Mother’s Day to enjoy Mother Earth. The children were so receptive and are definitely wise beyond their years. So much love for nature……and so much understanding and insight. And the best thing was that we learned, shared and had lots of fun! :). Looking forward to the next cool kids session.

  7. Antoinette Wells

    So natural! Just great!
    Tahnks for sharing!

  8. Elsie Kuly

    Kahlil Gibran’s wonderful painting of his family depicts mother and 3 children. It’s such a peaceful loving scene.

    Also the pictures of the children are wonderful. They appear busy, happy little ones and bring joy to the viewer.

  9. Maria

    So much innocence and joy in these pictures and stories. The cool kids program is such an amazing way to integrate kids into Sahaja Yoga,
    Jai Shri Mataji

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