Analuiza makes 1st Page of Burlington Post – VIDEOS & STORY!

Free Special event “Art & Spirituality” with Kuchipudi Dance and Meditation Workshop on July 29 – was Fabulous!

“Dancing is a very good way of clearing out your pressures because, in the dance, you go into thoughtless awareness and also into the joy. Then the joy is so fulfilling that the joy of the spirit is much more than the joy of any world comforts or also of physical comforts. Its gives you physical comfort, it gives you mental comfort it gives you also the spiritual comfort.”,  says Shri Mataji –  who is also Analuiza’s Teacher in her practise of Sahaja Yoga Meditation.


Our Halton Sahaj Family (Burlington & Oakville sahaja yoga classes together)  had worked in full harmony to prepare this generous event, decorate the room and make everyone feeling ‘at home’ and keen to immerse into this experience with sahaja yoga meditation.

We try to do it  again, HERE  & NOW for YOU with this tribute to that exceptional evening!   Enjoy!

Analuiza made the Cover of Burlington Post!


Enjoy 1 Video with Analuiza’s Performances in Burlington.

We also have enjoyed meditating together, experiencing the cool breeze that one can feel simply by listening to enlightened words coming from connected souls like the poet Rumi or the Yoga master Shri Mataji who inspired Analuiza to be so courageous and so successful in walking on the difficult path of learning and performing the ancient art of Indian Classical Dance (Kuchipudi style).

Let’s hear a bit more about the connection between Art and Meditation:

The essence of aesthetics and of beauty is variety. When the aesthetics of matter starts giving you joy, you do not want to possess it… even if you do want to possess it, it would be just to enjoy it and give it away to somebody else… that you will not keep things to yourself, but you would like to give and share.

Art is such that it should stop your thoughts, yet in the West, art is such that it creates thought, and also in the West it is now starting to show much that is filth.

The art that we appreciate should be that art which gives vibrations.  All the great paintings, all the great creative works of the world have vibrations… only those that have vibrations have been sustained by time… otherwise all other things are destroyed by Nature.  Art has something to do with your heart, and not with your brain. An artist produces something for his joy… but, if he has to think what people will say… that he will be criticized by everyone… then as a result something absolutely absurd grows, without any subtle expression.

Once you start ‘thinking’, then there’s a barrier between the Spirit and you – in any art or in any deftness… that’s how the creativity, the spontaneity is finished… by thinking. So do everything in silence..  in thoughtless awareness… that’s the main point.”

(Compilation from Shri Mataji’s talks -excerpts about Art)

We had friends coming from all over GTA not only Halton area. There were interesting experiences that people shared during that evening, Analuiza had explained in details the message of each dance-item and she also had answered to questions from the audience.

Make sure that you take the time to see all the photos, read the quotes and watch the videos.

Thank you Analuiza on behalf of Halton Sahaja Yoga MeditationThank you Analuiza on behalf of Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation

By the end of the evening Analuiza was offered a Bouquet of Flowers and hearted gifts-souvenirs from our Halton & GTA Sahaj Family and we all were asking her to please come again!

Interesting enough there were so many Daisies coming from our gardens to decorate the hall and the gift bag had also daisies – reminding in a sweet way to Analuiza that she’s taking us all with her, all the daisies from Halton.

“Daisy” is also the English name of Shri Mataji,  our yoga teacher and this  flower is also perceived as a suggestive representation of the open enlightened chakras/subtle energy centres – as is the lotus too.

Of course we had Family Photos for that event (check the albums for more great photos!)


Family Photo at Kwality restaurant - Burlington

And this was not the last last memory with Analuiza. We invited her to an Indian (of course!)  Buffet restaurant in Burlington  – Kwality restaurant –

and there we had celebrated

Analuiza’s “Canadian Birthday”

with a very fine cheesecake that smoothed our taste after the delicious spicy food.

For those of us that were lucky enough to get to know Analuiza personally and observe her attitude in life and towards the art she practises and the way Sahaja Yoga is reflected in her personality, was clear that she personifies the qualities mentioned in the following quote by Analuiza’s beloved yoga teacher:

“What ever you do, it should be done with the faith you have in worshipping,

sensitivity of an artist

and zeal of a warrior ”  (Shri Mataji – Analuiza’s yoga teacher)

And then, off she went, further on, to Michigan to peform the very next day in front of  more than 120 people that were thrilled with her, again. Analuiza will definitely come back soon!!!!

Let’s hear from YOU now..

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  1. Debbie

    This was a beautiful evening filled with so much joy. Analuiza is a very talented artist and her performance helped realize a lot of cool vibrations. It was a great pleasure being part of this and sharing this experience with so many. Looking forward to seeing her again soon.

  2. Chandra Sekhar

    I witnessed Nataraja (Dancing Shiva) in her feet and toes. She is the blessed one


    This is indeed a divine blessing to the one who is dedicated and surrendered to her Teacher, her Guru. It reminds me of my own experiences two decades ago, which are still so alive in me. Her performance has made me re-live those moments. One day she will be recognised as the greatest of artists. I would love to perform on the same stage as her – one day. Godwilling. It is such a pleasure to see her so vibrant and galliant. My heart goes out to cheer her.

    Sanjay Talwar

    1. narayan

      Dear Sanjayji,
      Thank you for sharing your experiences .
      Jay SRI MATAJI.

  4. Analuiza

    Thank you all dears!

    I hope we can enjoy together so much again!

    Would be my pleasure to perform with you Sir Talwar!

    Lots of love and joy to you all,

  5. paula erskine

    The video was fantastic, and it is so interesting to know that each movement has meaning and depth and that she is dancing from the heart. My mother enjoyed the performance live, and I am so excited to see my mum in the sahaja group pictures! She is in yellow, and she loved it.

  6. yoann


    That’s wonderfull!

    It really inspire deepness and devotion!

    I wish you will be more and more famous, to spread these divine vibrations all over the world!

    May the Godess bless you,


  7. Deepa Mahajan

    Congratulations , Analuiza.
    This is a great achievement for one not born in India . I was not so fortunate to watch you live but the video was very good. I thought Shri Ganesha was dancing himself through you. The most important is the sheer enjoyment you experience that comes across to all. I hope we will have the opportunity of watching you in India the land of Kuchipudi.
    Lots of Love and my prayers for your success.

  8. narayan

    Hearty Congratulations and a wish your performances spread the vibrations of Peace and happiness to many.
    Prayers for your continued growth of devotion.

  9. anna mancini

    Dear Ioana, you have done it again. It is amazing how these programs are so phenomenal and the article from DESI is also truly inspiring! Anna Mancini

  10. Adina

    I watched the video and enjoyed Analuiza’s dance. I felt joy and cool vibrations at the beginning of her dance, but then I started thinking and the “connection” was lost.

  11. Carolyn

    Thank you for sharing this video, a beautiful dance, I look forward to the opportunity to present live one day to experience it further!

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