Experience India in Burlington on Sat, Aug 25th @10 AM

Our special event  is in alignment with the global meditation event dedicated by sahaja yogis from many countries to Shri Krishna – the archetype and incarnation that is considered to govern the Vishuddhi (Throat) Chakra.  This FREE public program that comprises chakra workshop, collective meditation, live Indian music and dance is intended to offer as well many ‘rich’ surprises for hearts and minds of anyone of any age. Just come and bring/send a friend!

ENJOY Latino Fiesta & Bollywood Dance with SAHAJA YOGIS in OAKVILLE DOWNTOWN PLAZA

(click!) Videos & Photo Story from Sahaj Latino-Indian Fiesta 2010 -Check it out!!

Great Event for Kids ALL Ages See for yourself in this article the beauty of  this explosive sahaj spirit that was reflecting the beauty of that gorgeous last weekend of the summer. Even more, LISTEN  & WATCH 4 VIDEOS that are bubbling of Latino Rhythms & Indian…

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