(VIDEO#1) Tabla and Djembe @ Brant Hills Community Centre (2010)

Omar commented on this vibrant moment:

The Djembe is supporting the more dynamic & subtle nuances of the Tabla.

Close your eyes, align your attention with the jam and its vibrations, not on its technicalities

– then you may feel a different Reality. Peace

Introducing you to Ahilan & Omar: Canadian sahaja yogi brothers that practice sahaja yoga for quite a bit now, they are both IT team leaders (at different companies), musicians and artists in photography & video. They connected with each other in sahaja yoga meditation and in the video below one can actually enjoy the “result” of this connection. Both Omar and Ahilan keenly answer our numerous calls (invitations 🙂 ) to perform -> actually to share their music-meditation – at our Halton/Niagara free meditation classes and community events. They both are known in the ‘art world’ and are invited to perform with many other ocassions. One recent example: Ahilan was a guest honour to perform on “Canada Day Gala – Fund raising event” organized by the non profit organization UMMID International.

Both Ahilan and Omar were invited by other internationally recognized great musicians to play on stage, next to them. Soon we’ll add more such videos. Click on the related links below.

(VIDEO#2) Heart Beats on Drums – JAM (Ahilan & Omar)

(click!) How To Install Love?! – Advice from God’s Customer Service with Sahaj FAQ about Divine Computers

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Hope you’ve enjoyed -> meditated -> felt the Vibrations -> Kundalini energy flowing -> and ultimately the Joy of the Spirit within your subtle energy system and all around. That’s the gift of sahaja yoga meditation to All.

Drop a comment please. Feel free to share our article with any music-meditation-drums lover that you know.

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  1. Priti

    Thankyou so much Ioana for sharing this vibrant performance with us. It made me thoughtless and took away all my stress and filled me with positive energy. Good job and congratulation to my brothers.

  2. Colleen

    When I was at Brant Hills in Burlington for the *Experience India* event on Sat. Aug. 25,2012, I had a life changing experience!!! It was absolutely amazing. I had started to meditate when they were still setting up. Ahalin started tabla playing, I then opened my eyes and looked at him and the large poster of Sri Mataji behind him and the tears started to stream down my face. There was no *thought* or *feeling* behind it, *it just was*. I was a little embarrassed at first and started to wipe away the tears, but then I realized that this is the place and the time to just let go, so I did. I just *felt* the music. Within a few moments two words popped into my head, *I’M HOME*, and then the tears just started to really flow. I just let it go, and they just kept on coming until the music stopped!! My heart just SWELLED up inside of me the whole time I was there!!! The whole experience was absolutely incredible!! That two hours that morning just flew by and I didn’t want it to end!!! I will never forget that for eternity!!! It changed me, I can now not get enough Indian music, especially the tabla(?) drums. I am now researching India and seeing what that will lead me to. I can’t seem to get enough. Sahaja Yoga has brought me to a whole other level of my spiritual path. I am so grateful!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! (I just re-read what I wrote, and the love just swelled up in my chest and the tears started again), ALL OF THIS IS JUST AMAZING!!! I have so much more to share, these incredible, profound moments that have happened to me, but I will save that for another time. Thank you. Love to all.

    1. adrian kraayeveld

      Nice… just letting it flow.

      1. Colleen

        Yes Adrian, I truly believe that *trusting* in the flow and allowing things to *just be* are the best ways of relieving stress and anxiety. If we all can just *trust* in what *is* our lives would flow so much smoother!!!

    2. adrian kraayeveld

      Dear Colleen

      On flow and trusting…
      I am reminded of the Star Wars series…
      The scene where Skywalker meets Yoda…
      Skywalker gets frustrated because he feels that in “trying”… that that should be enough!
      Yoda says…
      “There is no try… there is only DO”.
      Trying is about “maybe, perhaps,sort off, etc… it is filled with self doubt”!

      And when there is DO… ah… that is about Believing…

      That comes from within… the heart/soul/spirit…

      And that is when and where we “trust ourselves” to BE… and then magically we are in the “Flow” of the Universe… the invisible realm of who we really are…

      And are capable of creating and experiencing so much more than we ever could have imagined…

      So “DO”…

      And “Enjoy”

      And then we can “Walk the Sky”…
      Perhaps that is where the name Skywalker derived its origin!

      1. Colleen

        Yes exactly!! I started to think about this and it made me think about people wanting to be *perfect* and how they get themselves all stressed out about it. For myself, I just say I will do the best I can at each individual moment. Each moment, right *now* is all we have, and if we do the best we can at each *now* moment, than what better can we be??

        I love this part… “And that is when and where we “trust ourselves” to BE… and then magically we are in the “Flow” of the Universe… the invisible realm of who we really are…

        And are capable of creating and experiencing so much more than we ever could have imagined…”

        I love the *magic*!!! Thanks Adrian.

  3. Fue muy reconfortante para mi espĂ­ritu sentir las vibraciones de la mĂşsica, que hizo experimentar la brisa fresca de la Madre Kundalini JSM!!!!!!!!!!GRACIAS !!

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